hi everyone I’m back and today video is
bit weird right the health care system in the US versus the health care system
here in Germany so why would I, an Asian and never been to the u.s. be
interested in their health care system well, the reasons are the combination of
so many things. firstly, as a came here in Germany I started paying $90 per month
for my health care insurance I was like why do I have to pay that much of money
for only the insurance because I paid 20 euros less than 20 euros for my
insurance in Vietnam and it was not only for a month that was for the whole year.
so I was intrigued by the health care services in Germany which is known as
the national healthcare system. secondly my professor at the university to be
honest is not be fan Donald Trump yeah he usually occasionally inserted his
opinions on how the American government is regulating their country and recently
it was about his trip to Chicago during the last Easter holiday and he said that
a lot of homeless people staying outside and frozen to death because
the American government let them be responsible for their own health care
and I was like what is going on there? to be honest I’m not a big fan of America,
sorry but yeah I’m not really into the American dreams and all the sort of
things so I have no idea about their health care system. and the last but not
least the health care system in the u.s. is now a controversial topic in
Reddit I saw a lot of posts about it recently there was a guy posting the
bill of curing his eight inch cut on his wrist
and it costed him like almost 36 thousand US dollars seriously is this
insane so I made up my mind that I got to know about their healthcare system like
what is happening over there and if the quality of services is worth what
American citizens pay for them and as I’m living in Germany I hope that I
could have a chance to make a reasonable comparison with the German healthcare
system which is a representative of the national healthcare system. however
before start I’d like to say that I’m no expert in this field I’m just a tiny
person who is curious about this topic and trying to wrap my head around it
so if you’re also like me that let’s go. so the first thing I noticed was that the
health care in America is mostly provided by the private sector, only some
hospitals are run by the government also almost all the physicians work for the
private sector – and other components like pharmaceutical companies or the
medical device providers also in the private sector. whereas in Germany the
government runs the health care system and as German citizens and people living
in Germany you have to pay a monthly statutory contributions in order to
ensure the free health care for everyone well as a student under 30 I have to
pay 90 euros per month for my contribution at TK. secondly in Germany
around 87% of German population get the statutory health insurance and it
provides you with the same care whenever you get ill whereas 11% of those get the
private insurance those people are probably really rich because it provides
them with special treatments so to say upon their requests like special
treatment my senior doctors or private hospital rooms and other sort of thing
and yet you need to have the income which is above 59,400 euros per year or 4950 euros per month
as in 2018 to get that kind of private insurance and in America around 10% of the under 65 population are uninsured the data from 2016 and why
they excluding the over sixty-five because they have something called
Medicare for those people which is considered the closest thing to the
single-payer system that American people are insistently asking for. well and the
10% we are talking about equals like 27 million people they
are uninsured what a big number! as a result of our private health care system
the health care in the u.s. is extremely expensive well let’s take a look at the
Bill of the guy from reddit he claimed that he had an eight-inch cut and it
costed him like nearly thirty six thousand bucks let’s pay attention to the
x-rays tests they costed him 340 459, 590 bucks for those I haven’t had a chance to take an x ray here in Germany but I watched this video from this dude he said that it costed him only 20 bucks 20 euros sorry for the X ray in Germany
Möchengladbach in particular he didn’t have any insurance at all and he’s an
American and also he was really surprised because his visit to the
emergency room only costed him like 60 euros more so 80 euros in
total for the x-ray test the emergency room and he also mentioned
that if he was in America without any insurance it would have been like 500
bucks for the same procedure the same things that he had in Germany and like
the emergency room costed this dude over 5,000 bucks unfortunately I didn’t know
like how long he stayed there or what made that cost so much. so now I’m
concerned here because with such high prices for the health care and 27
million people without any insurance how would they pay for the health care
when they’re in need? what actually drove the US health care price that high? maybe
because of the thought that if you want something done right you give it to the
private sector. but in this case it doesn’t work as efficiently I really
like how VOX explained it they basically say that when it comes to health care
we consumers have the least bargaining power like we come to the hospitals when we’re
ill and we can’t say no to that sort of things. As in Germany the government says no for
us like they negotiate the price with the pharmaceutical companies and stuff
and if those companies want to provide services to German people they have to
accept that price. and meanwhile in the u.s. that bargaining procedure belongs
to the private insurance companies and yet they can’t be as powerful as the
government. as a result the drugs and health care services are much more
pricy in America. some examples: some more facts about the u.s. healthcare
system as a percent of the economy American spends much more on health care
than Germans 17.7% versus 11.3%. however they visit doctors less than in Germany but they pay more for the
drugs and health care services as I said earlier. and one more interesting fact I
read that they pay the doctors based on the number of services that the doctor
provides not the outcomes of the patients like or according to VOX that
their income largely depends on whether or not they perform the surgery
regardless of the patient outcomes. and finally let’s look at how the health
care system in the US and Germany perform. as I know more about it the
health care system in America and here in Germany I feel even luckier to have a
chance to live here in Germany. thank you guys for watching my youtube video
if you liked it please give me a big like and don’t forget to subscribe see
you next time 🙂


