Hack To Improve Conference Call Stamina And Effectiveness

hey guys Serg here and today we’re gonna
be exploring a quick hack to improve call stamina and effectiveness hey guys Serg here and today we’re gonna
explore a quick hack to improve your call stamina and effectiveness alright
now I know a lot of you guys are probably having calls back to back to
back to back you know one call after another after another and the problem
with that is when you have caught hours and hours and hours of calls it’s easy
to get tired it’s easier it’s easy to get burnt out so that the end of all
these calls you don’t be like doing anything it’s very hard for you to push
through that and do do something and actually be productive after that and
then weeks and weeks and weeks of this it’s affecting your productivity long
term so a quick hack to avoid this or to help mitigate this is if you haven’t
used to having hour long calls schedule your calls for 50 minutes 45 minutes and
this will do a few things that one it will one shorten the call so that the
call art isn’t as long – it’ll force you to cover everything that you need to
cover in that shorter time period cutting out the fluff and the extra
extracurricular crap that goes on in these calls because you know sometimes
people come on in these calls I hate to call you out
data management but you guys it are likely to blurb about what’s going on
and not be as succinct as usual I’m not just picking on data management other
groups do this as well but it’s easy for people to get on the call when they know
they have a long time and to blur about different things that’s going on that
necessarily could be said in a very quick and succinct manner so cutting
down your time to 45 minutes will do that and thirdly it will also
psychologically give you the benefit of knowing that you have 15 minutes after
the call is over to prepare for your next call to get in the mindset for that
call as well as psychologically it will feel shorter giving you a psychological
boost and more out boost to the whole entire team that your call is shorter
you have more time to what you need to do if you’re used to
having 30-minute callers you can make your calls 20 minutes to 30 to 25
minutes it doesn’t have to be the full 30 minutes accomplishes the same feat
you can accomplish what you need to shortly now a lot of people the worst
thing you can do is have unnecessary calls people hate that take away too
much time too much effort so don’t no need to schedule a call with
what can be said quickly through an email and we probably need to do a video
on this on proper communication channels in the clinical research industry and
how things should be communicated and what through what methods because
there’s a time and place for all these communication methods whether it’s an
instant message whether it’s a face-to-face whether it’s email or a
teleconference using WebEx or Skype so we probably need to go through that and
talk to you guys about that but here that’s a quick hack let me know if you
guys try it and let me know if you guys like it or if it has worked for you what
about some other hacks you can comment down below for improving call stamina if
you have a lot of calls back to back to back and what techniques you use to make
those go by quicker and more make them more effective as effective as possible
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your personal information or you can do that yourself just give us just give us
the bulk of the resume will change the companies will change the date a little
bit the dates don’t matter we just want to look at the real nitty gritty
and show you guys how it can be improved and make it better for everyone trying
to get into the industry alright guys that’s it for today
take care

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