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That’s a lot of mail! I am so excited because today we are doing an ask the doctor episode. You all out there have
sent me so many questions. I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve just stayed up reading them, in fact I read a few every
night before I fall asleep. Anyway, I am answering them today with the help of Dr. Lily Hanna! Hi Madge.
Hello! Oh my goodness, so much mail. You know I’ve got a lot. We’ve got a great question
from curious in Buffalo. Why do I have extra real
estate inside my vagina? There’s extra skin with rounded
tips, almost tentacle like. I’ve read that it may be hymen, but my gyno wouldn’t
address it when I asked. She just said, “It’s normal,
don’t worry about it.” Have you encounter this question before? Yes.
Oh you have? Yes.
Tentacles in the vagina? Everybody’s vulva’s different. Everybody’s introitus is different, everybody’s vagina is different
so in terms of the hymen, which is the entrance to the vagina, the way that it develops in women is that it actually, with intercourse or with increased activity
as a younger person, that hymen will open and stretch. But initially, it’s actually
a thin membrane of tissue that has a small hole in it
when someone is a virgin, when a woman is a virgin.
Oh! That stretches open. Now the way that the tissue opens up is different for everyone
and so the ridges around that introitus can be
different for every woman. Is one better than the other? Not at all. Does it keep things in there? No. It’s not like a purse. No.
Hmm. Emily asks, “Should I be
giving my vag facials? “Are there anti-wrinkle creams, “special vag exfoliation formulas?” The vagina’s a self-cleaning oven. It should be left alone to do it’s thing. You can use warm soapy
water to clean the external or the vulva, and definitely at the anus, but as far as using anything
more significant than that, it’s not recommended. Do our vag lips get crow’s feet? Or laugh lines? I think mine has laugh lines (laughing). Is it possible? It is possible, but it’s less likely just because of the extra
fat tissue that’s there. Oh. Monica asks, can you develop
PCOS after you have kids? PCOS unfortunately is
related to infertility, so as far as conceiving with PCOS there is a decreased
likelihood of conception but not impossible. There are a lot of woman that do have PCOS that just manage to conceive, despite having irregular ovulations and that’s what the problem is with PCOS, is the ovulatory times are different. Okay. So that by itself decreases the chances of getting pregnant. Once that problem is fixed,
women can get pregnant. Now can the PCOS condition
return after having the baby? It’s still possible. Kayla asks, “Can you get an STD “from a public toilet seat?” You cannot catch an
STD from a toilet seat, unless you’re actually
having sex on the toilet seat so in general, no, nothing
can live there and then be transmitted to you
when you use the toilet. Well that is good news. Now, sex on a toilet seat while you’re actually
going to the bathroom? Now that’s multi-tasking. If you have any questions or comments, put ’em in my box. My inbox, that is.

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