Healthcare Under the Rainbow

just treat me like a normal person don’t
think I’m any different just because of my sexuality I’m just a normal human
being people like to be spoken to using their
first name rather than perhaps saying he or she I think as far as you know
starting to talk about partners I tend to use the word partner rather than
saying are you in a relationship with a he or with a she and so we tend to move
right away from the he-she pronouns We use the right pronoun and don’t and
address them correctly I think yeah they they would be a lot happier attending
our clinic and being seen by our GPs I was seeing this doctor a
little while ago and the first thing they asked was if I had a boyfriend and
they were a bit surprised when I said there was no way I could ever have a
boyfriend and then they asked if I if there was any chance that could be
pregnant so they were a bit surprised when I said no and that made me feel a
bit on edge I guess but I recently started seeing a new doctor and the
first thing they asked was if I had a partner which made me feel really
included with my sexuality and I just felt really accepted in that new health
practice With the doctors more accepting of the fact that I’m gay I’m more likely to be like oh I’m okay with these guys like yeah I’m not gonna feel as wary and as
guarded I suppose that for most GPS in the past we’ve tended to give sexual advice based on heterosexual couples I think nowadays of course were much more
aware that there is a broad range of sexuality in the community I see a psychiatrist about my ADHD and I’ve seen that same psychiatrist for a number of years now so a couple of years ago I said okay I’m
thinking of transitioning I’m pretty sure I’m a trans guy and it really
helped when I started testosterone because he went all right is there any
way that you know my medical transition will affect you know me as someone with
ADHD you worked it out he said well okay so from my understanding from what I’ve
read and what I’m from what I’ve heard from colleagues going on testosterone
might make you a bit more hyperactive we may need to change the medication and
he was very very clear and concise Don’t assume that the cause of mental
illness is someone’s identity just because someone’s gay doesn’t mean that
they’re gonna have depression It’s easier to someone to talk to that’s
accepting than someone who is like secretly judging that’s like oh yeah
cool maybe not but okay keep talking like that they’re just doing that to do
their job but someone who’s actually honest and welcoming it’s really nice Certainly we know that that people who have other sexual orientations tend to have a slightly higher risk of mental health issues. Obviously if you identify any other depression, anxiety or any other stressors that you might want to
take that further and refer them for counselling or even just address it with
in the consultation itself When they don’t assume that I you know have sex a certain way or have a certain partner or that you know I guess that if they don’t
make assumptions and they’re willing to learn based on what I say you know is
happening in my life that’s what I guess inclusive sexual health practice looks
like to me To provide inclusive sexual advice during a consultation is really not that difficult I think it’s something that we should all should do
and as part of just a comprehensive health assessment for anyone Doctors always found out I was gay like I just didn’t care wasn’t a big deal I wish people could be more accepting of the fact that no I’m not a complete lesbian I’m bisexual but people just don’t have that recognition of the other
sexualities because of all these stereotypes I hate hearing that like people aren’t
having as good experiences and I feel like that really needs to be worked on It’s obvious that they’re inclusive so they have lgbtq+ pamphlets or like a poster up or like a rainbow flag on the desk and really nice they’re welcoming
they don’t like they greet you when you walk in When I was having really bad
dysphoria of course that made you know me feel more depressed and it made you
know me more distracted and just less me but you know now that I’ve started
medically transitioning and you know with my own most of my healthcare
professionals and my friends and family using the right name and pronouns it
really hasn’t been a problem and you know my mental health is in fact gotten
better I would hope that the approach to an LGBTIQ person would be inclusive of all their health issues and I think it’s really important that we look at
physical emotional and mental health issues in any person that presents to us
but I think it’s really important that we address those issues in people that
are in the minority groups and I think it it’s something that if we can do this
successfully then we would improve the health outcomes for everybody Being in a really inclusive environment means that you know patients that see doctors will be more likely to open up and that acceptance in the community is just
really essential for positive well-being I feel happy to be alive because you
know people are taking care of me and they actually care about my
health and they care about me as a person care about you know my health
regardless of who I am Having that person that I can talk
to that welcoming really like boosts my confidence and like really helps me like
understand and be happy with who I am

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