Healing illness with the subconscious mind | Danna Pycher | TEDxPineCrestSchool

Translator: Queenie Lee
Reviewer: Peter van de Ven What if I told you, you might not be
who you think you are? What if I told you that your
very perception or idea of who you are has been weaved into your mind over time? What if you don’t agree
with what your mind has to tell you? I’ve always had an inquiring mind.
I’ve always questioned everything. I felt the need to get
to the bottom of everything and never took anything at face value. This ever curious personality
would one day save my life. Let me tell you who I am.
Hi, I’m Danna. I’m a hypnotherapist, specializing
in trauma and chronic illness. I also do a lot of public speaking
about the Holocaust because I’m a third generation descendant, about trauma, and my favorite topic to speak about,
the subconscious mind and how it works, because, holy moly, it’s fascinating. I want to take you
on a little journey, today, that will expose the connection
between your mind, who you think you are,
and the potential onset of disease. So if you may, please follow along
as we go through the human experience. From conception until death. OK, so it won’t be that morbid. We, all of us, are born as blank slates. We, all of us,
then, through our experiences, are programmed to have certain beliefs about who we are, what we can achieve in life,
and what type of person we should be. From birth until six, we are essentially living life
in a hypnotic trance. It’s why we learn languages
so quickly at this young age. We are sponges just joyously absorbing
everything around us. At this precious age,
we’ve set up the rest of our lives, that’s right. What we learned from
about the age of zero until six is essentially the patterns or programming
we begin to develop from then and repeat again and again
from adolescence into adulthood. I want to tell you something
that might offend you: people, we are patterns. I also want to relate
something else to you: sometimes our patterns do not serve us. Those patterns are called disease,
depression, obesity, and the list, unfortunately,
goes on and on. OK, let’s rewind for a minute. I want to rewind to a really
serious pattern that I had in the past. I had what’s called
chronic fatigue syndrome, which later turned into fibromyalgia. Both are chronic illnesses
that, to put them lightly, are no fun, and to put them into context
can be seriously debilitating. I was 18 years old, and I would suddenly go
in and out of these intense spurts of not being able to function. I was dead tired to a point where if I couldn’t take a nap
in the moment I needed to, I felt as if my heart would give out. The fact that I was so young,
I knew something was wrong. I went to many doctors, many doctors, who all told me
I was either stressed or depressed. And I looked at them, and I said,
“I’m a freshman in college. Really, what do I have
to be depressed about?” So for years, I did research
into why I felt the way I felt, and I became my own advocate. I began experimenting with diet,
with lifestyle, many different things, just to try to get a handle
on my symptoms. And I started to feel better, and I was able to really
get a handle on my life and to manage life really well. And when I finally
had a big handle on my health, I got severely knocked down again. And when I say knocked down, I mean almost killed
in a near-fatal car accident. T-boned, smashed, left hanging upside down in my car
until the firefighters came to cut me out, not sure if I was paralyzed or dead. Without going into the gory details, I knew that I was in
for a long ride ahead of me. I was handicapped for six months, and I developed what’s called PTSD,
or post-traumatic stress disorder. And on top of that,
I began to feel sick again. In 30 seconds, I wasn’t the same Danna anymore. I developed PTSD, and because I knew that I was one person
and I wasn’t that person anymore, I knew I had to see someone
or do something about it. So I began to see this therapist,
and she was a very nice woman. She would tell me things when you
get to a stop sign, you need to breathe. So I thought to myself, am I really paying you
this much money for that? That I got. So eventually after six months
of minimal improvement, I met a woman who survived cancer, and she said she would not
have survived cancer were it not for this
trauma therapist she went to. So I said, “That’s my woman.” So I went, and the first appointment
with her, this trauma therapist, she looked at me, and she said, “I’m a bit alternative.
I hope that’s okay with you.” And I said, “I’m desperate,
whatever you got.” She said, “I do this thing
called hypnosis.” I said, “There is no way
you’re touching my brain with that stuff.” I was super skeptical, I had no idea what it was, and my only reference was show hypnosis, and hypnotherapy is not show hypnosis. So basically, after about six
or seven sessions of meeting with her, I decided that I liked her. She was smart, forward-thinking,
compassionate, so I thought to myself, “What the heck! What can it hurt?” So I walked into that session, I walked in feeling one way,
I walked out feeling another. I wasn’t exactly sure what she did. I just felt better. Within six weeks, my PTSD was gone. The next month my depression,
the next month my anxiety. This woman saved my life. OK, so that’s all interesting, and I want to tell you something
even more interesting. So I mentioned to you earlier
that I started with chronic fatigue and later developed
what’s called fibromyalgia. I view these two ailments
as sisters, very similar. Yet fibromyalgia
on top of the intense fatigue is a serious muscular pain. Yet what’s the interesting part is, I didn’t develop this pain
until after my accident. So here’s the interesting part. When I was healing my trauma
through hypnosis, the pain in my legs began to dissipate. Bit by bit, little by little, the pain in my body was leaving. I thought to myself,
“Wow, what’s happening here?” So that brings us
to where we’re going today. I want to walk you through the mechanics
of the hypnotic process and how it works, and how the mind and body
and disease and thought are all interconnected. But first, let’s jump into the science
of how minds and bodies interact. So, how exactly are trauma
and disease correlated? I want to mention to you that trauma doesn’t have to be
a near-fatal car accident; it doesn’t have to be
coming back from war. In my mind, the way I view trauma is if you viewed the world one way
and then some situation happened to you and now you view the world
in a different way, that can be a traumatic circumstance. So it doesn’t have to be
this overwhelming experience. Have you ever heard
the phrase “stress kills”? OK. So, I used to hear that phrase
and I used to scoff. Yet now, I see just how valid
that statement is. Physical and psychological stressors
cause inflammation to occur in the body. Inflammation is the keyword
in many diseases. Reducing inflammation
is the key to healing many diseases. Are you with me this far?
