GOP wants to shut down government over ideological issues over women’s health

With the government shutdown looming not weeks away
or days away but hours away why are we talking about and whether women
can keep getting something as simple and noncontroversial as a cancer screening? The answer is Mister President the Republicans want to shut down our nation’s
government because they want to make it harder for women to get the health services they need and by the way title ten does not include abortion. It’s illegal to use federal funds for abortion
services so anyone who says this debate is over abortion isn’t being truthful. It’s about simple and important health services. Republicans want shut down the government
because they think there’s nothing more important than keeping women
from getting cancer screenings, this is indefensible and the everyone should be outraged. Men and women should be outraged. The Republican House leadership have only a few hours left to look in the mirror,
snap out of it, and realize how positively shameful it would be Mister President. For months this conversation has been about billions
and trillions of dollars. It’s been about weighty issues and difficult decisions. this debate is about saving money. That’s what we thought it was about but no longer. We have an agreement on the cuts and savings.
I was there in the White House and that agreement includes a historic level of
cuts. We’ve always recognized we had to make cuts that’s why we agreed in the White House last night
to make significant cuts hard but important. But now the Tea Party among others but they’re the biggest push is trying to move its extreme social agenda issues that have nothing to
do with funding the government. They’re willing it as it appears clearly to throw women under the bus even if it means they’ll shut down the government, because that’s where we are. That is the one issue that was remaining last night.

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