GE Voluson P8 BT15 Women’s Health Ultrasound System Review

hello this is Jace from McCorp, and today
we’re gonna show you the GE Voluson P8 BT15 women’s health ultrasound system. The GE voluson P8 BT15 is the most
affordable entry level system from GE’s voluson line and we have an inventory.
It is light weight, reliable, and easily fits in a small spaces and enables fast
effortless scanning and reporting. The BT 15 delivers excellent 2D imaging,
exceptional penetration with consistent image quality,
OneTouch image optimization, and easy 3d imaging. The voluson performance
system has scanning automation tools and a simple intuitive keyboard design to
make you more efficient and your patient more comfortable. Let’s turn the system
on and see what it can really do. You’ll notice that the BT 15 has the standard
flat screen LED monitor that provides good visibility under all lighting
conditions, and moves up and down for better viewing. To get a bigger monitor
with even higher resolution you’ll have to upgrade to the BT 16 version of the
voluson P8. With three easy to access probe ports you’ll be able to scan your
patient comfortably and efficiently. The BT15 P8 can even come with HD live Pro. The
post-processing version GE’s live 3d scanning tool. You can see an example of
this perform with the RAB2-6 RS 3D probe on the screen here. As mentioned, the P8 is an entry into GE’s
voluson line. We also have in stock the P8 BT16, S8 S10, E6, E8, and E10
Voluson Systems. Call us today and get your quote before they’re gone!
Thanks again for watching our video today. If you’re interested in this
system or any other system we have in inventory please give us a call, or click
on the link below to receive exclusive pricing. Until next time have a great day!

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