Hand & Finger Exercise & Grip Strength Training with Handmaster Plus

The Handmaster Plus is the most complete,
convenient and cost-effective hand exercise and warm up product in the market today. It
strengthens the nine muscles that open the hand as well as the nine muscles that close
the hand, all in one easy continuous exercise. Begin by placing the thumb loop on the base
of your thumb. When handling the loop, be sure to use the
placement tabs. Next, place the finger loops between the knuckles
of each finger. Simply reverse this order when removing. To begin the main exercise, keep your wrist
straight and squeeze against the ball for a count of one. Next, open and spread against the cord for
a count of one. Notice that the hand moves through its full
natural range of motion. This creates healthy muscles, strong fingers
and thumb, a stable carpal tunnel, balanced forearm and elbow, and maximum blood flow
to all the joints and tissues. The Handmaster Plus can also be used to strengthen
the outside of the forearm and elbow such as in tennis elbow cases: Start by squeezing against the ball for a
count of one. Keeping the thumb on the ball, extend only the fingers, then extend the wrist
back. Exercises can also be done by separating the
cord from the ball. Here is an example of isolated finger flexion. Here is an example of isolated thumb extension. You can refer to our packaging for additional
exercises. The Handmaster Plus is the number one rated
hand exercise and rehab product in the marketplace today, maximizing health and performance while
reducing your risk of injury.

100 Replies to “Hand & Finger Exercise & Grip Strength Training with Handmaster Plus”

  1. thanks for the honest answer, and also doczac so basicly ican feel promosing results if i exercise with hand masterplus repeatedly everyday for like 5 mins on each hand or something?

  2. Hi HardCoreSkater16:
    Exercising the muscles of your hand (9 muscles close the hand & 9 muscles open it) would theorteically make your hand muscles bigger, which would make your hands and forearms bigger. Your genes would play into how much so 9just as in body building). The exercises would make you stronger & much morebalanced (most people are over developed on flexor muscles) but would have no affect on finger/thumb length.
    Hope that helps!

  3. I bought the handmaster plus in December 2008.Been suffering tendon inflammation and other guitar related problems.After 2 weeks of using the Handmaster Plus the thumb loop snapped. I emailed Tom Spragge , sent some photos.He not only emailed back but promptly sent me, not 1 ,but 4 new rubber chords!! 4 free!
    After almost 3.mnt of using the HMP and im getting a lot more hand strength back. I can warm up exercise without overdoing it I really recommend this product !

  4. I'm from the Netherlands and suffering from a wrist injury for a couple years now. Is it possible for me to get a hold of this product??

  5. I pulled my wrist from overplaying the piano, and this is reall reall helping with my rehab.

    It almost felt broken, but everything moves fine with some wrist pain, and wearing a wrist support glove everyday and using this completely relieves it.

    I only got the grip today, hopfully it wont take too long to repair and build my strength back.

  6. I can already play again now just after a few days =D

    At first I could only play about 10 minutes before it started to hurt, then the next day for about 20-30 minutes, and today i managed 2 sessions.

    My wrist and little finger get a bit sore after playing for increasing amounts of time still, but then this exercise toy relieves the pain and discomfort right away. I just keep it attached to the hand as long as I can and pull and sqeeze every 5 minutes or so.

    Need to get my hand fixed 🙂

  7. hello doczac. i just purchased your product and i am feeling a little doubt. i read some reviews from people who purchased the Handmaster plus and a lot of them mentioned that they're band had snapped. i got a little worried since i have not gotten the product yet. i am wondering if there is any way of preventing this?

  8. D:

    Some time ago, we had a container that had faulty product (which was not QC'ed as per schedule), but have since changed our manufacturing process to ensure specific USA material from GLS only. No problems since. Anyone that bought from that container has been given replacement cords free. We take customer service very seriously.
    Hope that helps.

  9. @SAUL149 :

    Best to search 'Handmaster Plus' to find our site. You can buy there. Let me know if I can assist further..


  10. @Bluemiles0:
    Sorry BM0, we have a few ideas. Whichever tests out first will be added to our products. The foot product has been tricky… we will not introduce it until we are satisifed. Lots of trial and error. Are u having a foot problem?

  11. @gabbogabbo
    Thanks for your comment, but you missed the point. The finger extensor muscles must also be trained to enjoy full strength and stability. Your exercise does not address training finger extensor muscles and will eventually lead to imbalance of finger flexors vs. finger extensors, same idea as biceps/triceps. Shortened finger flexors lead to hand, wrist elbow imbalance. Easy to add Handmaster Plus to your exercises!

