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A vagina brought forth the world. So, I think it’s important that your gynecologist maintain it for you. I feel like it’s always weird. It’s a professional setting,
something that’s so intimate. So already that’s kind of weird. So it’s like okay I’m just
going to professionally open my legs up and
you’re going to tell me this is going to be cold
and I’m going to act like I’m not uncomfortable. Never been to the gynecologist. I am terrified of going
to the gynecologist. Honestly it’s terrifying. There’s a lot going on inside of your body that you don’t necessarily know about. And a lot of it is hidden. They don’t always come with signs. I spoke to my mom about the process, and she told me about those
clamp things that open and I’m just like… Ow. I think the only thing that I hate is that long Q-tip that they
stick up and like scrape. I dread that. I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t go to gynecologists a lot when I was in my, in my twenties. I think that partially
based on the experience I had in college. It felt really, really cold and impersonal. I’m hoping that something can be, can shift so that our young women have a much more loving,
personal experience with the doctor that’s looking after the universe between their thighs. My gynecologist is like, awesome. Hit her up anytime. Anytime I need anything. If there’s anything wrong, like anything’s off, I’m like running. Overall, I think the older you get the more confident you get. Like it is what it is. I think it’s best to
have a good relationship with your doctor. And if I do go to a gynecologist, I want it to be a female gynecologist because I feel like there’s
a very big difference between experiencing what
I have to now go through and reading it in a textbook. Cause if you don’t vibe
with your gynecologist, they’re looking at your vagina. I don’t think that there’s
anything more intimate or more personal that
can possibly be done.

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