Health Care: How To Make A Jacked Up American Quilt | October 4, 2017 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

[APPLAUSE] Welcome back to the show. While GOP leaders
were desperately trying to take health
care away from adults, they forgot to not
take it away from kids. Funding for the Children’s
Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP expired
today after Congress failed to come up with
the necessary $15 billion. I swear to god we do
good things sometimes, I just can’t remember
what they are right now. [LAUGHTER] We just let children’s
insurance expire as carelessly as my
staff let their leftovers in the office fridge expire. Eric. No other developed nation
would tolerate this kind of health care roulette. I mean would they? Amy, I don’t know,
you’re British. Can I possibly persuade you to
talk about your national health service?
AMY: My pleasure. [APPLAUSE] After World War
II, the UK instituted universal health coverage. Since then, all medical
services have been provided for free by chipper midwives
on bicycles who deliver preventative care, babies,
and sometimes thalidomide, But they were really
sorry about that. [LAUGHTER] Canada has universal
coverage too. [APPLAUSE] I had all my babies for free. And now I smuggle cheap
Canadian prescription drugs down to New York. [LAUGHTER] In my butt. [LAUGHTER] Thank you guys. Great research. The point is, health care
in other developed nations is like a duvet. Comforting and user friendly,
yet somehow off-puttingly socialist. Well, American health care
is more like a vibrant quilt, hand-stitched by a drunk
pioneer woman with one eye and a cabin full of possums. [SQUEAKING] Sorry kids, Lu Lu
Belle got your CHIP. Now how did we get here? Like all of tonight’s stories,
it begins 100 years ago. Prior to World War I,
medicine was basically shit. So politicians didn’t have
to make lofty promises. If you like your medically
unlicensed barber who applies leeches to your
genitals, you can keep your medically
unlicensed barber who applies leeches to your genitals. [CLAPPING] I buy my pussy
leeches on Goop. [LAUGHTER] [CLAPPING] By the 1930s, medicine
was worth spending money on and nobody had any. FDR wanted a state-run
health care system, but the American
Medical Association called the idea Soviet, which
at the time was an insult. Unable to stand up to
them because, you know, FDR abandoned his
plan like it was a boat full of Jewish refugees. So why is American
health insurance all tied up with employment? Because during World
War II, factory owners were so desperate
to attract workers, they started offering health
insurance as an enticement. Kind of like when a
guy puts a picture of a cute dog on his Tinder
profile, which totally works. Keep doing it. So while our bravest
were fighting Hitler, our almost as brave faced the
first mandatory company-wide open enrollment seminars. [MUSIC PLAYING] My dear Helena, this
seminar seems to never end. [LAUGHTER] And now, hours in I am
weak, tired, and no closer to understanding the difference
between the elite plan and the elite plus plan. [LAUGHTER] Confusion and anger are
setting in among my colleagues and there seems to
be no end in sight. To the insurance
company fellows, irksome, inexplicable
cheerfulness. I console myself
that I will soon be seeing you, as I now
have a brochure about the new optical plans in hand. But employer health insurance
left out a lot of people, like the no longer employed. So President Truman
had an amazing idea. [APPLAUSE] And it might have
passed if only Truman hadn’t made one rookie mistake. Truman advocated
national health insurance not only for white Americans,
but for black Americans also. I knew it. This is why America can’t have
nice things, because racists. “Hey Bobby, you want free
shots for your diabetes?” “Does mean Negroes can
go to the hospital?” “Yes, it does.” “Then no, thank you. I’d rather lose my foot. State’s rights.” Dumbass Dixiecrat motherfuckers. [APPLAUSE] When JFK suggested we
might want to copy European healthcare, Ronald
Reagan recorded an anti-Medicaid LP
that had all the kids bopping at the malt shop. MAN: One of the
traditional methods of imposing statism or
socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. Don’t be a square, daddy-o. Reject communist infiltration. Wow. Dancing really does
lead to fucking. [LAUGHTER] It took a big swinging
Johnson to wangle Medicaid and Medicare through Congress. Fun fact, the first Medicare
recipient was Harry Truman. They told me,
President Truman, that if you wish to get the
voluntary medical insurance, that you will have to sign
this application form. [LAUGHTER] And just days
later, Truman received America’s very first junk
mail for a free jazzy scooter. In the ’70s, universal health
care found a new champion. Yes, Richard Nixon. I shit you not. [LAUGHTER] In 1971, Dick inspired
us with these words. [LAUGHTER] Sorry, not those words. These words. I will offer a program to
ensure that no American family will be prevented from
obtaining basic medical care by inability to pay. [APPLAUSE] Nixoncare was
basically Obamacare with a sheen of sweat. And you won’t believe
who cockblocked it. Senator Edward Kennedy earlier
proposed an alternate plan. The Kennedy bill is straight,
national health insurance. Oh for fuck’s sake,
just compromise, Ted. I promise you in 30 years this
guy will seem like a hippie. Sock it to me? [LAUGHTER] The next president to
bungle universal healthcare was the guy who clearly
lied about inhaling. To lead his task
force, Clinton chose one of the most intelligent
and capable people in the White House. Sadly, she was a woman. So that intelligence and
capability made people irrationally despise her. By the way, at the same
time Hillary was trying to keep Americans healthy,
the dude who would eventually win the White House instead
of her was around the corner going to town on
Native Americans. They don’t look
like Indians to me. And they don’t look
like the Indians. Now maybe we say politically
correct or not politically correct, they don’t
look like Indians to me, and they don’t look
like Indians to Indians. Oh. So it’s not dementia. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] We elected that. I’m not sure we
deserve healthcare. [LAUGHTER] We don’t. Hillarycare failed. But at least the Clintons
added another patch to the quilt, the Children’s
Health Insurance Program. [APPLAUSE] The one Congress
just let expire? Jesus, what is wrong
with you people? How do you live with the
constant fear of illness hanging over you? Shh. Allana, it’s OK.
[GROANS] Oh, you dropped an
inhaler out of your butt. [LAUGHTER] America may never achieve
single-payer healthcare. But thanks to brave
anti-communists, we continue to lead the world
in multi-payer healthcare. American exceptionalism. We’ll be right back. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. The american health game is almost over. Single payer is inevitable now. Mr. Obama and his team played the perfect move.


