Health Reform Explained Video: “Health Reform Hits Main Street”

[music] Let’s face it folks, the new health care reform
law is com-plex. It runs about a 1,000 pages even in tiny print. So it’s no surprise that very few Americans
have actually read it. But it’s about to affect all of us, and many
have been wondering what it will mean for our health, our wallets and our country. Let’s say we take all 310 million Americans
and squish us down to just 25 people. Yep, each of these folks would represent about
12 million of us. And this is pretty much what we’d look like. Polls show about three out of ten of us say
health care reform will make us better off, a similar number say worse off, and a similar
number again say it won’t make much difference at all. Some of us don’t know what to think. I guess
you could say we’re kinda split on this one. But no matter where you stand on the issue,
it’s likely you’re thinking, “Hello? I got some basic questions still unanswered here.” And you deserve real answers, not the partisan
rhetoric and spin we’ve been flooded with. So let’s break down what the reform law does
and doesn’t do and what it will cost. If you want to read the whole law, go ahead. But
watching this video is the next best thing. Ready to jump in? Let’s begin with the problems in our current
health care system. Problem number one is, what problem number one usually is, money. Most people agree that health insurance policies
are too expensive. For a family, the average premium is almost
$14,000 dollars a year…and growing. Premiums have doubled over the last nine years, ballooning
way faster than inflation! Plus, our population is aging, meaning more
people with more health problems. So, health care costs are the fastest growing part of
the federal budget. The second problem is that the system is full
of holes. Like the fact that people buying insurance on their own can be turned down
for having a pre-existing health condition. Small businesses may be charged extra if some
of the workers are sick, making insurance unaffordable. And some insurance policies
have a lifetime limit on benefits. After that, you’re out of luck. That means some of the people least likely
to have coverage are the ones who need it most. Nice, huh? High costs and holes in the system mean more
than one in seven of us have no health insurance to protect us at all. Many more struggle to pay their bills and
can only afford bare minimum policies that may not cover much. High costs to households, strain on the federal
budget and people with no protection. It’s easy to see why many people were looking
for something different. So here’s what the health reform law plans
to do in its first phase, between now and 2014. [music] To start dealing with costs, insurers will
be limited in how they spend our premium dollars. If they use too much for administrative costs
or profits, they’ll be forced to give some of it back through rebates. This won’t stop
premium increases, but it may help some. Some services will become free in all new
private insurance policies, and in Medicare — preventive care like screenings and vaccinations.
[baby crying] People on Medicare, because they’re over 65
or disabled, will get more help with their drug costs. Young people can save money and stay insured
by remaining on their parents’ policies up to age 26. And some small businesses will get tax breaks
to help them pay for health insurance for their workers. And the holes? Well, some will be closed starting
now too. Lifetime limits on health coverage will be gone, whether you buy insurance on
your own or get it from your employer. And it will be illegal to turn kids down for
having a pre-existing health condition, like asthma or diabetes. Of course, some adults who buy insurance on
their own will still be getting rejected between now and 2014. But those who do can enter something
called a high-risk pool, run by the government. No, it’s more like a policy that covers the
sickest uninsured people, meaning it’s riskier for insurance companies. That’s why the government
will chip in some money to bring down the cost. Some say these high-risk pools will help a
lot of people. Others say these pools will still be too expensive, and may not have enough
government money to stay in business until they’re replaced by something better, in Phase
II. On New Year’s Day 2014, some big changes kick
in. [cheers] First, let’s look at how the law makes health
care more affordable. Medicaid will be expanded to cover all low-income