  12. @gabbogabbo:
    Sorry G..you would still be causing hand muscle imbalance due to grip. The only way to strengthen finger extensor muscles is to open the hand against resistance. Otherwise, you miss many muscles and cause imbalance and potential strength and injury concerns.

  13. Hey doc,

    I just got my Handmaster plus today, how long before I see improvement in my handwriting? my problem is my pen grip is weak, this causes my fingers to slip of the pen.

  14. @JSA19882007
    You should feel differences within 4-6 weeks if you are consistent. Use daily, 1-2 sessions until comfortable fatigue. Follow instructions.

  15. @JSA19882007
    Please note also that you should consult your health care professional to ensure that your weakness is not due to a possible condition such a nerve entrapment which will affect the results of using Handmaster Plus.

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, Handmaster Plus is a proper biomechanical exercise that strengthens & balances all hand muscles conveniently. Athletes, musicains & therapists now have a tool that is convenient…they actually use it. Traditional 'grip only' products can lead to hand muscles imbalance. When we developed Handmaster Plus, we were instantly able to combat imbalance & strengthen properly. There is much more research at our website.

  17. I'm 58 years old & was told today I have osteoarthritist in my hands & that is what is causing my pain (especially in my thumbs). They pop all the time naturally. And that there's nothing that can be done. It's part of the aging process.
    Will this help strengthen them? I have a hard time even twisting a water bottle cap open.

  18. @debster707
    We have many arthritic users and I highly suggest giving the product a try. It will 1) stimulate balanced muscle tone to support the joints as well as 2) improve blood flow to bring nutrients to the entire joint surface. But first, you should be cleared and monitored by a health care practitioner to use the 'soft' Handmaster Plus. Start slow and lengthen your sessions as advised. Move eventually to medium Handmaster Plus product only if advised.

  19. @minaandre
    Handmaster Plus is key for volleyball players, who understand the importance of strengtheneing the finger extensor muscles in relation to setting the ball. Good luck in your season. Keep in touch. Let us know how you do!

  20. @Delvadar :

    Yes, it really works, and what is most important to notice is that it compliments the user's natural structure (balances 9 muscles that close the hand with the 9 muscles that open the hand), unlike tradional 'grip only' hand strengtheners.

  21. @thesubdolphin :
    Yes, available online mostly… also available through therapy distributors, music distributors, climbing shops…

  22. @121jigawatts
    Handmaster Plus is essential for guitarists because the finger opening muscles (extensors) are hugely active in a stabilizing function during all grip and finger actiosn. Yet historically guitarist train by flexion (grip) alone. Not a good idea without equal (or more) attention to the finger and thumb extensors. I see so many needless injuries because of this imbalanced approach. Handmaster Plus makes hand muscle balance easy.

  23. Hi,
    I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome on my right hand, the hand surgeon told me that anything that is repetitive and against resistance has to be avoided by carpal tunnel sufferers, can you tell me why this is being recommended to carpal tunnel sufferers? How can this actually relieve a carpal tunnel syndrome? He told me that the repetitive motion of the tendon's synovial sheaths rubbing thru and fro against the already inflamed median nerve at the carpal tunnel damages it more.

    To be clear, carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition in people that repetitively grip. They mostly do not consider to train properly to prepare the muscles and tendons thus they are are commonly aggravated causing inflammation and swelling in the tunnel.
    We are on a campaign to:
    (this answer is in 3 sections to follow d2 lack of word space. Let's spend some time on this and get it correctly understood and work together to solve this PREVETABLE problem)

    1) PREPARE people through proper training for their gripping activity. This means training the muscles that close the hand (in grip) as well as the muscles that open the hand (these are stabilizing muscles allowing grip muscles to work more efficiently). The result is strength, balance & max blood flow. In this situation, there is far less exposure to carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as tennis elbow & other RSI's.and,

  26. (cont'd)
    1) PREPARE people through proper training for their gripping activity. This means training the muscles that close the hand (in grip) as well as the muscles that open the hand (these are stabilizing muscles allowing grip muscles to work more efficiently). The result is strength, balance & max blood flow. In this situation, there is far less exposure to carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as tennis elbow & other RSI's.and,

    2) REHABILITATE AFTER treatment so that the same causative factors in the patient do not reoccur.
    Carpal tunnel syndrome is not a mystery. The cavalier attitude towards preparation is common place. Handmaster Plus easily strengthens and balances the hand wrsit and elbow to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and rehabilitates the patient only when symptoms have been settled.

