Fiji. Bora Bora. Dubai. You can spend tens of thousands per night
for an exotic, expensive vacation. But if you’re really wanting to spend serious money on a getaway, then why not spend three nights in a Hospital without Health Insurance. Staying in a Hospital without Health Insurance
starts at an average of $10,000 per night. For just $10,000 dollars per night, you’ll
get the finest amenities. Like remotes. One for the bed. One for the nurse. And of course, one for a state of the art
television, with almost 20 channels. With your $10,000 dollars per night, enjoy
the finest cuisine. Like Macaroni and cheese. A fried chicken patty. Vanilla wafers. Pudding. And best of all, Salisbury Steak. Your $10,000 dollars per night will get you
a your own private room. Maybe. Not always. And you’ll probably be sharing a bathroom
with a sick person you’ve never met. Hope that’s cool. If not, just go in the bed. If family or loved ones want to come along,
they’ll be pampered too. Your $10,000 dollars per night will get them
one semi-comfortable chair. Where they can sleep sitting up, with their shoes on, until their back hurts. Your hospital room comes with the finest of toiletries. Like this $1,000 toothbrush. And this $629 dollar Band-Aid. Your $10,000 dollar per night also covers your wardrobe. Like this stupid lookin’ Mumu that doesn’t
even cover your butt. Extravagance. Luxury. Catching a staph infection. Anything’s possible for just $10,000 dollars per night when you stay at a Hospital Without Health Insurance. A Hospital Without Health Insurance. A ten-star price for a one-star experience.


  1. fun fact in poland everyone has healthcare insurance and you can be sick as long as you you want or as long as you can survive on our hospital meals like slice of bread and a cucamber or a spoon of old potatoes with half of sausage . Technickly you have better meals in prison than in our hospitals

  2. This isn't just an issue of health insurance. This is an issue of the expense and inefficiency of healthcare. We keep researching expensive technology for better care downstream but ignore trying to fix issues upstream. Preventative care is the solution so health insurance won't even be needed as much as it is today. If you stop or reduce the chances of illness/disease before they happen we will all live healthier, less expensive lives. #educateyourself

    You should make a video on our unhealthy habits, and addiction to antibiotics that cause disease. And yes, I am fun at parties.

  3. It's totally okay for them to shaft health insurers, though. Right? Definitely isn't a case of them cheating the system because only the uninsured would be exposed to it.

  4. 10,000 dollars? Seriously, In my country at least if you have citizenship, the cost of staying per night wouldn't even come close to 10k….even if you don't have a medical insurance.

    but yeah….most in these video are right….

    But they forget to add people dying or died besides you with with shits and piss smell all over the place….staff being IDGAF at times….medical staff relentlessly trying to probe all of your veins/arteries, constantly waking you up every 4 hours to do a unnecessary health inspection, forbid you to anywhere else…

    Really, I works as a medical staff and even I don't want to stay at a hospital….as a patient.

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