individuals and families in every state. And depending on what you make, if you lose
your job or your employer doesn’t provide decent coverage, you may get a health insurance
tax credit. And while most of us will continue to get
health insurance at work just like now, if you don’t have that option, you’ll be able
to buy coverage in what’s called an “Exchange.” You’ll be hearing a lot about them, so let’s
stop and look at how they work. An exchange is like a virtual insurance mega-mall.
Based on where you live, you’ll get an easy-to-understand menu of options to compare plans in plain
English. And the exchange makes sure insurance companies compete fairly under strict rules. The idea is that by giving consumers good
information, a fair playing field and access to lots of choices, competition among insurers
will keep rates competitive. Now, onto plugging the holes. In 2014 insurers
will no longer be able to turn people down or charge them more if they’re sick. You might say, hold on a minute, if I can’t
be turned down or charged more, why not just wait until I get sick or injured to buy insurance
at all? Not so fast buddy. See, with few exceptions,
people will be required to have insurance or pay a special tax. Same with larger businesses,
who will pay fines if they don’t insure their workers. Of course, nobody likes being told they have
to buy anything. But without this rule, experts say you can’t require that everyone be eligible
for coverage. Imagine telling home insurers they have to cover people whose houses are
already on fire! So the government will provide credits, expanded
programs and new rules. They say that by 2019, 32 million of us who don’t have health insurance
will have it. Some of those who will still be uninsured: undocumented immigrants, who
aren’t eligible for coverage under the law. No surprise, all this is going to cost money.
938 billion dollars over the next ten years, according to the Congressional Budget Office,
the impartial referee when Congress debates these kinds of things. It’s a lot of money, sure, but if you look
at it another way, it’s 2% of our federal budget, and 3% of what we’ll be spending on
health care overall. Now, the President and Congress insisted these
new costs will be paid for so they don’t push the budget deficit up any further. That means
money will come out of someone’s pocket. That’s where the tough politics come in. A lot of the savings will come from health
care providers and insurers in the Medicare program. The fees the government pays to hospitals
under Medicare won’t be allowed to rise as fast as they have been. And, insurance companies that provide services
to people on Medicare will be paid less. Medicare will also create a bunch of experiments
around the country to test different ways of paying doctors, hospitals and other providers
to make the health care system more efficient, and improve the quality of care. With luck some of these experiments will work,
and then be adopted by the private sector and help lower costs for employers and families
too. Plus, a new federal advisory board will make
recommendations about other ways to deal with increases in health care costs. Some taxes will go up too. People with high
earnings will pay higher Medicare taxes. There will be new taxes on insurers and businesses
who offer high-end benefit plans, and on companies that make medical devices and drugs.
And oh, anyone who visits a tanning salon now has to pay a new tax too. With these new cost-cutting measures and new
taxes, the Congressional Budget Office says the whole package will actually reduce the
federal deficit over the next ten years. Of course, the total federal deficit is expected
to run into the trillions, so the health reform law isn’t going to solve that problem. Well, that’s the reform law. Do you love it,
hate it, still don’t know? Either way, there’s still a lot of work ahead.
You’ll be hearing lots of different things about this law. Some people support reform,
and if anything want to expand it and increase government oversight of insurers and the health
care industry. Others oppose it, and think it creates too
big a role for the government. Some states have even gone to court claiming
the requirement that everyone buy insurance is unconstitutional. Politicians and pundits will be talking to
you as if you’ve got no idea what’s in that thousand-page law. But by watching this, you’re on your way to
getting informed. And you can make sure your friends and family
are too, just by passing this little video around. [music]

