Health Care on a Mission | OSF HealthCare

All healthcare systems are compassionate. That’s their reason for being … But there’s a greater awareness of compassion here at OSF HealthCare. It’s a feeling you have, it’s part of our culture … Stop anyone in the hall, and ask them to tell you what the Mission is, and they will answer We serve with the greatest care and love People here don’t see employees or leaders as cogs but as people. They are invested in who we are and who we strive to be. They want us to take time to play, to be with friends and family, to pray … Sometimes doing the right thing in health care – the best thing – is restricted by cost At OSF the response is, “This is the right thing to do. Let’s find a way to make it possible.” Reimagining health care requires a culture of collaboration. Our physician and nurse leaders are valued decision-makers. We need the knowledge … expertise, passion, participation and leadership to succeed. OSF HealthCare understands that, so the Sisters make it a priority to invest in the leadership training and spiritual guidance of all leaders. Being a part of the OSF family means being trusted. We get support to think bold, We’re encouraged to think wide, We’re given the respect and freedom to implement our vision for innovative compassionate health care

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