HealthCasts – Charles Dubin, MD – Gynecology Options

The Marina Del Rey
Hospital HealthCast, featuring the doctors of
Marina Del Rey Hospital. Hi and welcome to The Marina Del Rey
Hospital HealthCast, I’m Tim Cates and thanks
for being with us. Joining us today a
world renowned doctor, recognized worldwide for his expertise
in the gynecological field. He calls The Marina
Del Rey Hospital home, and helps with the newly open MISI, which is the minimally invasive
surgery institute, which we’ll get into. Joining us now Dr. Charles Dubin, board certified OB-GYN
at Marina Del Rey Hospital, medical degree from the
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and Internship and Residency
at UCLA Medical Center, one of the leading doctors in the world,
one of the leading minds, as far as minimally invasive
gynecological surgery and robotic surgery. And first of Dr. Dubin,
thanks for joining us. Thank you. Alright, Marina Del Rey Hospital. What brought you to that hospital? What is it about Marina Del Rey Hospital that is such a great place
for gynecological surgery? I think its administrative support
is the main reason. You have to practice in an institution
where the administration, the staffing, all supports what you do,
and Marina offers that. Marina Del Rey has a dedicated team. So, when you go on in
to do a procedure, everybody knows their role,
everybody knows what to do. They’re extremely well trained. So, things go flawlessly. And, as a surgeon,
that’s a very important thing. You don’t want a piece of equipment
not to work, or to have to troubleshoot, while you are in the middle of the
anesthesia, and operating on a patient. So, to me, that’s a huge advantage. The other big advantage from Marina,
is that they have the latest equipment. They have the Da Vinci SI robot and a technical staff to make it
run very smoothly. The Marina Del Rey
Hospital HealthCasts, featuring the doctors of
Marina Del Rey Hospital. For more information on
any of the topics discussed, or to schedule a consultation, please call The Marina Del Rey
Hospital Helpline at 844-MISI-4-YOU, or go to

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