100 Replies to “Health Reform Explained Video: “Health Reform Hits Main Street””

  1. if costs were high due to insurance, why bother with it at all. Could Obama/dems have some vested interest in insurance *cough*? I've also read that hospitals raise prices for uninsured patients because of how little the make on the insured ones. Insurance companies have always used their clout to pay as little as they can negotiate, while no one has been negotiating for the uninsured. THAT is what should be done.

  2. "Obama/dems have some vested interest in insurance" if i'm not mistaken they wanted to do an actual true public system like the rest of the 1st world nations have, but the Reps wouldn't allow it (the med insurance lobby is tight with the Reps) and obamacare was the resulting compromise.

    "because of how little the make on the insured ones" well under a true public system this never happens, the hospitals ALWAYS get paid the same for a procedure, no matter the income of the patient.

  3. Propaganda at it's doesn't show any of the Actual Issues that people are against…claims to be unbiased – right

  4. Amen! I agree… besides this whole Obama care thing has me beyond nervous! Another money tacit…. and again we are the one's they come after…. because America is so broke!
    I truly believe that this whole thing will smell like a rose at first, but like everything…. it will change for the worst.

  5. I truly believe…. that CARE will never be affordable!
    It's a Hocus Pocus!
    The governments job… is to make a piece of shit look great!

  6. I truly believe that we all…. are ending up punished!
    Look at the way Obama spends money…. do you think that we will ever recover?

  7. I do feel that Obama wants total control over us…. when he first came into office…. remember how our parents ssi and other benefits started disappearing slowly? The truth is… the government was hoping that people wouldn't see, but ppl talk and Obama isn't the greatest! he has made more of a mess since he has been in office than we have ever had before…. and because he doesn't know how to clean up his own messes, we the people are going to pay dearly for it!

  8. So far this law is expected to cost the US at least $1 trillion, and if you go to, you will see that they won't tell you the prices very easily. Instead they will not give you an estimate even close to what you really will be spending. Furthermore, people who can't afford it will still not be able to afford it, and premiums for people who do have healthcare are going up, meaning more people will not be able to afford it.

  9. 'Obama care is actually Repubs idea' is one of the biggest lies told, and irrelevant. I would be just as irate, if not more, if this came out of a rpublican. It seems when politicians 'compromise', again, no one is bargaining on our behalf. "hospitals ALWAYS get paid the same for a procedure" This is unfortunately not true. Hospitals have a 'sticker price' and usually work with people who can't afford it. Insurance companies pay a fraction of that, medicaid pays the least possible(by law).

  10. You may have noticed this pattern in government. Government will fabricate or exaggerate a problem, then present itself as the solution to that. Their applied solution will fail miserably, and without a doubt, they will announce that even more government is needed to adequately address the problem. Very few people in DC have been looking out for us. I think states need their power back, which will be the next battleground for Obama care. It is unconstitutional.

  11. Liberal rhetoric, this video is packed with lies, know gets free insurance? Illegals people it is on the website, check it out

  12. Have you ever been to China, do you wonder why they all want to come to the US? Your user name is Mo Money, under socialism you will be called Less money

  13. Especially when people start going to prison for not paying, yes they will do just the same as not paying your tax bill, that is why they put it in the IRS control

  14. you're mistaken, Nancy Pelosi said "you have to pass the bill before you can read the bil" and sellout REPubicants bought that line of crap

  15. I think the issue should be focused on $150 or more for a freakin Tylenol? A hospital once charged me $158.00 for a diaper when my daughter was getting checked out, that was in 1990

  16. I can't understand why there are some people don't want having a healthcare. I mean: Nobody have to be sick because he/she can't go to a doctor. Nobody have to die because he can't pay the bill for medicine.
    I don't understand why this healthcare and freedom don't fits together
    In my opinion freedom means you can have a job like you like, go, where ever you want AND go to a doctor, when you would like to go
    This rule just don't helps rich people getting more rich and making pore people more pore

  17. yes, definitely! But this is the same type of fraud perpetrated by our government, so you can't expect them to do anything to improve it.

  18. Big surprise folks. Insurance companies area businesses after all with investors in the background. If you were a stockholder/investor and knew that they were not screening people with pre existing conditions what would you do with the money you invested in X Insurance Co? Companies would lose money/investors hand over fist. Capitalism at its best. Just a thought.

  19. "no one is bargaining on our behalf" well the idea is we elect the politicians-they argue on our behalf…of course the problem with political parties is too often they pull the party line rather than what the people want.

    "This is unfortunately not true" not in USA (a private system) but it is in the rest of the 1st world (all public systems).

  20. I think forcing everyone to buy overpriced insurance, and then subsidizing the low income folks, is probably worse than doing nothing. As it stands now, Obamacare has taken more people off insurance(far more) than it has insured due to the bizarre legislation, that basically refuses to grandfather in all the plans they claimed would be. Bait and switches at every turn, I don't know how people can still have faith in this scam. That is not even the best part.