  3. Wait….. So you backed Hillary but all of sudden you complain because we dont have universal health care…. but Bernie did. Logic in that

  4. I like how Samantha Bee stands with a wide stance to create a thigh gap but they still touch when she talks. It's cute 🙂

  5. While I do believe that medical care is a right, not a privilege, bringing up the NHS has its own problems… because NHS is constantly in the state of near-bankruptcy and it's basically people like nurses who are eating up the costs. As a former medical student in the UK, I had the front-row seat for its less-than-ideal execution.

    Free college tuition? Same thing. Swedish college students have more debt on average than the US counterparts, simply because of living expenses. Germany isn't doing that well on that front either. (

    Free stuff isn't at all free. Someone has to eat the costs. The question is, who will?

  6. That fundraiser page for depression meds is so awful. Nobody should have to rely on GoFundMe for medical treatment.

  7. 4:10 Many don't know how right this is. I've heard quite a few stories of parents that let their kids DIE because they didn't want a minority doctor/nurse touch their child. Those people were so racist they'd rather their kids DIE.

  8. Interestingly the "keep calm and carry on" poster was originally intended to distribute around the UK if the nazi's won WW2 and took over the UK…. bit like healthcare

  9. Where is the UN on this matter. Talk about abusing the Covenant of The Rights of Children, which I would assume the US is a signatory. Ummm…looks like when money squeaks louder than children. The Adults of Congress come running to comfort it. There…there let me hold you!

  10. We cannot wait one more minute, we REFUSE to lose America to Fascism. The struggle for America's soul begins Nov 4th.

