HCSC Improves Customer Service in Healthcare with Hortonworks

HCSC is a mutual reserve company that provides
health insurance to over 15 million people, operating as five Blue Cross, Blue Shield
entities. Our mission at HCSC is to stand by our
members in sickness and in health and data is essential to the ability to deliver on
that mission. Through streaming data, through low latency
data moving in to a data analytics, and a data
application platform, we have a much more comprehensive and real-time view of what’s
occurring in our business. What kind of challenges is the customer facing
navigating our channels? They maybe have gone
to the website and had difficulties, and now they call the call center. And the visibility and the
understanding to recognize what the challenge was is very essential in delivering good customer
service. A core part of the strategy of developing
and creating a big data fabric with Hadoop is to allow
us to bring in sources which might seemingly have no connection at all to the other data
we have, and to determine if there are correlations. We can profile the data little more easily
at scale. We
can run tests against data in ways that we couldn’t do on traditional platforms. The affordable care act requires us to respond
to governmental inquiries, and we can’t often predict what the nature of those inquiries
are going to be, but with Hadoop we have a very
flexible and dynamic way to answer those questions, and pull the information together, whereas
in the past we were pulling them from disparate systems and having to combine it. The bigger benefits are in the business benefits
derived by being able to have the data faster, being able to reduce development costs, being
able to realize products which go on to the market
quicker, the improvement in how members and providers are able to utilize our system. Whatever idea you have, or whatever new platform
or project you’re looking for, someone in the
open source community’s developing it. And to know that you have a very open source
compatible platform is very reassuring.

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