  21. I guess we'll see, starting next year…if the costs end up higher (but i dont see how it could happen, if the pool is larger) then we can all be sure it'll be very unpopular (and it will be dropped like a bag of dirt, sooner rather than later)…but i imagine it will be like when Medicaid/Medicare were brought in, the people were skeptical at 1st but now those programs are very popular.

  22. The thing is everyone is being forced to buy plans that cover things they don't need–Like elderly men paying for birth control. Why? Well at the end of the year The administration is going to look over the payouts made and collect any excess earnings the insurance companies in the exchanges make.This is where the money magically vanishes. Insurance companies used to make good investments in hopes to expand earnings.Now they will make 'bad investments'(waste/fraud) to avoid paying back anything.

  23. I love how they don't mention the outrageous deductibles that go with the cheaper plans that most of the newly insured will have to buy. The deductibles are so high that the vast majority of newly insured will either never exceed them in a given year (so the insurance companies pay nothing) or they simply won't be able to afford to pay them.

  24. "forced to buy…cover things they don't need" if youre getting what YOU need AND youre paying less, why would that matter? Who cares? Under a public system you'd pay for any and all needed care, no matter who it is that needs it…that's the way a pool works, it covers everyone.

    Define "good investments" sir! Dont we need healthy workers?..these companies find ways to keep from paying for care people NEED, to keep up profits…whats the role of healthcare, to make profit or heal the sick?

  25. Health INSURANCE companies do not CARE for patients, they mitigate cost risks. You put your money in their pool, and if you end up needing some money to cover costs they pre-negotiate lower rates with hospitals and cover costs (after copays and deductibles). They make money by #1 charging more overall than they pay out, and #2 investing the money to get a bigger return. Now that government is going to take back their profits, they will simply hide their earnings in 'bad investments.'


  27. U Americans can be total idiots, im from the UK i dont pay anything apart from yearly taxes which are annoying but way more acceptable than private healthcare and insurance. I dont have insurance so when iv got a cold i just call the doctors make and appointment, get looked and leave WITHOUT paying. If i break my arm just go to the hospital they put a cast or whatever and i leave WITHOUT paying! WITHOUT signing any forms. my son my mother everyone can have their lives saved! Thats amazing!

  28. btw Britain and Switzerland both have the BEST healthcare systems in the world. and they provide "FREE" health care. Obviously taxes involved but with private i would have more than half my wages gone when i put myself and my whole family on. Instead i have a very small fraction taking by tax and i can visit doctors as many times as i want and my children can, my granmother! and i dont need to check if my insurance covers it and dont have to fill forms. I just know that i go there and il get it

  29. People have way to many opinions the health care companies have brainwashed you. That's sad that we live in a countries were people don't want our sick to be treated

  30. Ya goofy your a moron. Nobody is ever denied treatment. But under the ACA they can be. Someone please explain to me why a 65 yr old single man should have to have insurance that covers pregnancy and pediatric dental?this would be like the federal government dictates that every new car sold has to have under coating moon roof, and leather seats whether you want them or not. Then wonder why the car costs more and the govt says its because they're greedy. And you call us brainwashed. Drone.

  31. You say you reap these types of benefits for "free" – So you're telling me that the doctors in in the UK pay money to go to medical school so they can work for free merely to help sick / injured people? If this is truly the case, there are only two options here – 1.) You pay an outrageous amount of annual taxes, which are used to fund this so-called "free" care. 2.) You are lying. Which one is it?

  32. It runs about 2,000 pages, not 1,000 pages.  Then you have 6,000 pages of Govt regs on how to put it on the internet.  I had no problem in my current health ins system.  I have been very healthy and never bought health insurance.  I worked at jobs that paid me money.  So, if I needed to have a baby or take medicine, or go to the ER, I paid out of pocket, radical, right!  I also set up a health care savings account for myself when I was 18 years old.  I still have that account and have used about 10,000 dollars out of pocket for visits to MD's, etc.  I spend multi thousands of  dollars on multi-vitamins and minerals.  That is why I am healthy and not sick all the time.