    The resistance towards proper hand, wrist & forearm training is a huge and expensive problem in our society today.
    Never would I suggest that a patient exercise the inflammed tendons in an active CTS case. If your doctor would like to find out further about proper exercise and balance of the hand, wrsit forearm, please have him or her contact me directly.
    Good luck. Let me know if I can assist further.
    Dr. Zachary

  29. @doczac Ok, thank you very much, so the inflammation should be resolved BEFORE starting to use the hand master. That makes sense. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

    best regards

  30. @JOHNNYWADTON : Exactly… the 2 situations where proper balanced exercise (this is a whole conversation) is key for CTS is: 1) BEFORE it starts (unfortunately the leaders in CTS are not pushing for this, it is left largely to private individuals such as myself) & 2) after successful therapy (yes, inflammation down). This is also largely overlooked. Once symptoms subside, original CTS CAUSE is usually not considered. The result is poor education of the CTS patient & eventual reoccurance. doczac

  31. Product is a great idea but a joke in reality. The "hardest" ball is INSANELY easy to squish and the heaviest rubber band would be perfect as the beginner band. Would have been totally worth the money if the balls were actually difficult to squeeze. Suggest making tougher resistance levels on the bands and especially the balls (insert joke here).

  32. @UklaTheMokk :
    We respect the feedback of our users. I have personally tested Handmaster Plus on 1000's of users… I know the feedback well…we listen. I doubt that u have used the firm properly based on ur feedback. If we gave our firm to rehab a fracture, it would injure. We test elite athletes who struggle with full finger extension with the medium band, so I question how the firm band could be a joke to u. If u are seriously trying to improve our product I can discuss further.

  33. @doczac I'll rephrase…"joke" was harsh. But definitely room for improvement. I stand by my comment regarding the balls. For rehab, they might be perfect. But for improving flexor strength significantly, they are way too easy to close. I'm currently working with grippers with 150lbs of torque and I know I'm on the weak side. That being said, I do use the black and the grey finger bands to work the extensors. But they're actually too long IMHO. I tied them in a knot to shorten them up.

  34. @UklaTheMokk : The cords are designed to work in combo with the ball, not on there own. When used properly, I have never in 11 years been told the cords are too long. If you decide to use the cord alone, yes you would have to shorten it by. We recommend to 'hook it' with opposite index finger to create tension. If u make a knot in it, it will no longer work in combo with the ball. doczac

  35. Hi – I found this whilst looking for information about cramp. I am a guitar player and in the last few weeks whilst on tour, part-way though a performance, the index finger in my fretting hand closes up in a very painful way and I need to use my picking hand to open it up again until the muscles relax. In addition, I've been getting 'pins and needles' in my fretting hand – I'll book an appointment with my own MD, but in the meantime do these symptoms sound familiar?

  36. Thanks for your advice and feedback! The last few days have been a bit stressful so that may be what it is. Take care, I appreciate your responses.

  37. @AmericanPowerBase : 3 reasons we identify for commonly developing CTS are: 1) a functional problem AT the CT (repetitive grip/grasp – especially with small objects), 2) a functional problem THROUGH the CT (poor circulation via pregnancy, RSI, metabolic issue (diabetes), smoking, etc.) & 3) a physical problem @ the CT (carpal tunnel is small, fracture, etc.). Ur friend qualifies for 1) & 2). Handmaster Plus is an easy convenient exerciser for all 3. Clear with professional 4 use.

  38. One final general question: do any of you have experience that diet (as well as stress) can affect cramp in your hands? I am thinking caffeine, alcohol and a lack of fruit and vegetables (i.e. a general touring diet).

  39. @okcowboy13 : We target UFC fighters and have many users. You won't find anything better to stimulate maximum strength, balance and blood flow (aid regular repair) daily. Easy to use. Easy to carry. Every UFC fighter should have Handmaster Plus in their bag. Let me know if you have further Q's. You have to stimulate regular repair!

  40. @tomattah : Good observation. Yes, vit C & protein r 2 key repair factors… of many. Eating fresh fruits/vege's is great for repair. Chose lean meats (chicken, fish also) or beans/eggs also. The next factor is to strengthen, BALANCE, and maximize blood flow to the area, Handmatser Plus is super easy to use + complete+ convenient. ALL GUITARISTS should be using it to offset inherent muscle & circulation imbalance that guitar presents.

  41. @sassyfarms1 :
    Thx 4 the feedback. Handmaster Plus is a must for sprain-strain-disclocation rehab. Good for you! ..designed to rehab through full ROM's. Many still using grip-only rehab devices with poor results. I do not let anyone we are working with rehab hand, wrist, ellbow injuries without the use of Handmaster Plus.
    For replacement cords Google 'Handmaster Plus replacement cords' to find our online store. Enter 10off2011 for a discount.
    Please send us ur testimonial.

