Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants

– The United States has
one of the highest rates of uninsured people in the
world, among developed countries. The push over the prior
presidential administration was to increase coverage for
individuals as much as possible through an expansion of Medicaid, but there was a group of
11 million individuals that was excluded, and that
was undocumented immigrants. In the current political environment, there is kind of a attitude of retracting on the idea of expanding Medicaid, but there are institutions
that are delivering care for people one way or another, with insurance or without insurance, and the reality is that because
we provide care to anyone who stands in need of a health emergency, we all pay for healthcare sooner or later. One of the paradoxes that we’re
seeing playing out right now is that for individual coverage,
there is great resistance, but when you look at healthcare systems that are providing care to real people, not necessarily covering them,
but providing those services, there is an opportunity to reach people that you couldn’t reach before. One of the great examples
that I like to point to is the people who need dialysis. If you are undocumented
in the United States, you are not entitled to receive dialysis, but without dialysis, kidney failure becomes
an emergent condition, and you will eventually get treated. That emergent care comes with a high price that’s almost four times
higher than the cost of delivering regular dialysis. Many states with their own funds will provide dialysis to
undocumented immigrants, and that equals better health
for undocumented immigrants and it equals cash savings for taxpayers, and opportunities like that
abound in the healthcare system, and understanding that when
we provide access to care for undocumented immigrants, it’s not necessarily going to
be a cost burden every time. In some ways, it may be beneficial to us in both indirect ways,
and even in direct ways.

35 Replies to “Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants”

  1. Increasing Medicaid to undocumented immigrants will b to the reason more illegals will come… To get more free stuff and eventually saying it as a right rather than a blessing. We should b trying to get rid of Medicaid… Not expanding it….

  2. i work in healthcare. These undocumented people have better free insurance from the state. I work 2 jobs but I still pay a lot on co-pays and deductibles.

  3. There are 15 rural hospitals in Texas that went bankrupt. 7 big hospitals are in the Red cause of illegal migrants. The 11 million undocumented IllegAls are the ones that are depleting tax payer monies for free medical. Texas has 62% IllegAls that come from Mexico. Texas needs to change their laws ASAP. or. They will become bankrupt like california.

  4. The United States are spending money on people who shouldn't be in this country anyway, so 10 Trillion have been arguably past on to hard working taxpayers. Democrats and Republicans have lost their credibility with most Americans..

  5. Wow. How about giving full time students who work and go to university getting free health care? If un-American citizens get the luxury, then how about hard working and hard studying Americans? A 5 bedroom house can only sleep people who will fit in the 5 bedroom house. It’s called overcrowding.

  6. The thing that really burns me up is the fact that our veterans don't have access to this kind of healthcare. Something is really wrong here. You are saying that it doesn't cost anything. Do you think that Americans are stupid? That's why we voted for Donald Trump. Because you guys are full of mumbo jumbo and think that we can't see the truth.

  7. Let me get this straight: illegal aliens deserve free health care because…… they are more human than I am? Fuck you asshole.

  8. Trump is the only be politician with intergity to try and tackle this issue. He works to try and protect. God bless a good man


  10. 9-11 first responders can go fuck themselves right? Democrats are evil. This is Our tax money!

  11. Fact Check: U.S. Taxpayers Pay $18.5B a Year for Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

  12. So you want to spend 10 of billions for fuck tards that illegal crossing the border ? And yet cant take care of old people in usa ? Fuck off !

  13. To some extent, this guy has a point. For conditions like chronic renal disease, it is cheaper to just pay for an illegal immigrant's dialysis than it is to pay for their constant ER visits. However, we're still paying for health care for illegal immigrants, which is unfair to all American citizens.

    Why not just institute a policy that hospitals are required to report any undocumented patients who come to their ER so that they can be investigated and deported if they're here illegally? This way, we're not denying illegal immigrants emergency care, and at the same time we have an easy way to identify illegal immigrants.

  14. im not an economist so can some1 explain to me how the fuck @ 1:47 is it cash saving for US citizen when we offer free healthcare to illegal immigrants?

  15. They just got approved for 4.5 billion in their detention shelter we can't even get that for our schools I'm going to stop working soon !!!

  16. If America didn't have many immigrants in power this would never happen let California become a third world country all they want !! Fuck it let em be their own country!!

  17. Does everyone know it costs $12,000 for a doctor to use the operating room in a hospital? And that’s just to use the room for a few hours. Our insurance providers haggle the hospital down on price to $8,000. Then we pay $800 as the sick person, or 10%, if we have good insurance. Try asking the doctor for a price list before your operation. There isn’t one. Hospitals charge you MORE TO COVER FREE HEALTHCARE FOR OTHERS.

    Now they want to take more from your wallet too. The crooked politicians are happy to provide this to their hospital board of director donors!

  18. I work 2 jobs and cant afford healthcare and these people get it for no reason other than they crossed illegally into our country.

  19. There are American citizens with NO insurance yet you want to provide healthcare for those who snuck into the country? What about the homeless? What about the already uninsured?

  20. I make $15 an hour. On top of all my other living expenses like house payment, car insurance, utilities, Electric and Gas I have to pay $350 out of my own pocket for insurance that has a $7,000 deductible. But I'm the privileged white guy.

  21. First off, I'm not an american….may never be. The way I see it, the dems seem to care more about the well being of illegal migrants much more than the citizens who elected them. I am of the view that a government's first duty is to it's citizenry…not that i am against migration or the rights or migrants. I also hold the view that people who want to migrate or claim asylum must play by the established rule and not come in by the back door. you can't come in through the fence, and if you find work you can't pay into the system…. demand all sorts of rights, demand access to free education, free healthcare….free everything! on the backs of the US taxpayer.. it's not fair…never will be…do it the right way!

  22. America, is not able to financially pay the bills for the rest of the world should they all decide to seek free health care and we don't do it for out own so how in hell does a supposedly intelligent idiot with years of higher education conclude we pay for immigrants, especially illegal immigrants. Your logic is such that if your kids are not eating you pay to feed someone in Mexico or India? Your homeless but immigrants are coming in getting assistance? To hell with taking care of our own before we attempt to fix anything else because we got it right, listen to us. Yeah, that makes sense if your a sellout.

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