Health Care And Immigration Dominate 2nd Democratic Debate | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Should we offer medicine to an undocumented immigrant in our custody when they are sick? Of course we should!!! These arguments are getting silly. Trump has twisted the soul of this nation.

  2. President Trump just needs to focus on the great economy, low taxes and regulations, Venezuela, anti-abortion, deporting illegal aliens instead of giving them free healthcare, pro capital punishment, anti prisoner and convict voting rights, anti- reparations, religious freedom, first and second amendment…. if he does this then he has the election in the bag

  3. Why won't the media mention the beatings by police to protesters across Europe? Because they are anti-globalism.

  4. The times they are changing and the moderates are not wanted. Trump crept up on us because every time the Dems give the Repubs an inch they take a yard.

  5. Ryan is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He should go over to the Republicans and just admit that he wants to support expensive and unsupportable healthcare that puts big money into the corporatists' pockets and fails to deliver healthcare to the vast majority of America. Ryan drop out and save those few people who are pumping money into your campaign to keep the status quo. I totally agree that Hickenlooper, Beto, and Bullock should run for the Senate seats. They will be far more effective in those key positions.

  6. Over here in civilisation – UK, we have universal health care it costs $4200 per capita, compared to $10,000 in USA. It's more moral, rosources are pooled, no insurance clauses, priority given to the greatest need. Less than 0.4% goes to health tourism

  7. I'm from Canada 🇨🇦 & single payer is the way to go. Your system is so corrupt I'm not sure if that will ever happen. Warren & Sanders are your best shot to make it happen.

  8. IS TRUMP A FULL MOON LUNITIC & Henchman Stevin Miller:

  9. Why does the size of your employer determine the quality of your healthcare? The big corporations want to marginalize the competition…THAT'S WHY!!

  10. The best part about all this is watching dems squirm. Seeing the deep state and media scrambling. D.C. in PANIC

  11. You get health insurance from your employer- – – UNTIL YOU GET FIRED from your job?
    What else can CORPORATE MEDIA DO except bash Sanders & Warren!!
    WAIT till you hear how they praise the "zero sum" MUMBLING from Biden , he will do their bidding 24/7…

  12. The candidates are picking to pursue things that poll better the farther left you go. I wonder if someone should tell them moderates, conservatives, and swing voters are unimpressed.

  13. If employers did not cover the cost of your health insurance then they would have to offer other ways to incentivize you to work for them. Like, oooh…I don't know…PAY YOU MORE!! #wakeupamerica

  14. Republicans NEVER compromise or moderate, they just push through trickle down voodoo economic tax cuts, blocks to gun safety, etc.

    Sorry, Corporatist schills, the gig is up. You've gotten lazy in how easy its been to steal wealth from the American people. Those days are done, stop crying about it.


  16. I live in a red state where just over one third of the jobs offer health insurance, nationally it's about one half. That's with low unemployment. Adding a plan is necessary since health is a for profit industry.

  17. Democrats loved when Obama depleted our military and got rid of 500 of our greatest military leaders. Traitor

  18. Dems want to go back to closing down manufacturing companies, sending millions of jobs overseas. deleting Top Secret emails, bailing out rich bankers with taxpayers money, fake news, rigged elections, open borders, high unemployment, massive corruption, NWOrder globalists agenda, Russian Hoax, depleted military.

  19. In Canada we do have private health insurance. National healthcare is run through a thing called the Canada Health Transfer that delegates money to the provinces to support healthcare. The money is taken from federal tax dollars to relieve the burden on the provinces. Even with this healthcare costs rack up to roughly 35% of the provincial budgets.

    What my American friends don't understand is that while many parts of healthcare are free, it isn't universal. Private insurance is required for dental, ambulances and prescription drugs. Line ups are long and a serious surgery can take months in waiting. Medical innovations are stifled because of the tight resources in the healthcare system.

    The difference is that Canada, we believe that these risks are worth the reward. As a consequence of people having immediate access to care and routine checkups, the price of prescription drugs has dramatically fallen with private insurance. When I bought my ear spray for an infection, cost with insurance was $70. Still a lot, however that price was 10% of the market value.

    I hope this brings clarity to the healthcare debate in the US.

  20. Republicans can do the most extraordinary (are horrifying) things when they want to but these centrist Dems seem to think they can't do the same when in power? DO WHAT THE REPUBLICANS DO!

  21. We already have socialist medicine in this country. It's called Medicare and the VA Administration. Let's see… how's that working out? Bloated, horribly expensive bureaucracies with poor services and poor choices. Other countries have it, but only the super rich can afford to come here and pay cash for the best medical products and services on earth. BTW, MSNBC=PRAVDA

  22. Why should it matter then if it brings out the base? I mean if none of it is going to happened and it brings out the base, shouldn't moderates want that?

  23. Lots of salty cranky people here not understanding that with 20 candidates everybody gets to share their opinion of how to get to universal healthcare. How that’s MSNBC pushing an agenda only makes sense if giving everyone a voice is objectionable to you.

