Healthcare Compliance Sitcom – Restricted Intelligence HIPAA Edition

BOOM! Figured it out #GENIUS Compliance training can be really fun! You must be the compliance officer I’ve heard so much about You’ve got to see this I appreciate it miss… HIPAA … my name
is I’m Angela – I work in HIPAA She’s got these binders huge binders full of stuff
I think she has most of it memorized We’ve had a data breach my grandmother
used to call Underpants “breaches” Walter Carter Can I get you to print the notes
from the board meeting it’s in my email you can just login as me Some would say Walter is old school… I mean if you listen closely the Flat Earth people have a lot of really good valid reasons Sir? Even Luddite… What did you do?!
nothing Shh keep your voice down there’s just there’s a couple things Ransomware! Really?! A little guidance really… is all we need. Don’t do it!
*Screams* We have been phished with a PH oooh #DRAMATIC you know you should tell people that
like remind them and stuff That is like literally all I do. Everyday. Oh my bad! I thought that was empty… you

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