  33. What i get from this is unless your ritch & can fund youself the only other option is to commit suicide if you get sick enough or you can ditch the government. All while IRS  have allot of guns & ammo , so are they really gonna start shooting people if they can't pay up at gunpoint? We should not have to pay up for huge debt that the government intentionally created & squanded to screw us over. These greedy parasites deserve to be bankrupted & out of jobs for their incompetance. Shut the banks down & adopt a public banking system like the one that is in North Dakota not private ones that are owned by a Jewish parasite family such as Rothschilds (Federal Reserve 1918) that resides in (The Crown) of Britain Pudding Lane. Grow Food instead of Lawns , put in watertanks & store water, let food be thy medicine to educate to all it's healing properties so as to avoid Big Pharma medications of death & use Reverse Osmosis to drink clean water.

  34. This video is a huge load of horse$%#.  Anybody with even a marginal grasp of economics would know that there's no way this works without gouging the middle class.

  35. I didn't hear anything about how my Grandparent's premium went up.  Or that Americans are paying for the "free" healthcare.  Look up PJTV Obamacare, to get all that stuff.

  36. One problem with this discussion is that people are confusing insurance with health care. They are two different things, and one doesn't guarantee the other.

  37. America isn't Europe people, remember who we are. We were a small group of people who left a large oppressive govnt, then when they came to take this country we fought their well established military with farmers and villagers. We ran the monarchy out of our country and gave them the finger. That's a historical fairytale. We do things our own way and we are fighters. We rose to super power status, leading the world……not trying to be like anyone else. Think about that before you suggest we be more like others.

  38. and also I barely notice the taxes cause they are a part of life! I grew up paying them from the beginning so it doesnt affect me cause it's just always been there! I honestly don't think its alot. Think about you're kids, nephews, nieces and stop being selfish! Money over life? We argue about Bankers not caring yet you would choose keeping a small tax over peoples lives???

  39. I am from europe and i tell you right now that obama is a liar!! socialized healthcare means automatic AND indiscriminate healthcare based on an amount that is taken out of your wages like taxes. You people will still have to pay for some stupid plan that might not even cover what could happen to you. Your so called plan is nothing but an agreement with a private sector entity and some greedy insurance. Remember obama promised to have all those new healthcare agreements in open debate on cspan?? Do you remember?? It never happened!! In fact cspan even offered to install more cameras and you know what happened?? It all took place behind closed doors with the same players, the same insurance companies and health care providers!! Nothing changed!!! Obama is a new world order fascist just like bush, clinton and all the other corporate bought idiots you people voted for with out proof…. yeah thats an other thing about your joke of a democracy!!! You people vote without proof/receipt/documentation and then the tv tells you who is president. You are brainwashed and fucked!! But hey you either still dream about the 60 or you dream about looking like justin bieber or britney spears. While you idiots discussed homosexuality and birth control issues the corps took your production lines overseas,killed your jobs and now all you got left is either to wake up and take america back or keep on drinking and taking prozac and of course pray to some old guy in the sky that made the world in 6 days 4000 years ago……. Oh so sorry you are all good people and i insulted your feelings. Maybe i am not european but "american" native or from Vietnam or Japan or maybe from Iraq or Afghanistan or some other country you destroyed so you can dream your american nightmare. Do i sound angry?? Is that a problem for you? OOOHHHHH toooo baaaaaad, you see a long time ago when you were young and still had feelings and emotions "they" domesticated you and actually made you hate and distrust yourself and your emotions and feelings! Got to be nice you see? Dont raise your voice you see? Got to be proper you see? Boy oh boy i think you dear america and all your good people are truly lost!!

  40. Aburgheim, many of us are informed and recognize Obama's a lying idiot. However, we've lost so much say in our government I don't even believe the majority of us like him, and those who do are being fooled.

