Healthcare Technology & Systems – Is it Right For You?

Technology in healthcare is evolving
right before our eyes. Today’s medical records technicians are
building the foundation for an exciting future today. According to
electronic healthcare records offer quick access to patient records and can
lead to better patient outcomes and better coordination among providers. At
UMA our healthcare technology and systems associate degree program can
help you learn the skills and knowledge needed to help make a difference in this
growing movement of technologists. Virtually everything about your health
from doctor’s visits to major surgery is recorded in electronic healthcare
records or EHRs. With the widespread adoption of EHRs comes the need for
health care professionals who can manage and protect those records. There’s more
technology and health care now than in any other time in history, that’s what
drives the demand for individuals with skills and specialized technology and
that’s where the training from UMA comes in. Students who enter this program will learn how to configure maintain and guard health records, provide desktop
support, act as help desk agents and more once you complete your training you’ll
be qualified to work in entry-level jobs like, Application support specialists
they work at help desk to aid other health care and medical staff in using
the applications at their offices or facilities. Health information technician
they verify the quality and accuracy of EHRs software support specialists they
help co-workers effectively use healthcare records software. These positions can be found in healthcare software companies, hospitals, medical
hardware companies, doctors offices and more. Does this program sound like the
right fit for you? Then don’t wait any longer
join with the thousands of UMA students across the u.s. who are taking
the next step toward a brighter future connect with UMA today!

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