OK, beautiful. When events happen in life,
they’re recorded; when stressful events happen,
they are recorded as is. And that creates a certain level
of shock on the mind, which therefore sends distress signals
down the nervous system, which in turn will tell
the endocrine system to increase adrenaline and cortisol, and while those levels are increased,
our immune levels are lowered. The fact that we have
these stress responses initially is not a bad thing, yet the fact that our minds
compound all of these situations over time without ever letting them go. Every situation builds upon each other. So the real reason
we experience stress in reality is for our own good,
for our own safety. If you think of an animal,
for example, a mouse. A mouse sees a cat, gets anxiety,
has stress levels. Why? Because it needs to make
the decision to run away. Yet once the mouse runs away,
once the mouse finds cover, that anxiety is gone. The mouse doesn’t over-analyze
what the cat was thinking, how to feel about it now,
and what to do about it. No, that’s only something humans do. Humans encounter a stressful situation, we instantaneously attach meaning to it,
and then it’s recorded forever. So the initial stress isn’t bad, the continual attachment
to the stress is bad. Follow me so far? Good, OK. So just to reiterate, when we experience stress there’s a recording
in the subconscious mind. And enough of those recordings, over time, will cause havoc and
an overstressed nervous system, which in turn will cause
an overproduction of stress hormones and a suppression of immune function. So, now the golden question:
How do we reverse all of this? So there’s a new study
dedicated to all of this called psychoneuroimmunology. Psychoneuroimmunology, meaning the branch of medicine that deals with the influence
of emotional states and nervous system activity
on immune function, especially in relation to disease. So that’s the textbook definition. In reality, the best way that I have found to take the study off of paper
and into real life, to intervene in the influence
of stress on immunity, I have found is hypnotherapy. How? Let me tell you. So I do this fascinating therapy,
it’s called regression therapy. Essentially what this means is I take my clients to the first time,
the very first, first, first initial time, that a stressful event or events
caused the ailment at hand. For example, let’s say
we’re working with depression. I’ll guide a client
through a visualization, through their subconscious mind, it’s very cool, and then through this visualization, I’ll say something like this:
“We’re going to go to the first time, the very first time you
had emotions around depression.” And so what happens
in the subconscious mind is the subconscious mind then links up
with these specific memories that are tied to that specific ailment. So it goes something like this: A client would describe something that happened
when they were two years old. “I was two, my parents were fighting, I felt very upset, confused,
responsible for my parents, etc.” So then I start asking them
questions like this: “In that moment, how did you
need to feel as a two-year-old?” And then they would respond
something to the effect of: “I needed to feel like a baby,
like a two-year-old, comforted, etc.” So at this point, I would then direct them to feel
as if in that memory, they were filling their body
as the two-year-old with the resources that he or she
needed in that moment. In that moment, there is healing. You cannot change what has happened
to you in the past. Instead, you’re changing
the mind’s perception and the weight of the heavy feelings
that the past memory holds. Then after resolving that memory, we would then proceed through other
memories in a similar fashion. So what exactly is this doing? It is completely allowing
the subconscious mind to cope with things
it never got to cope with in the past. This reduces the recorded stress
that we’ve carried around our whole lives. When the subconscious mind heals,
it allows the nervous system to relax. When the nervous system relaxes,
there are less erratic signals. When there are less erratic signals, the endocrine system does not need to be
in a chronic state of fight or flight, therefore sending out inflammatory
hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. You see all this is all coming together? OK, I know I overloaded you
with a ton of information. So I want to finish up with this. A bit of an experience I had
with a client who came to see me. There’s a woman, she came to see me,
and she came to see me for weight loss, which many people do, many people come
to see hypnotists to lose weight. And I asked her: “What’s the issue? No motivation to get to the gym,
you don’t have a taste for healthy food; what’s going on?” So she said, “No,
I have motivation get to the gym. Yet every time I go,
I get into more pain.” So I asked, “Why are you in pain?” I said, “Oh, am I familiar?” So I said to her,
“Let’s start from the inside out. Instead of working on your
motivation to get to the gym, we should work on your
fibromyalgia pain first.” I asked her: “Where do you feel
most of it right now?” She said in her neck. I said, okay, let’s go for it. We did a regression session
around the pain in her neck. And the memory that came up
was at the time she was 12 years old, her and her brother got into a fight. He pushed her down the stairs and she essentially
got a stiff neck for a few weeks, and then it went away. Ten years later, it came back, and she told me that for 20 years
she couldn’t move her neck. We resolved that trauma – the trauma surrounding
that memory and a few others. When we finished,
she came up out of hypnosis, and she went like this. For the first time in 20 years,
she moved her neck. My mouth dropped and so did hers. We carry our lives with us
not only in our minds yet all over our body. Our bodies and minds
are intrinsically connected. There’s so much more detail
I can go through on this topic, yet really, this is the takeaway
I want to give to you today: The mind and body are resilient and have the innate ability
to heal themselves. Yet sometimes they just
need a bit of guidance. My wish for you is to be informed and to know that there are
resources out there to help you feel like the best you. I was told, time and time again,
that I would be sick or have PTSD forever. I was told by many doctors that I’d have to be
on high-level antidepressants, that there was no hope for me – this was the pathway of my life. Yet, in reality, I knew, and I was determined
with every ounce of my being to get back to who I knew I was: that girl that existed
somewhere deep down inside me. And now, I speak about chronic illness
and PTSD in the past, behind me, no longer part of me. If there’s someone you know
who doesn’t feel good, please tell them that there is hope. If you can heal your mind,
you can heal your life. So here’s to you,
your healthy mind and body, and here’s to never give up
the fight for your vitality. Thank you very much. (Applause)

