Grim’s PvP Build Guide for Stamina Nightblades in Summerset

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  1. Very informative. Thank you. The new gold drink, Artaeum Takeaway Broth, is great. It's not just a slight increase over Dubious Cameron Throne, because it also grants over 300 Health Recovery, which for me, as a khajiit wearing Troll King, is very helpful. Unfortunately, it is currently bugged with Bone Pirate. It does fine with other sets, though.

  2. Thrilled to see you're still making content. This looks great. On ps4 so I'll be possibly crafting sloads tomorrow 🙂

  3. Wicked video dude, absolutely loved your last build video! Just wondering what pieces of armour are infused, well fitted & impenetrable? Also do you have tri glyphs on only the big pieces again?

  4. Hey man love the video aiming to do this build is there somewhere i can find this build with 300cp as im coming up too 300cp any advise

  5. Good build, im testing bone pirate+shackle+monster set(didnt choose which is best for me), 5medium and 2heavy, but i have to get rid of vampire cause dk hit very hard. Kinda like i can cloak and use shadow very often there,but i also i want some crazy dmg build and not sure how to get it work.. any sugsetions? Sorry for my english :/ 😀

  6. Sload’s + Shielbreaker + Skoria = 😂

    Anyway, I just swapped over to Shackle and NME with one piece Pirate Skelly for more resist and 1 Storm for additional recovery. I changed to DW/2H and it has been quite good so far.

  7. Hey! As a first time watcher I really enjoy how you break things down!

    I like the thought behind 3 infused 2 impen 2 well fitted! Would you consider doing a build for No CP/Battleground?

    if you want to run a tankier build, how come on another comment you don’t prioritise nord and Argonian?

    Keep up the great content, looking forwards to more!

  8. hey I definitly just subscribed and am a returning Stamblade after abt a year who is at abt 160cp. I logged in and apparently I have 15k gold and am using hundings/viper sets and have like 30k stamina and 15k health on an imperial race werewolf character. Just want to be competitive again and need to know what you recommend, if I should sell my current setup completely or if there is a way I can make a good combo with what I have already I can give more details when i log in tonight and can give a link to my build too to be more detailed for you!

  9. How much pen should I have for a NB? My SA does 5.2k and I use a maul 2h. And I have about 1k-2k into piercing.

  10. Hi! I'm new to the game. Can you also tell me which morph do you use in the werewolf form? Many thaaaanks! 🙂

  11. Dude… Wyd, just run 5 power assault, 5 shadow walker and 2 bloodspawn, y u making this so difficult? U will do 0 damage in those sets you're wearing

  12. So you wouldn’t recommend duel wield?

    Would you recommend two handed over duel wield?

    I’m wondering which to run

  13. I stumbled upon this video on the forums. All I have to say is LOL. You do realize new players will see this and think that you are a reliable source of information/authority on stamblade. The truth is, you are just another zergling who throws on Sloads Impreg, crap people have been doing since the expac. 0/10 for all the new players that stumble upon this. And for new players who see this, check out his gameplay videos…It validates everything I just said

  14. Currently running 5 bone pirate 5 hundings 2 bloodspawn cp 375. Do you prefer 2hand axe or sword? And how about a cp400 breakdown for skill tree?

  15. Sub:)
    Like all what I see , looking forward for new builds advice
    Running TK,BP,Impre , very tanky and ok damage yes

    I pvp BG only
    Forward momentum really helping me with the 8 sec immunity
    but you advice for rally , ill try that

    But I feel that I need more crit and more damage

  16. 2 quick questions. Not sure if I missed it or if you didn't address it. 1) Vampire yes/no? 2) mundus stone?

  17. why is the gay emo elf standing at parade rest? and why he look like he listens to my chemical romance and cries every day?

  18. Hey Grim! Does this build work well in bg's? If not what would you run otherwise in bg's? Thanks for the content! 👍

  19. Awesome video buddy! You really speak well and seems to be a reliable source for stuff in this game! Thanks for the info. +1 sub

  20. -are you have a tank?
    -yeah! he is our tank
    -but it's stam nb!? oO
    -…..listen, do you even know how difficult life is, middle-aged stam nb?

  21. I'm playing with the Morrowind base game. Silly question is, would it be good to get the dlc or just go for Summerset for the new content?

  22. hey, i have another question, this time abt gankblade, specificly abt how to most reliably kill people that solo/duo bosses in imperial city >:D i say reliably because sometimes i kill people and i get the ap and xp but no telvar even though they had the 10k+glow, i assume if the boss mob gets the killing blow i get nothing :/ also i play in non cp campaign, in case it matters for sets

    sets in question r archers mind, hawks eye, marksmans crest, vicecanon, sheer venom and morag tong, i wonder which of those set combinations gives the most dmg? also i hv the masters bow with poison enchant but i do hesitate to use poison injection, more on that later. or do u propose another set that i hvnt thought of?

    marksmans crest sounds juicy with the 8% dmg increase but the 2 lines of stamina recovery r useless to me since my goal isnt a long fight, i just want to kill the player and get out, however i am bad at math maybe it is good, or does hawks eye gives more dmg? i do have gold marksman jewelry from midyear mayham^^

    i think morag tong is 1 set that needs to be there and i wonder all infused traits or divine + warrior for most dmg? whats a good second set? sheer venom sounds nice but it needs me to use poison injection and i am not sure if i should use poison injection, since just spamming lethal arrow is cheesier, people usually die and then realise that they get spammed by lethal arrow whereas poison injections makes them instantly aware that they r targeted, also if my opponent is a nightblade he can simply cloak and negate the dots.

    as monster sets i would take either valkyn skoria for undodgable 4k dmg, proccing from my poison or if i know i fight nightblades i go for kena + domihaus or kraagh, however shield stackers make kraagh useless.

    also whats the best aproach to gank the person? should i use lethal arrow -> cloak into lethal arrow -> cloak or just spam lethal arrow bc it is quicker dmg? i dont mention light attacks bc i am afraid that they warn my target like poison injection would, however if the first lethal arrow stuns my opponent he is warned anyway :/

    what r ur thoughts?

  23. the masters bow is bugged and doesnt work atm, should i swap it out for a spprigans bow or is there a better 1 piece set bow for pvp?

  24. Why don't you use leeching strikes over relentless focus? I'm struggling with that decision right now, and leeching gives such great stam…after seeing your damage of that proc though, I guess I can see your point.

  25. I got a bugg where I hit the bell icon but past this video it didn't give me any notifications for new videos you uploaded. Pls fix by uploading ty 😛

  26. What race are you using. I made a dark elf stamblade and idk if i shouuld keep it or not since im still low level on it

  27. Hey grim! New viewer here. I’m looking to get into pvp’ing and I’m trying to decide between a mag/stam NB. Any thoughts on the matter? One of them I’d like to use for pve and the other pvp

  28. I run the same bars… except Mass Hysteria where Stampede goes. I love a gap closer but I won't drop Relentless Focus and Mass Hysteria is so damn powerful for setting up a kill, dropping block, and draining someone's resources. I would rather run Stampede there, but I mainly play battlegrounds and the gap closer isn't as useful there as Mass Hysteria tends to be.

  29. Great Vids Grim, returning player (last played a High elf Templar to level 50 five years ago lol), Made a Sorc, Stam DK and more recently a Wood Elf NB. FELL IN LOVE with the NB, So fast and agile, Im an aggressive player so getting into bad situations is every other fight for me, being able to escape and use agility to mitigate damage as a Fast, elusive NB is the best time Ive had. Im currently at CP119 and was wondering what my base Weapon Damage, Crit etc should be? any tips/vids on this bud?

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