Grip Strength to Improve Shooting – What Tools a Navy SEAL Uses

Hey guys I’m Chris Sajnog and in this
video I’m going to teach you not just the importance of proper grip strength
when it comes to becoming a better shooter but I’m also going to go over
some of the great tools that you can use at home to make that happen and this
video is brought to you exclusively by my friends over at D FX sports and
fitness training let’s go ahead and get started all right so if you follow any of my
training you understand that you know becoming a better shooter is a lot more
than just going to the range and wasting a bunch of ammo and one of the best
things that you can do at home or even on the road is to use some of these
tools that I have here from my friends over at D FX sports and fitness and use
them to become a better shooter you know if you can increase your grip strength
and make that grip on your pistol like a vise then you know what that round is
going to have no other option to go except where you want it to okay so
let’s go ahead and start reviewing some of these products and how you can use
them to become a better shooter all right so the first one I’m going to talk
about is the D FX gyro the power ball gyro you know this is really where
everybody should start to really work on that grip strength because with the way
these work is the ability to you know use this gyroscopic motion in you know
in and when this thing rotates and it really gives your hands your fingers
your forearms really everything a great workout and when you get it I also
recommend getting one of these power docking stations to get it started it’s
really going to help you out alright the next thing I’m going to talk about is
this little adapter that you can get or you can order one with it on but it’s a
little speed meter and it’s really pretty cool because not only can it
track how fast you know your speed is on you know both your hands but it will
also track how long you’re doing it okay so this is a great addition really to
help make sure you’re training effectively alright so another item that
everybody should have is just you know one of these little ball grippers the
Dyna grip is just a great thing because you can really not only just warm up
with it that’s one thing I always use these for is just to warm up my hands
I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or what but you know if I go right
into a workout just like any other workout I do I’m going to get some
cracks and stuff like that so make sure you’re warming up with one of these but
you can also use it different ways like working on your trigger press or maybe
manipulating the magazine release just figure out you know specific ways to use
this as well as warming up with it it’s a great tool all right so the next tool
in your grip strength Arsenal is the new X grip and this thing is really pretty
cool because what you do is you just take the band off of your power ball and
you slap this one on and then you just turn the handle and then you’re really
able to you know it’s just amazing the torque you can get on this and the
different ways you can hold it and work it it’s a great tool and you know once
you start moving your way up and you really want to improve your grip
strength for your shooting I highly recommend getting one of these X grip
grippers to add to your arsenal all right now let’s talk about the very grip
from dfx and this thing’s really pretty cool it’s got some pretty cool little
features on it that I haven’t seen in other devices like this one of those
things is you can actually turn up the you know the weight of each individual
finger on this so that’s pretty cool because when you’re training you know
you shouldn’t just be working on overall grip strength you should be finding your
weaknesses and that can come down to each individual finger that you’re
trying to train okay and then another cool feature on this is you can actually
take off these little rubber pads and you can work on building up calluses so
there’s a little rough part underneath that so make sure you check one of these
out a great tool for working like I said especially on individual finger strength
all right last but certainly not least is the V power gyro ball from D FX in
this thing the thing that really sets it apart
is this is made of metal and you know just the difference between this and the
regular Powerball’s is really quite amazing you know I actually had to buy
this rescue tape and wrap it around there because there is so much force on
it that it’s hard to hold on to so you know when you’re ready to move up when
when you’ve got the power and you just want to get stronger definitely move up
to the V power you know I got the red one here and this thing will definitely
build that strength in your hand and your ability to control your pistol when
you’re at the range so anyways thanks again for watching go ahead and check
out some of these products by dfx sports and fitness and until next time keep
paving your path to perfection

37 Replies to “Grip Strength to Improve Shooting – What Tools a Navy SEAL Uses”

  1. Hey Chris, don't forget to train your finger extensors! I recommend Power Bands. You could also start out with the heavy rubber bands that come with broccoli. A competent chiropractor that can adjust extremities is also a must. A joint in proper alignment will get many more miles out of it than one even slightly out of place. As usual, I love the work you put out. Keep it coming!

  2. No love for the old style forearm rollers? a 1 foot length of 1 inch dowel, about 6 feet of heavy cord tied through a hole in the dowel and tie about 7 1/2 lbs to the other end. Hold the dowel in both hands at 90 degrees of arm extension and roll up and down for reps and sets. Way cheaper, no electricity needed and the weight can be changed for difficulty.

  3. Yeah, I'm suspicious about this. I have never heard champion shooters talk about working out your grip strength for more accurate shooting

  4. These hand tools work a treat. Heres something you might find interesting when it comes to strengtening grip and forearms without hand tools. Chin ups with palms facing forward. Of course reps is the way to go. I enjoy your high level of expertise . Thank you for the vids!

  5. The gyro ball improves your control of wrist movements, so you have better aim during triggerpull. Pity he didn't show it in action. But it takes a few times until you learn how to spin it up and he's probably not using it.

  6. Im a civie, but honestly I appreciate helpful tips from a SEAL. Hopefully one day when I get a legal permit for firearms and go to a range I will take these into account.

  7. you can buy the verigrip ( made by planet waves) at most music stores such as guitar center. Just a tip for y'all

  8. Captians of crush are more the way to go, Just my 2C i tried the powerball and that but it only spins for 5 seconds then you need to restart it. Found myself spending more time getting it to spin than actually trying to control it. again just my 2c

  9. Sorry, I just can't be serious when I see a navy seal with an orange head BB gun behind him. A lot of other none-seal video have real guns.

  10. I could swear that you are an author and you do not even need to tell me. This is not a book and we do not rely on our imagination. We see and understand faster than you think.
    I do not mean to disrespect you. It is just that…people do not have an endless life. They have so many things to do and your never ending SUPER DETAILED explanations become boring and annoying.

  11. or just workout focusing on forearm. this vid is one of those whose intent is to sell rather than give info on gun related technics.

  12. Quality Grippers like the Gillingham High Performance or Captains of Crush Grippers are great tools too.

    I would also recommend the SideWinder and GripTwister from

    Best investment I ever made on shooting was purchasing all those tools.

  13. Rehabbing my hands after surgery, I used therapy putty. It's the stuff physical therapists use. I just googled it and bought my own. You can get it in various viscosities.
    It works.

  14. Really gimmicky recommendations with those spinning things. I have one and they don’t really work your forearms that much.

  15. Just out of curiosity… what if I promised you that I could teach you to become a better shooter, save you time and money, AND you can do this all from your home…
    I know you’re interested, so I’ll see you on the other side:

  16. Come on Chris. Tennis Ball, Old school squeeze grips and wrist curls. Use what you have. Save money to buy more guns and ammo.

  17. Except for the vary-grip, which was obvious your explanation of how these products work was seriously lame.

    Very poor presentation compared to your other videos; I suggest you remove it and redo it, because it makes you look incompetent.

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