  11. There are no words to. People turning to kickstarter and patreon to get the money to buy their meds.

  12. Hillarycare failed because her task force wrote a 1000+ page bill without ever consulting Congress, dropped it on them, and said "pass this."

    A mistake she's spent the last 25 years over correcting from.

  13. As a Canadian, I need to honestly tell our southern neighbour that it's true that you may have a long wait for elective, non life threatening surgeries. The wait time for specialists could be long and few months…. BUT you can REST ASSURED that anything emergency will be dealt with in a timely fashion and never have to worry about plunge into DEBT after an unfortunate life event. Some inconveniences traded for NO WORRIES are a good deal by any means. 😀

  14. this made me laugh so hard and yet i'm just a tiny bit sad…what's wrong with you Americans, you were like the annoying big brother and now you're like the senile uncle you feel sorry for during holiday gatherings.

  15. So is this supposed to be comedy or political propaganda? I'm going to assume the latter, its low-brow comedy at best.

  16. MEDICARE FOR ALL….please help…call your senator's….write congress. ..protest your your Politicians who aren't voting for MEDICARE for all….
    We have to fight for the rite to stay healthy and financially free from dieing from poverty! !!!!
    Wake up ..get up ..Stand up..
    Do it for AMERICANS NOW❗

  17. Hey, Sam, I thought you likened Bernie's calls for universal health care to unicorns, fantasy, and delusion.

  18. The fact that I despise Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with her gender and everything to do with the fact that she is a standard politician as proved by the WikiLeaks email release.

  19. One of these weeks, when things are really bad (i.e. "rich, white, male" — and I realize it might be difficult to discern which week would especially qualify as "really bad") you might consider airing a show called "Full Scrotal." Just an idea…

  20. Yes, HRC was a strong universal healthcare advocate in the 90s. Then she sold out. Now we have Trump. See what happens?

  21. Americans keep forgetting they aren't living in a developed nation, but a 3rd world country with nukes. Just like the NK citizens think the rest of the world starves with them.

  22. Oh man, I have like the world's cutest dog and absolutely feature him on my tinder profile! That gal called me out big time lol.

  23. "Great research" Sam's from Canada, I have no idea why she never mentions that. Most Canadian celebs working in the states don't, even today. Give us a shoutout!

  24. Geez I love this woman, in a respectful non-objectifying way. Incredible talent, love these horrifying revelations about appalling American 'health care' and politics.

  25. something tells me nixon and reagan would have won new york in 2016 even by todays demographics. Nixon would win on pure policy and reagan on pure charisma. See how samantha can't really insult reagan. It's pretty easy for her to disparage bush, trump or romney, but somehow reagan seems to be teflon.

  26. The US gov't isn't the shinning beacon of healthcare management (ex. the VA) or fiscal stability. Yet, you lefties want the state to manage the entire thing? I am having a tough time figuring out which political party is disconnected from reality.

  27. It is amazing how small group of rich people can keep Americans away from basic amenities because they want all the money and they can convince poor people that hey they might be rich one day and then they will have to pay taxes too. I guess optimism is kinda self goal here.

  28. Why do old white American men hate everyone else so much. The bigger questions is when are the American people really gonna stand up for themselves and demand to join the rest of the western world. Even many 3rd world countries have health care for their citizens now days

  29. I’m not a trump supporter, but I don’t support hiliary, she was evil. I’m tired of everyone only talking about the good she did when In fact she sold us out in the healthcare matter.

  30. america is exceptional it is the only developed country where the rate of death for women giving birth is growing,.more children are dying and life is expectancy is falling

  31. I got an ad to join the NRA. I don’t know why, apparently the google employee who goes through my internet history is slipping. Also… sorry about all that… stuff you had to read through. Do you still love me?

  32. People in the UK live longer than Americans. America has a higher rate of child mortality than the UK. In the UK NOBODY goes bankrupt paying medical bills. The American government spends more than twice as much, as a share of GDP, than the UK government does. Most Americans want a health service. Big Money says no.

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