  1. Hey,
    I dont know why but I really like videos were people compare two countries with eachother and I think you did a good job with this one!
    Oh and btw I am also a fellow Augschburger.

  2. German healthcare system is unique… I am happy to live here and you showed that to me throughout all your videos!

  3. Thank you for your perspective on the two systems :)I never really appreciated the German system that much but now that I live in Switzerland I think it‘s really good! Here in Switzerland, there is always a co-pay when you visit the doctor, up to 3000 CHF per year depending on your insurance mode (everything above will be covered by the insurance company)
    And what I realized is: Having fees, co-pay etc. disincentivizes you much more from calling a doctor than it should. In Germany doctors will perform expensive examinations when it‘s needed without hesitation. In Switzerland, having an MRI – say – may cost you a lot;
    That being said, it’s even worse in the US. People should not be forced to think about money when they are ill or feel something is wrong. And early treatment is of course much less expensive!!
    Anyway, nice to hear your thoughts on the matter 🙂

  4. In my mind the german health system is much better. I am much more into the german social system as into the american that is based on supporting the higher class to raise the economy while lots of people fall down through the system. I had this discussion several times when I was in china. Based on my experiances the people in china are much more into the american system (everyone is to care for himself and the poor have to pray for god). My income is above the average one in germany and I am sure I would have even much more money in my poket, if I were in the US. But I prefer to have less money and live in a more stable System where normaly no one has to worry about his health or how to get enough money to come through the day. After all the money I give the social system and that doesn't come back to me directly, comes back to me when it comes when it comes to security, when I go out or if there will be something unexpected. When I went through New Orleans a few years ago I thought: "what the hell is wrong in this country, that is proud to be rich and on top of many lists". I was really scared running through some regions with all these strange peoples on the street.
    I prefer to be told to pay some kind of ensurances, not only the health one, when it comes with the feeling that it nearly impossible to Fall deep down to the ground. In the states, or even in china, you can make money really fast, but as fast you can loose everything. Last month you can pay everything, the next one there isn't enough to pay your appartment and than also your ensurances are worth nothing. As I said before, you can see the result of this system on the streets in the states.
    There should by the same chance for everyone and rich people should support the poor, not only to make there own everyday life better.
    It can happen that fast that your health can change forever and than it is good on the safe side.

  5. Thank you for this interesting video. I don´t know that the different is so big. I came from Germany and live now in Thailand. Here is the healt system not so expensive but the service is not to compare with Germany. You need many luck to find a good doctor with faire prices. Wish you a perfect week :-))

  6. The healthinsurance in germany is a non profit system. Depending on the organization that is running a hospital (state, katholic/evangelic church) they are also non profit. some hospitals are run private, so they are earning some money.
    The spending per person is very interesting, because the usa, depending on which data you want to beliefe spends 2-4 times more per person on the system, while the system in the usa doesnt even take care for all the ppl in the country.
    for germany the medicinical treatment in the hospital is almost the same, doesnt mater if you have a private or non private insurance. just having the private room and senior doc. treatment you named already, in addition at some doctors you can have an appointment earlier.
    the very nice thing is, it doesnt matter if you are single or married, having non or alot of children, the spending for the insureance stayes the same amount. but everyone who is having a job also needs to pay into the system. the more you earn, the more you spend. for americans that sounds like communism. for me it´s like sharing the risk and if you are "stronger" (earnign more) you also can handle to spend more.

    besides some private clinics here in germany, the health system is mainly a HEALTHCARE SYSTEM, while in the US it´s a HEALTH BUSINESS.
    In my opinion, healthcare is a human right.

