Gynecologist Answers Commonly Searched Pregnancy Questions

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  1. I have never been pregnant but I am female and still young enough to potentially have children in the next 10 years; I was wondering how does one deal with a serious caffeine addiction during a pregnancy?

  2. I really appreciate all the information I learned in this video but it really reinforced my thought of never wanting to have a child. I’m seriously wondering, is there ANYTHING about being pregnant or having a child that is good? It makes me sick with anxiety to think about what that must be like.

  3. I had a friend tell me that she only tried for a baby on years that are pair numbers because that’s how you have boys. Some people have no clue

  4. Why does someone with a mental illness want to have a baby like. “ haha I’m depressed let’s have a baby and mess them up” uhh no thanks

  5. Wow! I thouht I had to stop my medication if i wanted to have a baby. The idea of going throuhg such a huge change and emotional rollercoaster with out my medication was enouhg for me to "decide" no getting preggo. This video had an impact on me. I never asked my dr about my medication before. Asumí que tenía que dejar mi tratamiento sin preguntar

  6. I’m only a teenager (virgin) and I was bored but if I ever get pregnant well I sleep on my stomach so I don’t know if I ever want to be pregnant or just adopt

  7. One of the biggest reasons why I don't want to be pregnant is because I won't be able to eat sushi or get drunk. However many pregnant women in Japan eat sushi throughout their pregnancy.. I'm assuming in small amounts once in awhile?

  8. I want to share my experience. When I was about 8 weeks pregnant I started getting a twitching eye. It was bad. It would spasm to the point that my eye would close. I had a missed miscarriage at that time. I thought it was stress. I’ve been researching at it can point to a miscarriage. It was weird but it happened

  9. Yeah no thanks, I’m not gaining 25 pounds and getting ton of stretch marks for a baby. I’m not gonna risk my health and beauty for a child. Girl nuh uh that ain’t happening periodt😒

  10. me eating too much and getting cramps and being thicker then a snicker and also being a virgin WAIT IM HAVING CRAMPS AND IM FATTER AM I PREGN-

  11. Just a small correction. The turkey baster method (usually done with a syringe) is actually called an intracervical insemination (ici) and is injected into the vagina near the cervix opening.
    An intrauterine insemination (iui) should only be done by a medical professional as a catheter in put through the cervical opening into the uterus where washed sperm is then injected directly into the uterus. Just don't want to see people doing iui's at home and possibly harming themself!

  12. I laugh that she says no to ice skating because I am an ice dancer (no jumps, think ballroom dancing on ice) and I have been skating through my whole pregnancy (currently 7 months). My doctor knows and has told me that it's fine and just to be careful. I assume it just depends on your level of activity prepregnancy.

  13. I remember hearing some idiots say that it was safe to drink red wine during pregnancy! I already knew it wasn’t safe but cmon everyone should know that, but this woman since she’s a certified gynecologist she obviously knows what she’s talking about, omg these losers really said it’s safe to drink wine and that doctors recommend red wine for a healthy pregnancy lmfao ya okay! I was arguing on reddit with someone and they said in Italy doctors recommend it and everyone drinks red wine over there when they’re pregnant, okay just cuz those dummies do it don’t mean it’s safe and I doubt any doctor would recommend a pregnant woman to drink wine

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