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All right Mike, what have we covered so far? Well Mike, we’ve gone over Planned Parenthood, pre-natal healthcare, abortion services, maternity leave, and other boring chick stuff. Mike, can you bring up the tax cuts again? That was fun! Ahem. Yeah, Toots? Is this room 208? I’ve got this data from the last 50 years of women’s health care statistics and I think it might be helpful for- Oh, no thank you sweetie. You shouldn’t have. I bet you worked really hard on this, didn’t you honey? Just gonna, shut the door on your way out there. Thanks! Kinda cute, I shoulda asked for her number. Ha ha ha ha.

13 Replies to “Healthcare vs Tax Cuts (You Can Guess How This Ends) | The Nib | Topic”

  1. these videos suck they probably paid for their subscribers since they barely get any views

  2. So, Women think that some nameless, faceless Daddy figure should take money from their regular earnings and pool it all together to take care of said women? In order to make it so women won't have to suffer through their own human reaponsibilities?

    If your one and only point is that powerful men are dismissive of you, maybe it's because your opinions (no matter how many other people you can get to agree with you in "data polling") make no sense at all?

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