Google Glass proof of concept – Philips Healthcare

(Intro text)
(music begins)>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay glass, check patient’s
status>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay Glass check vital signs
bed 4>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay Glass, increase Cvo
2%>>Dr. Feinstein: Very cool. I have been reading
about it. I wanted to see what it was all about and it was even better than I thought
it would be.>>Divya Mahajan: At Philips we believe the
future of healthcare requires innovations that can really make a difference.
>>Brent Blum: At Accenture Technology Labs, we work with companies like Phillips and Google,
to make these digital connections happen smoothly and quickly.
>>Divya Mahajan: What makes Accenture our perfect partner is our collaboration allows
us to build custom features for innovative digital technology like Google Glass that
works seamlessly with our medical systems.>>Brent Blum: To be able to use wearable
display in a medical settings, to give doctors the chance to operate or coordinate with their
peers in a hands-free environment, is just not anything we’ve seen before. This is what
digital transformation is all about.>>Divya Mahajan: For example, a young patient
comes into the hospital with severe abdominal pain. Let’s see what Google Glass can do.
>>Dr. Feinstein: I’m going to check on the patient’s status, okay glass, check
patient status. Looks like he’s in OR 6, ready in about 12 minutes.
>>Dr. Feinstein: As the new healthcare information technologies start emerging, and they’ll start
being able to track patients, … I think having this sort of technology tethered to
it would be, very nice.>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay Rob almost ready? Okay
I’m going to check on the patient’s status and see if they’re in the holding area.
>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay Glass check vital signs bed 4
>>Dr. Feinstein: If you have to turn away to look at the monitor, it makes it a little
more difficult, and if someone’s that critical that you have to keep on looking, it’s nice
to have that with the one glance you can find that information again.
>>Brent Blum: Phillips and Accenture imagine this innovation providing many opportunities
to support the complex tasks of healthcare professionals, both in the operating room
and beyond.>>Divya Mahajan: We really did it! We were
able to develop the connection between the Goggle Glass and our IntelliVue solution to
show patient data inside the glass.>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay Glass, take a note
>>Divya Mahajan: Our goal is to continue to explore other uses for Google Glass in
combination with our medical solutions to empower health care providers with seamless
delivery of patient data.>>Dr. Feinstein: Well, at first I think it’s
going to be cool, and then I think as everything develops, it’s going to be very practical.
I think it’s a great stepping stone. I think that will help make the, care of patients
go a little smoother, and our jobs a little bit easier.
(Music ends)

34 Replies to “Google Glass proof of concept – Philips Healthcare”

  1. Awesome, I am feeling proud to be associated with Philips. Hope to see more such innovations from Philips which can transform lives of Billions across the world…

  2. This is an amazing innovation and collaboration of technologies and companies to transform healthcare. Proud to work for Philips.

  3. This is really awesome. i can already think how easier it is going to be for the doctors in the surgery and not only that it can be helpful in many other ways to the doctors

  4. I can see that this innovation will help our healthcare professionals work in our hospitals in a more timely manner. However, we mustn't forget to take the time to be compassionate and remember that a great human part of medical care is the power of hands on healing, the patient's trust and true concern that the patient can feel.

  5. There are still hurdles to cross. Speech recognition always has it problem with different languages and accent. Latency and and network availability are also things to look out for particularly dealing with life and death situation. Nevertheless , great job , and look forward for more innovation. 🙂

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  7. We have progressed enough as a species to know the TRUTH, or at least know it the best it can be known. If you want to awaken to the TRUTH about life and death, go to truthcontest’com and open “The Present."

  8. The first app someone needs to invent is the ability to change the initiating phrase instead of "OK Glass". Mine would be "Jarvis"

  9. A remarkable innovation. Could impact the future of Health Care and change all EHRs.

    Who is the brain behind this innovation ?

  10. iPads are already used in hospitals. As long as the Glass allows for encryption of data, access is limited only to those who need it for medical purposes, and patient consent is given, I don't understand why iPads would be legal and Glass wouldn't. In fact, if you look at the HIPAA breach notifications on the HHS website, most were made by laptops et. al., and not portable devices.

  11. This is the type of forward thinking that is needed in medicine.  Anyone working in healthcare today knows how much all providers are forced to turn AWAY from patients and attend to monitors, EHRs etc at times when they should be interacting with their patients.  After all the HIPAA / privacy concerns are smoothed out Glass will be one more step in the right direction for patient care.

  12. There's alot of progress going on in the healthcare sector.

    Good thing now that this smartglass has find its use for stuff like this..

  13. Hey there, I'm a student conducting a research on Google Glass. May you please answer the questions below:-

    Can these devices be actively used in the future in terms of reliability, integrity?

    Could Google glass change the face of Globalization in terms of medicine?

    Do you find any concerns with the Security and Privacy of data?

    Do you find any concerns in Google as a company, do you believe they should intervene in the field of telemedicine?

    Do you think further research and development should be done on such devices?

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