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  2. What is it called, the four staged full pulley setup, and how muchnwill it cost, can someone give me a link wherento buy it please…..

  3. Thank you. I am returning to the gym after many years. Excited to go, but embarrassed not remembering how to use all the machines.

  4. The gym I'm working at use the exact same brand and machines, and you basically cover all of them with a detailed explanation. This is a very nice video and thank you so much!!

  5. You offer far more guidance on the exact same machine set than my new gym did. Thanks so much for this. 🙂 I always feel conscious not knowing how to adjust the machines, silly I know. This gives me all the information I need.

  6. This video is great. I signed up at a gym 4 weeks ago and started out with cardio machines. I just tried a couple of weight machines and they're not as intimidating as they first appear. Thanks for posting!

  7. how does a short person use the pull down? im 5'1" and just signed up for a gym but can hardly reach the pull bar for the pull down.

  8. I just got a gym membership like 12 hours ago. I went there tonight a little bit before it closed and it was crowded. I only know how to use like 5 strength machines so it was awkward having to wait around all the time for people. This video is so so helpful. I'll be able to use a lot more machines now 🙂 Thank you!

  9. Thanks for this video I felt so embarrassed as It was my first time going to a gym in my university and I didn't know how to work any of the weight training machines.. This video helped a lot, thanks

  10. I am opening a commercial gym where can I buy the equipment like these to have a good professional gym how much do I have to invest in the equipment??? Please get back to me thank you.

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  13. Hello I like those machines for gym and I need to buy so that I can open my gym in what country how can I contract u all the shop that's selling

  14. Hi,
    I am From India and i am running a fitness centre.
    if i have to purchase ur gym where should i go, is their any dealer/Distributor in India.
    plz let me know

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