  42. @kushRo0ms
    Handmaster Plus strengthens & balances all hand muscles & stabilizes the hand, wrist forearm & elbow in environments of repetitive grip/flexion. Should be used by all gamers & computer workers for injury prevention & performance. If u have an injury, consult a health care professional. Handmaster Plus is a super-effective & complete rehabilitation tool to compliment corrective therapy & is carried by all major therapy distributors.
    Let us know if we can assist further.

  43. I've ordered a Handmaster from amazon.co.uk and I'm so hoping it does the trick. I had to give up the guitar several years ago due to emerging weakness and pain in both hands. Although giving up the guitar allowed quite a lot of improvement in my hand subsequent attempts on my part to start back on the guitar were pitiful.

  44. @observingworld
    Make sure you have the consent of a health care professional for hand exercise. When you begin, begin slowly (preferably with the soft Handmaster Plus). Each session should last ONLY to a comfortable fatigue. This way you build blood flow strength and muscles balance a little at a time. Once you feel very stable, increase the exercise by small increments. The key to proper rehab is to be consistent and never overdo any one session, especially at the beginning.

  45. @rico300zx : Great observation… the Handmaster Plus was designed to mimick the rice box (full ROM, natural 3D motions) but yet be perfectly portable. Unfortunately the rice box was replaced by 'sexier' products that were either in one plane or grip-only (spring loaded or coiled units). The result is a lot of poorly understood hand exercising and a lot of repetitive grip injuries and imbalances. I see so many athletes, musicians and workers that are training poorly.

  46. @SEMICHUCK : Thanks for the feedback, but I think you might have missed the point. If you are gripping an old orange, you are leading to repetition grip imbalance. If you are a musician this can be a very costly mistake in the short and long term. Muscle imbalance will affect range of motion, speed & stamina.. and eventually can lead to cramping, fatigue & debilitating RSI injuries to the hand, wrist & elbow.
    Hope that helps.

  47. Will this be useful for a darts player? I've damaged my wrist playing squash, will it help it heal quicker? Does it increase dexterity?

  48. @DarkManEll : Great Q!! I don't know much about darts other than I enjoy playing recreationally. I can't comment as to whether it would improve play. I don't see why not. I definitely believe that throwing darts requires repetitive motion, and most people overlook these microtraumas re: to injury. It is a huge health care cost. Handmaster Plus will definitely maximize blood flow & balance to your wrist – which aids healing. Ask your health care pro if exercise is okay.

  49. I've been using the softest ball. Progress is a bit slow for me but steady. I've taken about 2 months to get up to squeezing the blue ball for a minute. I'm trying to rehabilitate my hands after wrecking them playing the guitar too much.

    Hopefully I'll be able to move up through the red ball and then even the hard ball and get back on the guitar.

    Do you think Doc I could start back on the guitar after success on the red ball or should I not go back to playing till finishing the hardest ball?

  50. @observingworld : The key to guitar finger, hand, wrist & elbow performance is balance & healthy muscle tone. Do not be proccupied with getting to the firm HM+. The medium strength will mostly likely be best for balance and muscle tone maintanence, & will still giving you speed & flexibility & best circulation desired. Use it for warm up and cool down as well once you get back to playing.

  51. I play double bass and I just purchased the handmaster plus. What is an average practice time to start with slowly? Everyday max. 30 seconds per hand and 10 times squeezing for the first week?


  52. Hi Ton:
    Sorry for the slow reply time. I have been away from the office!
    We always tell people to do exercise 1-3 times per day maximum until a comfortable fatigue only. Starters, no matter how strong, usually experience this comfortable fatigue at around 30 seconds – 1 minute. This is because most people are super-weak in extension muscles, the key stabilizer muscles for musicians!
    Let me know if we can assist further.

  53. Hi Doczac,
    thanks for your reply. I am indeed exercising with the handmaster 3 times a day for 30 seconds max. Great tool!
    I am exercising for 1 week now. I think I will exercise for another 1 week (30 minutes max) and then start exercising for 1 minute max the next 2 weeks. Is that a safe program?


  54. As long as you feel only a comfortable fatigue, nothing more, you are performing exercises properly. Don't get fixed on time goals. These are multiple, small muscle bellies. Tone, stability & balance are the goals. This will max your hand, wrist & elbow performance…

  55. Use the main exercise (first in instructions) as it will stimulate all peripheral nerves (hand opens fully and closes against resistance). Be sure that you have approval from a health care professional to begin exercise.

