Healthcare Solutions from Spectrum Enterprise

(upbeat music) – As the director of IT for
a major hospital network, it’s my responsibility
to ensure that we have the technology we need to
provide the best possible care and patient experience. And doing it all while working to comply with ever changing HIPAA and other data security regulations. Partnering with Spectrum Enterprise has made it simple and affordable. Their dedicated heath
care team has extensive experience working with complex
hospital networks like ours. And they enable us to
engineer advanced technology solutions for every area of care. Now our care givers have the secure, fast, and reliable connectivity they need; to collect and access bandwidth
intensive patient data. And because communication across the continuum of care is key, ethernet and cloud
solutions enable specialists to securely collaborate and share files. Whether they’re in a different
wing of the hospital, or a care facility across the country. Plus with managed router
service we now have a fully managed network
solution that helps us reduce IT capital expenditures. Reliable voice communication is also key in providing quality patient care. Our scalable enterprise voice solution delivers connectivity
directly to our IP PBX allowing us to leverage the full functionality of our phone system. We can help enhance the patient experience in other ways too. Healthcare TV delivers a full portfolio of HDTV programming with
access to over 100 HD channels, and thousands of hours of
free on demand content. We also have a fully
managed WiFi solution, that provides secure
connectivity in designated areas without taking bandwidth
from other network activity. For me having the right
technology is critical, so our staff can deliver the
best care to our patients. That’s why it’s nice to know that we have a healthcare technology
partner in Spectrum Enterprise. With proven expertise in
advanced connectivity solutions, taking care of us.

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