Healthcare Kiosks: Patient and visitor check in, wayfinding, and informational

The Healthcare industry is evolving at a rate
never seen before, resulting in the need to control costs while delivering quality services
to an escalating market. At Advanced Kiosks we have the experience and skills to create
interactive solutions that enhance the relationship between patient AND provider. A healthcare facility can be a confusing environment
and can benefit from a system that offers patient security, can decrease wait times,
provides maps and room locators, streamlines patient registration AND relays information. The Freestanding Kiosk, the Document Kiosk,
AND the Compact Power Kiosk are our most popular Healthcare models in institutions due to their
flexibility AND ease of use. Advanced Kiosks is the number one medical
kiosk provider. Our Patient Kiosk solutions are being utilized
by institutions all over the country, such An Advanced Kiosks solution can help your
facility: Advanced Kiosks has the expertise and dedication
to help you achieve your kiosk project goals. Our customers come to us with challenges and
ideas, where we work together as a team creating solutions. Southwestern Vermont Medical Center wanted
to make their facility healthier AND safer for patients. We created a custom Hospital
Kiosk solution that they use to prescreen vendors entering the facility. DKMS America needed a solution to educate
and register people for Bone Marrow Donations. Advanced Kiosks designed and wrote the software
that allowed them to easily try out different campaigns AND track every interaction with
the kiosk. Our Kiosk solutions are benefiting healthcare
industries by offering applications for: With Advanced kiosks you get quality, experience,
great service, our 3 year best in the business warranty and right now we are offering a free
30 day trial on our Zamok Cloud software with the purchase of a kiosk. Call us today to discover how a kiosk can
help your healthcare organization increase its productivity AND profitability.

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