Healthcare Services Group

♪ You really have to want to do the best for yourself and to progress as much as possible. You’ve got so many diverse backgrounds, you’ve got so many different personalities, you’ve got people from all walks of life. Healthcare Services Group is an environmental services company; we contract in long term care facilities and hospitals. We provide laundry, housekeeping, linen, and food services to long term care communities. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, national company in 47 states, currently service over 2700 healthcare facilities. It is a very hands on job, a lot of training, a lot of different things you’re going to be doing throughout the day and so that was what really appealed to me. Healthcare Services Group is dedicated to my growth. This company is committed to growth the greatest asset that this company has is our people. The opportunities with our company are great. You can go anywhere you want from sales to district manager to regional manager. This company is a company that likes to build from within. You have that support from your manager, all the way up to the president of the company. Opportunities are limitless. There’s huge opportunity out there. I came right into a facility out of the gates. Within the first year I went from one building to five buildings. I control my own destiny with Healthcare Services Group. At each level you gain more autonomy and more independence. You take on the responsibility that that is your business. You have to staff it accordingly, do all the supply ordering. You make your own decisions with multimillion dollar companies every day. So you get the financial resources of a big company and the independence of almost being in business for yourself. In any way that you can positively affect change and improve the quality of the service that we provide, the corporate office is always willing to listen. You will find your own story with Healthcare Services Group. Over the years I’ve seen people with quite varied backgrounds come in and be highly successful in our organization. We’ll give them the tools to do it they just have to have the self motivation and the drive to want to succeed. I went to college in Colorado on a baseball scholarship. I was fortunate enough to get drafted by the Cleveland Indians, broke my hand and had to retire so I started to look for a new job. I got my Bachelor’s in Finance so it was really right up my alley, handling money and also handling a business. I attended the University of Mississippi where I majored in journalism. I’ve done medical management, durable medical equipment sales. I went through Hurricane Katrina, got laid off, so I had a friend that introduced me to Healthcare Services Group. I was sold on the fact that I could move up within the company. Healthcare allows us to be individuals and Healthcare allows us to grow despite where we came from. The biggest reward on a day to day basis is positively affecting the lives of our residents. Every day brings something new and that’s the best part. It’s a great organization, and it’s been a good ride and I plan to be here for a lot longer.

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