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  1. So my friend who sustained a severe spinal cord injury could've healed it with their mind? My brain, throat & nerves that were damaged are still not healed though I try every day to improve I will always have these injuries. I agree that mind & body are obviously connected but there are so many cases where mind cannot fix matter (The body). Yes, I know stress kills: I'm living in almost constant stress (including in my nightmares) because I lost my job (& health( because of my accident and was prevented from accessing justice so I lost my home too. Governments know stress kills but they choose to force ill & disabled & old etc. people to try to argue and fight to receive 'welfare' which, governments know, isn't enough to live on. I've got many threats hanging over my head all the time, not least is homelessness. This woman is very arrogant because she has managed (I assume with help from doctors/hospital after her accident, which I didn't get because mine was CAUSED by doctors' errors then lies & denial of remedial care) to cure herself – with help from hypnotists & therapists. I live the best I can with all my injuries but my pain is made far worse because of the place I live and having no help e.g. for the garden – that I can't use but must maintain in my over-priced dangerous rented flat. I know some of my pain is psychological but some of it isn't and I do my very best to try to cope day & night – and I'm proud, but people like her saying 'it's all in the mind' really damages people like me because she's saying 'you aren't trying hard enough' and 'it's YOUR fault' or blaming memories from age TWO – I don't think kids that young carry memories, they are 'false' memories created later, I think. I'm glad this woman recovered but PLEASE: do talk about things (injuries etc.) that CANNOT be fixed by mind alone – I assume she goes to the doctor sometimes for ailments she can't fix herself – or is there no need because her powerful mind can 'see' if she has cervical cancer so no test required and if she developed it she could cure it with her mind? Same for reading glasses, she maybe isn't old enough yet but will she manage to prevent sight deterioration caused by age with only her mind? I'm not against hypnotism & therapists it's just that there is a limit to what they can (reportedly) do. Oh and did she get a big payout from insurers for her accident so she didn''t have to lose her job & suffer extreme financial stress as lots of us (including the low-paid/unemployed but fit) do?