  7. Allthough i am in private health insurance, i am also proud of our system, not forgetting those people, who might struggle to pay for a health insurance. We are a comparibly wealthy country and should cover the social responsibility to our residents. I agree with your oppinion in the video. Thanks for sharing and have a nice week 😉

  8. I would never ever want to live in the US!
    It is a total disaster area for common people.
    The health care system, the education system, the public transportation system, the justice system and so on all of that is snafu.
    I can't explain it better like this video:

  9. That 20€ that had to be payed is a overall fee if you are in a hospital. Not long ago you had also a fee to pay if you are going to visit a doctor 10€ (once every 3 months). That is now canceled because the thoughts behind it are proven false 🙂 No one goes less often to a doctor rather they get more often to visit because WE PAYED 10€ so we had to get it "back" 😉

  10. AFAIK pulling 2 wisdom teeth in the US is something like 5000$, pulling all 4 about 8000$. I didn't pay a penny here in Germany (besides the monthly insurance fee of course).

  11. I spend 10 days in an American hospital after an accident on vacation when I saw the bill I was happy to have travelers insurance… it was over 50.000 USD!!! Only the bed cost over 1.400 USD a day. I wish every one good luck to travel with out an travelers insurance. That 50,- € where well invested.

  12. sorry i was not able to understand you clearly are you paying 90euro/month? This is the expat foreigner tempory cost… For a normal citizen (or permanent resident) will run you between 300-600/Euro a month in Germany if poverty it is still about 180Euro/month for public /private insurance.

  13. I agree with most of it. However as a student in the US, you are guaranteed health insurance, and your out of pocket expenses are very small. I was a student there for many years, and health services were excellent while I barely paid for anything myself.

  14. When you say free health care it's not free the tax payer pays .It's seem to me if people would take better preemtive care of themselves costs would drop. If the cost was on them directly when someone else pays who cares "taking responsibility". The problem my stems from the poor not paying so the hospital recopies it's losses by charging more to those with more money. Solution the poor no healthcare , streamline waste, incentivize people to live a healthier life style , cap salaries. Cigarets kill 500,000 per year. Start there health cost would plummet. Alcohol 300,000. Say hello to great affortible healthcare.

  15. Man kann sich nur privat versichern lassen, wenn man nicht gesetzlich pflichversichert ist. Das sind Angestellte mit einem Jahreseinkommen über 59400€, aber auch Beamte, Richter und Selbständige, ungeachtet ihres EInkommens.

    Die meisten Arztpraxen würden ohne privat versicherte Patienten nicht existieren, denn den privaten Krankenkassen wird für dieselbe Behandlung des Patienten das 3-fache(!) eines gesetzlich Versicherten berechnet.

  16. US has the most expensive health care in the whole world, but very spotty coverage for many.  I do think a national health care is required. However, what is missing from much of the discussion is that when you do have health insurance in the US, you can order expensive tests and meds much quicker. That said, though, that is also changing.

  17. I live in the USA and am consistently amazed how
    hard headed Americans are in their defense of this
    for profit health care system we have. In the USA, the
    number one reason for people going bankrupt is health
    care bills. Everything in health care is expensive and
    all too many people in the middle and lower classes
    just can not afford proper health care and only use the system
    in a life or death emergency. The system is great only if you are rich
    or if you work for government and have a government
    health care plan. Private health care in the US is now
    too expensive for most people and if you have ANY preexisting
    condition, you literally can not find insurance and if you can,
    the price is so astronomical that no one can afford it.
    I firmly believe that the next US president will be the one who addresses
    the US Health care atrocity. What good is everything else the
    USA has to offer if you can not have your health and basic health care?
    Your video is spot on.. Thank you!!!!!!!

  18. American health care system isnt perfect but ill take it over germany's health care system. Thing is youre paying for the health care in your taxes and the higher cost of living. American health care system is a hodge podge of government intervention and a free market. What we need to do is just up the health care system and let market competition bring down the prices.

    Trump is a jerk no question about it but hes also one of the best things to happen to America in a long time. Our economy is finally doing well again and he has slowly lowered medication prices.

    America has other problems though. Our violent crime rates are out of control in urban areas. Youre better off in Europe as long as its not Sweden. That or just live in a suburban or rural area in America. Its like living in a different country if you compare urban areas to suburban/rural areas.

  19. You also have to remember the us also spends by far the most on medical research. More than any other nation. Thats why health care spending is so high.

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