Health Benefits of Ashoka (Saraca Asoca) | Herbal Tonic for Female Reproductive System Diseases

Good morning doctor! Good morning! I would like to tell my viewers, that today we have Dr. Madan Gulati with us, who is a renowned Vaidya of India. He is practicing in Sector 11 in Chandigarh. He has been retired as Deputy Director from Ayush department- one of the best and main Ayurvedic department within Government of India. He is having 35 years of Clinical experience. If you want to meet him, just Google Vaidya Madan Gulati and you can definitely meet him. I welcome you, doctor. We want you to tell us, as I am seeing a very good plant behind you, which plant is it and all? Today we were having a walk in fragrance garden at sector 36 of Chandigarh. I saw Ashoka tree and was very happy to see the actual Ashoka tree in the garden, which was like a story in our mythology about the battle of Ravana. As Ravana was a great Vaidya, so when he was coming after kidnapping mother Sita, then suddenly his hand went over her pulse and so there comes a mythology that, why did he kept her in Ashok Vatika, which is a very important question. Yeah! Ashok Vatika is very famous. Yes. When he bought her in Lanka. As he was a Vaidya, so he thought that both Ram Chander and Sita ji had been together for 14 years but still she is not in pregnancy phase. There could be some gynae problem like Dysmenorrhea or menorrhea, or anything, of infertility, or she must be suffering from depression, so he thought of keeping her in such a place with anti-depression and gynae plant which was best for her. So he kept her in Vatika and also if she had water of its leaves would be very beneficial for her. So we are here in Ashok Vatika in 36 sec, the plant you seeing are all Ashoka plants. These all are Ashoka tree. These Ashoka are called as Sarca indica. Sarca indica. It is called Sarca indica as well as Sarca asoka. It belongs to leguminous family. This is the real Ashok, but there are some duplicate Ashoka also which are very long trees called as Polyalthia zombipholia. We have seen at certain places those long trees. Those long trees are not real one. In Chandigarh that is mostly grown. But here, I have seen them practically and I have also seen a similar plant in Rose garden of sector 16 but in fragrance garden, it’s been a full vatika. I am so happy to see this plant. Yeah! There are so many plants. This is a full garden. These plants here are miracle plants and wonderful for females health problems. For what all disease in females, it can be used? It’s a wonderful plant for infertility cases and also wonderful for Dysmenorrhea, where one suffer from painful periods, which is called as Kashtartava. In case of heavy bleeding like in dysfunctional uterine bleeding, problem of abnormal uterine bleeding (Rakta Pradar) or just problem of Pradara like Leucorrhea in all theses it works amazingly effective. Name Ashoka itself indicate that is an anti-depressant also. Which eliminate the depression. Yeah that eradicates depression, as shok is depression. This plant relieves panic attacks which are often seen in ladies and development of hysterical personalities, it has miracle use in these. So this plant can be given to female right from menarche to menopause. During pregnancy, if there is problem in getting pregnant or irregularity in periods for them also. Sometimes there is painful condition before mensuration starts. It is also very good for painful periods and Dysmenorrhea. Different medicines prepared from it are also used in case of cramps. Doctor how these are used for such problems. Basically its bark is used. Decoction (Kwath) is prepared from its bark and even churana can be prepared, by drying the bark, is given with different combinations, like Ashoka is mixed with Shatavari, sometimes mixed with Brahmi in different conditions. It possesses multiple uses. In Ayurveda it has so many classical formulations (yog). One of the most common formulations is Ashokarishta, like our Pradrantak Churna, Ashoka is used. Our Female Health Support which is a wonderful medicine, it also provides very good results in this. Therefore whenever to use it for female health problems, you can see these legumes of this tree, which are identification for this plant, its leaves called as tamra, tamra parni. Means how people can identify them? Its new leaves look like tamra. Like copper Flowers are like embers. Like in Ramayan we have read, mother Sita was saying embers are falling over me and why these ember are not able to treat my depression. It was such like that of suicidal condition, then Hanuman ji threw the ring over her. Ok, the ring which Ram ji gave him. He threw the ring to her in such a situation. People who have read Ramayana must be knowing, therefore this has amazing value in mythology and also in Ayurveda as medicine it is a wonderful plant for different Gynecological problems. Its yog as I told you like Ashorishta, Female Health Support and Prdrantak Churna, other combinations, so after observing different position and different conditions like in Depression we give along with jatamansi, Brahmi, jyotishmati etc. So we use it in in different conditions with different ways. Ok Doctor. Feeling so good that you provided us with much knowledge about this plant. Hope it will benefit a lot to people. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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  1. sb jagah without flowers ke hi Ashoka tree Dekha h hamare pas bhi wahi h pls Ashoka with flowers plant Kahan milega pls if in Delhi

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