gynecology is a medical and surgical
specialization which manages women’s reproductive health including the care ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus vagina an external genital organs
because the gynecological exam is among the most interminable medical diagnostic
procedures it is essential to have a quality and caring gynecologist who you can
trust and depend Huey & Weprin pulled these patient care
all these paramount during your exam with the physician or nurse practitioner at Huey & Weprin you can
expect a warm introduction from your clinician following this your history will be taken
and a physical examination will be performed afterwards potential test lab work will
be ordered based on your clinicians observation Huey & Weprin practice is equipped with
the latest medical technology this enables us to provide you with the
very best gynecological patient care this includes the spectrum reproductive
and urinary health treatments such as Norman high risk pregnancy contraception std’s menopause and in addition we offer treatments for endometriosis
pelvic pain abnormal bleeding and urinary
incontinence at Huey & Weprin methods we use for diagnostic testing
are the cutting edge medical practice for example we offer pap smears, colposcopies, HPV testing and ultrasounds after careful diagnosis we have a range of treatments to restore
your health common treatments include laparoscopy, hysterectomies, I U D
insertions additionally other treatment options are
sterilization and vaginal and caesaren delivery. We look
forward to working with you make your appointment today meet our
physicians review your health care needs

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