Healthcare Analytics Powered by SAS

Nordics, we’ve always had a special relationship to
data in the health care sector. We have a wealth
of historical data on the health of our citizens,
and we are constantly gaining more at the patient
level, the hospital level, and the population level. With big data, the possibilities
in health care data analysis are virtually endless. But to gain actionable insight
that health care professionals can use, they need the right
analytical tools to interpret the vast amount of information. Analytical tools that
create overview and help guide decisions
both at the clinical and at the administrative level. KARE NYGARD: For
decades, SAS Institute has collaborated with
hospitals around the world to ensure that data is utilized
in the most optimal way. Our experts know the
health care sector. We know that hospital
managers must adhere to political demands
and economic constraints. We know the work of health
care professionals is complex. And we know they all operate
in a strictly regulated, research-driven environment. NARRATOR: Today,
leading Nordic hospitals are using data-driven leadership
to reach strategic goals. The benefits include shorter
patient stays, efficient work procedures, and, therefore,
an improved hospital economy. When the aggregated
patient data are analyzed, hospital managers get
the necessary insight to shape and evaluate
high-level strategies. For example, insight
to bring down hospital-induced infections
or physical restraints in mental health facilities. For the individual
health care professional, data analytics help to plan
and control treatments, and let them plan work
flows more efficiently. Patients also feel the positive
impact of better planning. For example, when they
avoid unnecessary procedures such as repetitive blood samples
or superfluous paperwork. This becomes possible when
departments and sectors in the health care system share
data instantly and safely. Access to data and
analysis on data hold important keys to improving
public health care systems. Working with a wide range
of health care stakeholders, SAS Institute is ready to help
make this future a reality.

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