Goku vs Saitama – Part 9 – Hell (Season Finale) [DBZ vs OPM]

subscribe to maSTAR Media for daily videos on epic fan animations,episode reviews and sketch comedies youtube.com/mastarmeida AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So you’ve finally obtained the White God Power. Take a look at that mark on your forehead. You’re now an omni-god, but you still have two limiters restraining your full power. The omni-king has zero limits. If you fuse with me, the limiters will be removed. Never! how the hell does he already have such control? This form is highly unstable, I can hardly contain it. There is raw energy flowing out of me. So this is the Super Saiyan God’s full potential… I won’t be able to maintain it long. I have to end it quickly… …with one final attack. What is he planning? He’s going to use his full power… on one attack? What the hell is that?! Easy there, kid. You don’t want to miss and destroy the entire galaxy. I-Impossible! I’m taking you to hell with me! I can’t hold him for long! DO IT!!!!!! When we first met… …you were incredibly tough. Man, we really beat on each other… We fought as equals. So… Why were you holding back!? You are truly incredible. It was an honor, to fight by your side! Let’s finally end this! SHIT! DAMN! No way! It’s over! That was our final chance… Wait! Deflect it! Punch it towards him! H-Hey! It’s our only hope! Use your strongest punch and deflect it! The strongest punch… Crap. Why isn’t it working!? Dammit! Why isn’t it working? Is the White God Dragon Fist too much? The reason I became a hero… … I thought I could do it for fun. And then you came along… So strong… I don’t even know your name… The real reason I became a hero… IS TO FIGHT!!! BIG BANG DRAGON FIST!!! Yo! Oh. It’s you. I can’t believe we pulled it off! Your “Hero Name”, what is it? Son Goku! You know, I don’t know your name either. It’s Saitama. That attack was amazing! Why didn’t you use it earlier? It could have easily destroyed the Earth. We got lucky. Ah. You know. I bet you could make an A Rank hero. We should rest up. Then we should spar again! I agree. Next time, with no interference. Alright! It’s on! See you soon. But remember this… Next time, I’ll be much stronger. Train hard, I’m going to perfect my new form. Well, catch you later. See you… The Evil Gods? Looks like I have some cleaning up to do… Thanks for tuning in to Mastar Media. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys soon for some new episode reviews, animations, and sketch comedies.

100 Replies to “Goku vs Saitama – Part 9 – Hell (Season Finale) [DBZ vs OPM]”

  1. Waow not again please wait a little please waow OMG i have no words for this "ouch" – all is perfect — ok some pictures are ok some sounds are ok ok ok but the idea and the "how to do this" i have no voice !!! not possible Akira Toriyama don't watch this sure he like oh yeees !!! waow waow waow ouch OMG

  2. It's really ridicolous how Saitana is displayed here… like a nother BOO with that voice and eyes.

    In addition if he would really ust his strongest punch ever the world wouldn't exist anymore by that force, so he was totally using only so much power which was needed.

  3. Why did sauté a say he would become stronger when he himself said that you can no longer get stronger than his state…..

  4. Gokus power is proportional to the loudness and length of his screams. A simple silence spell will win against him!

  5. Esto no duraría tanto si fuera real, después de todo el creador de Saitama dijo que con un solo golpe serio de Saitama podría destruir la mitad del universo :vv

  6. That song at 1:20… what is it, it sounds like Icarus by Ivan Torrent but with the woman has a higher pitch voice than the one that comes out on Icarus

  7. I wish that they would show off saitama’s full power in the anime……
    Oh wait he would probably destroy the entire universe

  8. Anyone who came after the Remaster the Remaster one is great but these were classics because of the music. Like and subscribe if you agree

  9. The animation may be shit and super repetitive, but goddamn did he/she craft a compelling narrative that dragged me in and kept me hooked until the final chapter. Second only to the Hulk vs Saitama so far.

  10. How the hell are you going to have so many videos each with a sound failure in each and every one dude fix your shit

  11. One punch man wouldn't survive 30 secs with yamcha. He is a joke character kakarot would vaporize him by sneezing, OPM is very weak compared to kakarots universe

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