  56. Hello,
    I just started using the red ball for right hand improvement as classical guitar player. I have two questions;
    1. What exercise should I do to improve my middle finger?
    2. In what cases one should use the firm ball. Should I use it after some time with the red ball?
    Thank you.

  57. Handmaster Plus moves all fingers through their full natural ROM in both flexion (closing) & extension (opening). The standard exercise (hand fully closed they opened) is the best exercise for any finger as it mimics natural motion.
    The soft & medium Handmaster Plus are all that is needed for musicians. The exception is when the musician is abnormally strong. For most musicians the medium is the best (unless injured).
    Let me know if we can assist further,

  58. I'm doing well on the Handmaster and playing the guitar again.

    Doczac on your website you have a graph which shows the extensor muscles for playing the guitar actually work harder than the flexor (grip) muscles. You say RSI is often down to weak extensor muscles.

    Why do people who've been playing the guitar a long time sometimes get RSI problems when you'd think after a good while those extensor muscles would have got built up just from practice?

  59. will this help me strengthening my grip in boxing because you need strong grip to protect your wrist and have a solid punch

  60. Handmaster Plus is vital for all boxers and combat sports for 2 reasons. 1) It maximizes ALL 18 hand muscles (key for strength and balance) AND 2) it stimulates maximum blood flow and lymphatic drainage (because it is a full ROM (hand is both fully opened and closed against resistance) exercise), which is absolutely key for repair of all tissues. Let us know if we can assist further.

  61. yes, exactly what it is designed for. Ask your health care provider when rehabilitation exercisers are appropriate. Start with the soft Handmaster Plus and progress as necessary.

  62. What name did you use. Our customer service is very efficient. You may have received old inventory from where you purchased. Let us know if this has been dealt with.

  63. Handmaster Plus will improve health balance & performance for any hand activity. Definitely darts requires health flexible muscles and tendons

  64. Sririam… exercise 'itself' must be 'indicated' in the treatment protocol by a health professional. It is not always appropriate, especially in an inflammation situations. This is not a flaw in the current exercise, it is a flaw in the recommendation TO exercise. Be careful to not mix up the two.

  65. Absolutely. Bar cords require strong hand and finger muscles. This is the focus of Handmaster Plus, and does so well maintaining healthy muscle balance and blood flow.

  66. Hey Doc Zac, do you have a video that shows you demonstrating the three different exercises that are on the face of the box?

  67. Hi Mark:
    The first 2 exercises are on this current video above.
    The last exercise demonstrated on most of our packaging is very similar to our first exercise (hand open/hand closed/repeat to comfortable fatigue) except only the TIPS of the thumb & fingers are flexed during the hand closing portion of the exercise rather than the WHOLE thumb & fingers.
    Make sense?
    The last exercise is for distal finger strength such as for climbing/guitar.
    Let me know if we can assist further.

  68. Yes, it makes sense to me but not a lot of sense to folks that I've been promoting your handmaster plus to. Does that make sense? That's why I am hoping you will make a video showing the slight difference between exercise 1 and exercise 3.

  69. Absolutely. In as much as any squeeze type ball can be said to work with stress, Handmaster Plus is used to exercise all 18 muscles of the hand (BOTH the 9 muscles that open AND the 9 muscles that close), so is much more complete. Exercise itself is excellent in offsetting stress, there are many experts that can be referred to easily online. The more complete the exercise the better. Handmaster Plus is the most complete convenient, portable and cost effective hand exerciser.

  70. hi, I'm a guitarist who struggles who has struggled with RSI related problems, partially due to hyper mobile joints and untoned muscle in my arms. I have done a lot of exercises and things have greatly improved for me. However I still had issues with weak fingers, particularly with my thumb and little finger. Is this something that would work for someone like me with my hyper mobile condition?

  71. I've used this product for years for hand, wrist and elbow rehab as well as for general strengthening, and it works as advertised. It is not a cure-all, and it is not the only tool I use. But it's one that I've gone back to again and again. It's definitely worth the money.

  72. Does exercising with the handmaster plus tool help reduce cold hands? I'm struggling with cold hands and feet, also in normal room temperatures, and it hampers me from typing properly or doing small manual things. So annoying. I heard that exercising hand muscles will help increase the blood flow, which makes sense. Anyone has any experience with it?

  73. That's a pretty good thing, I agree. Not sure though – this it? https://www.amazon.com/Treat-Your-Hand-Thumb-Osteoarthritis/dp/1457513838/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

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