Hard Freestyle Hip Hop Beat “Run It” | Hard Polo G Type Beats Hip Hop Instrumental #beats (2019)

2019 Free Hip Hop Instrumentals | Beats For Sale 2019 “Run It” Instrumental Music #instrumentals

21 Replies to “Hard Freestyle Hip Hop Beat “Run It” | Hard Polo G Type Beats Hip Hop Instrumental #beats (2019)”

  1. that Beat is nice!

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  2. kicks & melody too dope💧It hard for sure, subscribed! I ain’t never force comments just to advertise my music like a lot of people here. I just want to get other music producers who I believe have talent to keep making their music. Would appreciate If you have a listen to a project I made recently and let me know what you think of it. Your work is what I want to see more of, keep grinding🤘


  3. I tried lyric writing for the first time let me know how i did, it starts at 0:10 its not a lot tho
    You know at first i thought it was a dream, but nothing in life turns out be free

    Just diggin my hole deeper tryin to leave

    Finally see the hope, then i'm deceived im finding it harder, and harder to believe.

    Life isn't easy, it won't cut you any slack, if you get behind it isn't lookin back

    When I grew up I didn't always think, but now im older, and startin to sink

    Deeper deeper we go, down this twisted rabbit hole and now we're here in this place always solve my problems, face to face

    Life is short but so is time and as you work it decides to fly, year after year, month after month, days go by, in the blink of an eye, gettin closer an closer to the day we die, pain is life and thats no lie

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