    Highlighting the contrast gives voters the opportunity to choose. Everybody gets to make their case.

  24. It is true that Medicare payment rates are currently for a specific demographic and are often actually lower than the cost of providing care for patients. Similarly Medicaid payments are generally lower than the cost of treatment. Hospitals make up for that largely by relying on private insurance payments. Medicare-for-all could become an absolute nightmare without taking these things into consideration. If Medicare-for-all reduced overhead costs for doctors and hospitals in some way than that could help, but dealing with payment rates is a really complicated thing. Probably there would be many doctors that wouldn't accept the payment rates which would mean more out of pocket expense for individuals, which sort of defeats the purpose..

  25. These people at the border who walk hundreds of miles mean business and deserve asylum. No, they are not terrorists! LET THEM SO THEY CAN CONTRIBUTE TO AMERICAN SOCIETY!!!! Quit hating on Bernie when he is right in what he is saying!!!!!!!!!!

  26. The democrats are so far left that even the moderates are still not in touch with what their base is telling them. The seam to be only catering to the radical parts of the party. If they continue down this path they will hand the white house to Trump for four more years.

  27. Trying to get my family out the street any donation we’ll be extremely deeply appreciated🙏🏽💯

  28. The DNC has already chosen it's candidate, just like in 2016. We'll just have to wait for the unveiling to happen at a later date. Meanwhile, enjoy the show🙄

  29. All democrat lunatics especially yelling angry looking Sanders & nervouse looking sounding basket case Warren they all are big joke…America has been doing great again ever since Trump has been in office..*TRUMP2020*

  30. So with the dims, NO ONE will have jobs, but EVERYBODY will have free health care? . . Yep! I think I'll be voting for Trump!!

  31. I don't understand why they don't broadcast a live debate. Probably so they can bleep out the stupid stuff. Oh, but it's all stupid!

  32. Huh. Where’s global warming? The border, Medicare, etc is good and all, but global warming WILL affect us all, so can we stop fighting over now, and focus on how can we prepare for later

  33. How dare you talk about ending the filth of man's control over healthcare.
    You know that the poor 1% soulless Gentiles need more money.

  34. Clown circus 101. What a joke these idiots actually think the American public believes what they have to say.

  35. This sounds like the Democrats are having a behind closed doors on how it is possible they win… they can not agree on anything.

  36. Look at all the tears from kids living off their parents lol Looks like they will need to get jobs by 2020 No free money for you kids What if we deport illegals and make our shiftless youth take those jobs?

  37. Hey can anyone post links to msnbc's corporate ties that might shed light on their biases when covering these candidates?

  38. Stephanie, you lost me after you coyly asked what would be the big deal if Donald Trump's taxes were not revealed. You said, what do we need to embarrass him some more? that was the last day of your show for me.

  39. 😮 30 years ago Americans would of had to pay good money for this comedy act,but it PROGRESSIVELY turned into reality 😢

  40. It has become clear that the Democratic Party is the heart of the evil,that tries to destroy America. They are racists and evil to their core and need to be stopped at all costs. Dump them on the history trash pile along with the Nazi party.

  41. Open Letter

    Democratic Platform

    The Democratic Party will begin by defining the most fundamental concept known to this citizenry. We will define three words “We the People” from this date forward is shall mean whomever is within the boundaries and jurisdictions of these United States and wishes to remain shall be granted citizenship.

    The Democratic Party shall have three stratus, Federal focusing on infrastructure and International Affairs, State infrastructure and promoting corporate structures (States acting as true non profits returning gains back to people), Local promoting and protecting corporate structures. All public building shall be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so the public can seek assistance or shelter.

    The Democratic Party understands that we have the infrastructure and the systems to cultivate any number of individuals into productive citizens. Our hopes for the future is that some of these who migrate will staying while others get dispersed with the intellectual seeds of our culture. Simultaneously we will have a foreign policy that encourages trade relations that accomplishes two things immediately. The first and most obvious is that trade see no barrier. The second and less obvious is to allow the financial flow to be such that we elevate all societies that come into a trade relationship with these United States to the highest standard known to us.

    The Democratic Party will do this, not by creating a new legal scheme, but to use legislation that is already in place. This Democratic Party will use the Commerce Clause as the main construction tool to construct new paths to economic success. As a check we will use the first amendment to encourage discourse in case problems should arise.

    The Democratic Party has identified the legislation that will be our core piece of legislation; we now introduce a corporate structure that is “the most favored trust.” This entity will have a birth date, specific purpose, management team, the ability to raise capital in any market, no tax liabilities (except for sales tax for the given state and local municipality), and a definite well-defined lifespan of 75 years, the management team shall be charged with the duties of managing the entity one year at a time, dispersing monthly dividends minus the following year expected costs. This management team will not engage in any investment or other enterprise this will be the sole domain of the investor.

    The Democratic Party will no longer argue at what rate the top 10 or the top 1% is taxed. To this sector of our society the United States every year will adjust the tax rate according to national need. We come to a conclusion on this matter, this argument detracts from our focus to better society.

