Health Intervention for Woman Weighing More Than 500 Pounds

17 Replies to “Health Intervention for Woman Weighing More Than 500 Pounds”

  1. She needs to be treated for binge eating disorder. I hate how they only focus on the phsyical aspect but it's so obvious that she eats to cope with her daily life. If she isn't taught healthy coping mechanisms, she will go back to binge eating when she is having a hard time. Therefore she will never be able to care for herself physically.

  2. Okay this really pisses me off. I'm 30 and have chronic pain from an actual medical issue that I cannot help. To see someone who can help it cry over how it hurts to walk and she has everyone feeling bad for her and getting free high end medical treatment just hits a nerve. This show should be helping people who really CAN'T help themselves. I agree with them tackling this issue, but not giving all of this free help to people who don't want to help themselves.

  3. The surgery didn’t work or she didn’t eat like she was supposed to after having it? I really can’t stand people like this. She has probably fucked up her stomach so badly after having the surgery and still gorging like she didn’t.

  4. Quite a few comments of people who judge her for getting help. But at this stage and from what she said there is likely an underlying addiction. It's no longer just about willpower. I hope she got the right kind of support, counselling and even rehab.

  5. I cant believe that a human can weigh that much and still be able to walk. I honestly cant. My family has a history of hypothyroidism, so I'm watching this to learn what could happen if I overeat too much. (Thanks school) I'm just floored, honestly

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