    The electoral college is no longer necessary and damages our county, it should be done away with, but small states won't vote it out because it gives them more influence.

  41. Just signed up.  I have a better policy (no deductible) and I'm paying $70.00 less per month with the very same insurance company I was using previously.  I guess they are forced to compete now.  This is WITHOUT any subsidy.

  42. all you people bitching about the ACA need to quit watching the lies on Fox News! This is a wonderful thing that is helping so many people already. I see it every day.

  43. Ppl say that Obama is a liar but who ever said that Politicians tell the truth. Maybe socialism is near, maybe Aliens probe politicians, or maybe we're all in for a surprise…. who knows? but this vid wuz cute.

  44. This video is clearly trying to hide all negatives about the so called Obamacare. It is actually funny they call it Obamacare, like Obama wrote 1000 pages himself, just two years after he was elected by the elite for the US president. My guess is that Obamacare was written by health insurence coporations, medical giants and banking sector. The sole purpose is to make money and not to help individuals.

  45.   Read the latest Congressional Budget Office Report. Squashing out the working man, thanks to a thoughtless absent minded lawyer running the country. Great plan…kill off the middle class, make the rich richer, allow lawyers to decide your healthcare plan, exempt congress from the same plans.  I wanted healthcare reform…not this debacle. 

  46. it doesnt matter whether the republicans said one thing or the democrats something. pull your head out of the politics of it and focus on what is really at stake, the lives of the american people. Those who focus on the political party titles are suffering from extreme ignorance. This bill has many good points and a good intention, but there are many holes in the body of the text. Because of the strife between the power war being waged between the two parties, it is not possible for this bill (or any other law or plan that is formulated) to be as helpful as it could be. we have lost what washington first intended for this country and have drifted toward what our founders feared. I am 17 years old and I hope my generation will turn this country around or the generation in office right now will edit this good-will intention and work together to better the lives of the american people

  47. Really interesting to watch. The style is pretty engaging. And when once can engage the viewers, then issue like health insurance also seems easy.


  48. So I went over to market place checked my options. They want me to pay $150/mon and $6000 deductible/year before my insurance would even pay a single dollar. How the Hell does this thing make any sense to anyone??? In other words unless I pay $300/month for Top insurance plans I can't see a doctor. 

  49. the system in itself isnt the problem / its the huge insurance companies that are robbing the american public blind the government cant control the prices set by the insurance companies

  50. Sorry we pay more for less coverage than we used to have. We lost our family doctor which we loved. 0bamacare sucks. Thanks democrats and thanks 0bama.

  51. OK, I started to look up this subject because I constantly hear people talking about it and I like to be informed, regardless that I live across an ocean, in a different country. What motivates me is to learn from other people/countries, in hopes of enlightening my own.

    What I get from this video is that the program attempts to temper money grabbing insurance companies attitudes, make medical care more efficient, but the drawback is everyone has to buy health insurance. Even those who don't need it. In a recession economy or recovery.

    One thing that video kinda fails to mention is the price of these new health insurance policies, or maybe I missed it. But it sounds they will be more expensive, at least in the beginning.

    Is there a way to level the play-field, maintain these good changes but not make medical insurance mandatory ? In my view at least, yeah its a bit unconstitutional to make me purchase something I don't want/need.

  52. Medicaid did not expand in every State.   Georgia is a state Medicaid did not expand in for the people.   Hopefully, this will happen very soon. 

  53. I don't get why small business were charged extra if workers were sick…could somebody explain it to me, please?

  54. at 3:19 the video shows Uncle Sam taking money out of the insurance companies piggy bank and giving it to medicare beneficiaries to help close the drug coverage gap. Is this an accurate representation? Does the money actually come from the Insurance Co or the Federal govt?

  55. As a foreigner: why wouldn't government reduce the size of healthcare infrastructure and make it low quality and free?
    That would reduce the spendings
    Provide healthcare to any one in case of emergency.
    Would make insurances optional and useful only for private clinics, thus creating a free self regulating market.
    Isn't American dream based on idea of voting with your money?

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