    The Democratic Party will view the educational and medical institutions as support institutions that will be well-defined and well-funded. On the educational topic we are well developed as a society to define what is important in order to put forth a program that will prepare any citizen for any of the well-defined industry or professional field they wish to follow. Specifically, medical professionals coming out of our educational system by nature of the structured environment will provide a set of services at a very well-defined set cost. In this industry the Democratic Party will separate what is operational and well-established from medical research.

    The Democratic Party will also promote environmental well-being by putting material development, material engineering with environmental vigilance. While promoting the development of materials for the use of our societal needs we will also use these materials to understand how they impact our environment upon reentry. These findings and these research endeavors will start here in the United States but will be dispersed throughout the world for the benefit of humankind.

    The Democratic Party will promote compact cities with definable permanent boundaries drawing from the New Urbanist view.

    The Democratic Party understands that personal and business relationships is bound by contract, in other words no contract no enforceable relationship.

    The Democratic Party will stop at the second amendment and come to an understanding that, while in the past the party has advocated for gun control, which is met with resistance. We will now advocate for gun education for everyone. This education shall be commenced at the high school level the actual program will be left for the local communities.

  42. Open Letter

    The Wall

    Since, I live in Texas I have to make this statement directly to those that are conducting a build the wall campaign. This migrant stream was created and sustained by American business special interest. To this day, it is Hispanic labor that you see most visible in the trades, hospitality and general workforce. I asked this to those that hold what I would consider a hateful point of view.

    I asked this question specifically to the Texas state politicians, “where have you been during the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, to present-day 2019, Hispanic labor has worked hard to build up the state of Texas and they been doing it out in the open, so why the hypocrisy now?” Just in case there are readers from other states, immigration has been occurring for such a long time and has been developed by American business interest I will add just a few states and their estimated migrant community: California (2,350,000), Texas (1,650,000), Florida (850,000), New York (775,000), New Jersey (500,000), Illinois (450,000), Georgia (375,000), North Carolina (350,000), Arizona (325,000), Virginia (300,000), Maryland (250,000).

    In doing a brief survey of wages of Central America which includes Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. While we have the build the wall movement becoming vocal I have not seen anyone from this political point of view addressing the “why” they are coming. When offered a suggestion that we speed up the registration process at the border the reaction is to discourage the process suggested. But more importantly no one addresses the Central American wage scheme.

    I will try to keep the wage descriptions consistent over this discussion and convert the wages to dollars:

    • In Costa Rica I found that for a general employee the wage is about $11.15 a day,

    • In the Dominican Republic wages are reported on a monthly basis which range from general employees $134 up to $221,

    • In El Salvador the agricultural workers get paid $2 a day,

    • In Guatemala you see wages from $2.81 to $3.73 a day.

    I will restate that the wall is immoral because in my view this nation is parasitic in nature extracting raw material and knowingly allowing the wages of the general workforce to be depressed. And I have stated in the past that the more intrepid Central Americans are heroes and they will walk thousands of miles to better themselves economically. All the while, the United States punishes people with spirit, by conducting a “build a wall” campaign. Thank you for reading.

  43. You will loses, opening the borders will ruin our country. You can’t bring South America to the United States. That’s why dems will loses
    There will no longer be a middle class because we will not be able to pay for it all. Thanks Government.


  45. Trump now has the Centrist, Conservative, and Nationalist vote. Democrats only have Progressive and Liberal. Bidden doesn't represent the pink haired Nihilists so they won't even vote for him.

  46. These people are running for president? Where are all the American flags? Cricket, cricket… democrats are not American patriots, they hate this country. #walkaway

  47. Poor immigrants take up welfare, low skill jobs, spread disease/drug use, and cause crime. Higher intelligent immigrants take university spots, higher skilled jobs, and buy up real estate. In essence steal opportunities, market share and social capital from our people. In short both groups are bad and contribute to the demographic replacement of the west and essentially white genocide.

  48. MSNBC, and the Democrats hate America, and Americans hate them right back. Raise your hand if you're a brainless twits.

  49. How many people have been deported under Obama?

    President Barack Obama has often been referred to by immigration groups as the "Deporter in Chief."

    Between 2009 and 2015 his administration has removed more than 2.5 million people through immigration orders, which doesn’t include the number of people who "self-deported" or were turned away and/or returned to their home country at the border by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

    How does he compare to other presidents?

    According to governmental data, the Obama administration has deported more people than any other president's administration in history.

    In fact, they have deported more than the sum of all the presidents of the 20th century.

    President George W. Bush's administration deported just over two million during his time in office; and Obama’s numbers don’t reflect his last year in office, for which data is not yet available.

    YO QUISIERA SABER POR QUE NADIE LLAMA OBAMA RACISTA >> I just like to know why no one call Obama racis ? And I know the answer > you are too afraid to call a black man for what he is. >>>>>>>>>> AMERICA FIRTS <<<<<<<<<<<

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