HCA Neighborhood Health Watch – Robotic surgery in gynecology

(energetic music) – [Announcer] Neighborhood Health Watch is sponsored by the doctors
of HCA Virginia Health System. – [News Anchor] In today’s
Neighborhood Health Watch we’re talking about robotic
surgery in gynecology. And here to tell us more about
it is Dr. Ramzi Aboujaoude. He’s with Johnston-Willis Hospital at Virginia Physicians for Women. Thank you so much for being here. – Thanks for having me. – We know when we talk
about robotics surgery, we’re talking minimally invasive surgery. What does it involve? We’re not talking about some
Star Wars sci-fi surgery here. – Why to be clear, a robotic
surgery is not done by a robot. It’s done by a surgeon, but
the robot is an instrument. It is part of laparoscopic
surgery, but we use this robot to have a better picture, we call it high definition, 3D picture. We are more precise, we have
better view and better access to the area where we operate. And definitely the outcome is better. – What types of gynecological procedures can this be used for? – If we do a regular gynecology or a some specialty gynecology. In regular gynecology,
we can do hysterectomy. We can do, we take the ovaries out. Hysterectomy it means we take the
uterus out through the robot. If we want to do a little
bit sub specialty surgery. What I do, I do uro-gynecology
and we can treat the prolapse, it means when we
have the organs falling down. We can treat them with the robot, too. – Okay. And you talked a little
bit about the advantages. This is a quicker recovery? – All the advantages are clear. First of all, the pain. There is less pain. Recovery is faster. – (wonderful) The patient is ready to go the same day or the second day. (amazing) Even with major surgeries, we send them home the same day sometimes. And the risk of infection or
the complication related to the surgery are a little bit lower. – Is most anyone a good candidate
for this type of surgery? – We’ll take it case by case
and the best way to choose the patient is actually the doctor. Your doctor, will choose
the best procedure for you. If robotics surgery is good,
it doesn’t mean that it is the surgery for every patient. Traditional surgery is always
there and there is always patient who needed traditional surgery. – Now, we should mention
Johnston-Willis has been named a center excellence for robotic surgery. – Thank you. – How often is this being used? – What a center for excellence does, we are the first in the East Coast. – Oh my goodness. – It is a big thing. We are very proud of that. And then hopefully,
other center will follow. – Alright. – Dr. Aboujaoude, we thanks
you so much for being here and sharing your expertise. – Thanks.

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