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– Hello. I’m Hartford
HealthCare’s Rebecca Stewart. We often say “Connect to healthier.” Why? Because here, you are connecting
to an entire system of care. And that is so much more than
just having an appointment. We want you to understand what it means to be a healthcare system,
and what we have done to transform healthcare here and beyond. Yes, we bring you LIFE STAR in a crisis. Love at first sight? It happens every day in our Birthing Centers. But a system is more than a hospital. More than a doctor’s
office or an appointment. It is a whole network of care. From prevention to the first diagnosis, to treatment, even home care
and everything in between. We are here to keep you healthy. Fitness classes, physical therapy, community education events,
even healthier cooking classes. But if you get sick, we are
here and in so many ways. Urgent care offices all around the state, hospitals in every part of Connecticut, where we are making healthcare
safer each and every day. Specialists for every ailment.
Think of it as one door to the very best care wherever you are. We are the system that brought you the Memorial Sloan
Kettering Cancer Alliance. That’s all part of our institute model, where all of our experts collaborate. You are not just getting
one doctor, your doctor, but you’re getting an
entire team of experts. We have specialized
institutes for Cancer Care, Heart & Vascular, the
Behavioral Health Network, the Ayer Neuroscience
Institute and Orthopedics. Your providers are able
to share information on one medical record that you can access whenever, wherever you need it. You can even send a
message to your doctor. We are home to CESI, the Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation, New England’s largest
medical training facility, a worldwide destination. Inside the Care Logistics Center, all of these people
ensure that every patient gets to the right place at the right time. Think of it as air traffic
control for healthcare. And we have been busy through the years, making sure this is all designed
around you, our patients. Together, we’re able to
recruit the best minds in medicine and bring them to you. It is so important to us that
every community has access to the best care, the best technology. Miracles happen here. We don’t just save
lives, we save families. And we know every moment
matters along the way. Thank you for choosing
Hartford HealthCare. (upbeat music) ♪ Feeling better now ♪ ♪ Feeling smarter now ♪ ♪ Feeling stronger now ♪ ♪ We’re healthier here ♪

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