  2. Nice, coming from a therapist who just discovered what has been practiced by Shamans, Curanderos , from Mexico to S.America for 1000s of years. 🤔

  3. I also used sound wave for treatment of many patients of various illness that cannot be detacted by medical doctors. I have been in this field since 2006. What kind of sound waves I used? I dont reveal it here. But I can only say, I am in this complementry healing for more than 10 years. This is not an alternative treatment rather but a complementry to the modern scientific treatment. I am the Chairman of Sabah healing and Therapy team.

  4. Due to drugs I been having this stomach discomfort pain for over 3 years now! I’ve gotten better, touched rock bottom and been really strong. I give up sometimes, but I believe I can be cured and be who I’m supposed to be. Is there any recommendations?

  5. Christ has proven that any illness can be healed instantly !!! this event must be understood by scientific community !!! it is highly revealing of real operating laws of the mind !!! that are known by some rare knowers .MAN must study and do the spiritual work of knowing Oneself !!! then he will be inspired to the truth…..and know !!!! there is no easy access to truth we must be willing to work for it to automatically deserve it and forget our EGO . devotion and consecration to truth is first needed !!! there can be no cheating !! serious involvement is needed in the spiritual world !!! .

  6. My heart is racing, i had neck truama from when i was young where i was on a trampoline and landed on my neck then it was in pain for years and stiff.

    Fast foward one day the pain stopped and growing little older to late teens i did something to trigger it just from sleeping odd in bed and it is said it the stiffness from that would go after few weeks to a month. but it's been a year and i had been research so much about the consciousness and a thousand other topics that could connect with the topics of eachother, including being 'Woke' (You guys know what i mean. 😉

    Also i shall add i did take lsd 2 months ago and i believe it could had affect

    I've recently learnt how to use my subconsciousness (my life is insanly changed and improved in a matter of days)

    I just tried the method to focus about my neck and bam after 5 seconds no pain and can move it free.
    Just incredible!

  7. Excellent. I believe this . I talk myself through my trauma with my parent voice . I am my own parent. I have had to be in order to grow . I don’t have to be a product of my life’s experience, a product that is stereotypical through society. I can be who and how I want to be . It’s taken years of work but it’s worth it . It’s ongoing and I will live life now and Not just “ get through it “ . I believe our minds are so powerful and I’m using it to talk kindly and with a nurturing tone to myself . It works . Great video thank you

  8. An entire talk premised entirely on anecdotes without one shred of scientific evidence. I believe in the power of positive thought, but I also know snake oil when I see it. TedX really missed the bar, letting this lady on stage.

  9. The spunge function is only little part of us 0.0001%. The main parte is unconscious memory alredy present, and we can call it the Soul ….

  10. Thank you Danna Pycher. I believe you. I have never looked into your field for healing. I will now. Makes sense.

  11. If you don't believe that your mind affects your physiology, remember when you are scare or anxious. In my case , I feel nauseus , my belly hurts and I sweat. I believe that we are capable of self-healing

  12. I too have been suffering tremendously with fibromyalgia and other stress/
    anxiety issues. I am desperately in need of help. Thanks so much for this information! I am encouraged.

  13. I see a hypnotherapist once every quarter or so. I spend time on a specific topic, like the OODA Loop, or Gratitude, or being "like water," as Bruce Lee encouraged us to be. This past month she programed me to have good vibrations. I like to think of it as being programmed. I trust her enough to let her take the direction she needs to go to completely download the new "program" I prepared for. The more trust, the more effective the session. Each of mine has been awesome. I can call up the feeling or the attribute anytime I wish, long after the session has past.

  14. Great talk thank you so much – its something everybody should know and its a bit as my own life story with the only difference that I I found the same mind-body connection from working with awareness and curiosity of the felt sense of movements of all kinds and moving into the experience that the body is like a vibrational music that can create or mirror certain experiential states – and that when changed it changes the thoughts and feelings and therefore my experience was more like
    – Its not just weaved into the mind its weaved into every cell of our body – change the way you think and you will change your body – and change the rhythms of your body and it immefiately changes your thoughts and feelings and emotions and relations with everything- body-mind-world are intimately intervommected

  15. How does a 2 year old remember that the parents were fighting and that is what stressed them out? I am sorry but NOBODY remembers specific cause and effect relationships at that age.

  16. I've been dealing with CFS for 2 years now. I was a really happy kid and even hyperactive kid at times, but now there are times i cant get out of the bed.
    When she said "i was deteremined to get back to the girl i meant to be" it made my eyes tear. Cause ive felt for so long how i know im not myself and i got sad every second of being this incapable man who just cant enjoy life at all. But thanks to her ill keep trying. Thanks for motivating me

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