Glendronach’s Master Blender Explains Why The New Cask Strength Is Special

Captions by the Spirit Guide Society Cask Strength Batch 8 is this one.
61 percent alcohol. It’s over ten years old. So then there’s some 12, 13 year old
stock in there but I get to play tunes, you know? So… someone has to do that and
every batch is different so this is quite unlike, you know,
with 12 year old, I want people to just… just love it. You know, consistently
“Oh yeah, that’s 12 year old. I know it.” It’s perfect balance, and this will have,
batch to batch, some variation because, of course, you’re not going to get the same
strength. It’s natural cast strength, So when I get the barrels dumped, it’s
whatever is in the vat naturally from the casks that have been put together.
this is around about 65 percent Pedro Jiminez, 35 percent Oloroso and
within that 65 percent Pedro Jiminez there’s some puncheons and there’s
also a small number of quarter casks Glendronach is slow and steady wins the race.
So… We wait for decades for beautiful stuff
like this to come out! 1968, I tried an eight years old.
I want to leave one cask in the coldest part of the warehouse in
a sherry butt until it’s at least 65 year old when I’m supposed to retire. We’ll see -::laughs:: if it lasts that long
– When that comes out, maybe you can send over a bottle to the Bar Jackalope
and we can have it behind the bar. This is, by far, one of the smoothest
spirits I’ve ever tried in my life. At 61 percent! I mean, off the still,
Glendrnach is incredibly, incredibly smooth and that’s up about 67% off the still. You know, it’s really velvety, incredibly
warming, you know this is gonna cure my sore throat and also my ear ache.
And that’s why I used to say to my dad and my grandma when I was young,
and I got a little thimble full. ::Stephanie::
“Can I get a little bit? Just a little bit more? but this is going to, I mean it’s got…
it’s got everything, it’s got sweetness it’s got a little spice, incredible
viscosity for 61%. So on the nose, I was a little worried… I was just like wow this
is very intense I couldn’t … I was a little challenged. I couldn’t really get
anything off of the nose quite there, but as soon as I gave it a taste, it completely -Blew my mind, yeah.
-Baked orange. Baked orange, quite
nutty as well, oily, lots of chocolate and coffee. and it’s a spirit that keeps changing as
you drink it and with every single sip,
it’s so nuanced. -Just new flavors keep arising
-Yeah, so this is great the holidays Great for the holidays, you know, I would
recommend this for the holidays and if you do get a cold day here, you know, this is
incredibly warming thank you for listening to this video,
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