Healthy College Meal Prep! No Oven—Microwave only!

(upbeat music) – Hey Munchies. Welcome to the channel if you’re new. I’m Alyssia and I am
so excited you’re here. Many of you found me
through meal prep videos. And one video I’ve had
requests for for years but haven’t tackled specifically
is a college meal prep. So today is a dorm room
meal prep requiring no oven or stove. A microwave will do and all of the recipes are super easy and healthy. I use my meal prepping night
system to plan out this prep. My meal prepping night course teaches you how to go from
blank pages to a completely planned out prep for the
week in an efficient way that saves time, money, and food. The course is not currently open but the link in the
description will give you all of the info and you
can sign up to be notified the next time we open enrollment. With this college meal prep, I’m making food for four days a week. Now I don’t recommend prepping weekends, especially for beginners, but if you’re in college you
might want the flexibility to go out or be more
relaxed with food options for a few days. So you do you but this
allows variability for me or at least the me when I was in college. I’m starting out by making some quinoa. Making a large batch
of quinoa for the week is a great way to keep meals versatile and I can use this for multiple
meals including breakfast. But wait, how will I cook quinoa? No stove? No Instapot? How about the microwave. Seriously, it’s easier than you think. Rinse your quinoa if needed,
depending on the brand. Place water and quinoa in a microwave safe bowl or container. Cover with a lid or plate and
cook for about six minutes. Remove and stir. About half of the water
should be absorbed. Return to the microwave
for a few more minutes and then let it sit covered
for eight to 10 minutes until all of the water
is completely absorbed. Then you can store that for later. I’ll be using it for my breakfast quinoa but I’ll also use it later in the day. When I’m ready to make
breakfast I simply add quinoa, a splash of almond milk, some honey or maple syrup, cinnamon and salt. Then for extra texture,
flavor, and nutrition, I add sliced banana. Now you could use berries
for even more nutrients but bananas are cheap and
part of what we’re going for with a college meal prep is affordable. Tip: buy quinoa in bulk
bins at your grocery store and only get what you need. It’s actually pretty affordable
when you aren’t buying huge quantities or pre-packaged variations. For breakfast, I’m also
keeping cottage cheese on hand for an easy breakfast paired with honey or maple syrup for sweetness,
fresh berries, and again, you could use banana to keep it cheaper, and instead of nuts, I’m
using sunflower seeds which generally cost less. And that is breakfast. So easy. Prepped items to make
meals less of a hassle throughout the week. For lunch, I’m making a chicken salad. I used canned chicken to keep
it affordable and cut down on dorm room cooking. But you could cook the chicken yourself if you prefer or have access. You could also use a rotisserie
chicken and pull the meat. That way you don’t have
to cook it in the dorm or not in the dorm. I use this tip all the time and I’m not even in college anymore. For the chicken salad,
I add celery, grapes. Now, you could halve your grapes but if you can find smaller grapes, you won’t need to slice them and they’ll last longer in
the salad for meal prep. Slivered almonds, plain
yogurt, Greek yogurt, or you could use mayo but heads
up, mayo is not as lasting for meal prep. Lemon juice, and salt and pep. Mix it together, coating
completely, and store. (upbeat music) To serve, I like to use avocado halves as chicken salad boats or
maybe you prefer it on greens. Kale is actually a super affordable green that’s also obviously nutritious. And to make it more palatable, I use baby kale and massage the
leaves in a little olive oil and then toss them with lemon
juice and a pinch of salt. I am not a kale fan and
this makes it edible for me. So there’s your chicken salad two ways. Feel free to add some of your
bulk quinoa if you’d like. Serve with baby carrots and salsa as dip which is very affordable and you get a snack and some veggies in. Lunch is done. (upbeat music) For dinner, we got southwestern
stuffed sweet potatoes. (upbeat music) I poke holes in the potatoes and microwave for eight to 10 minutes until tender. (upbeat music) I also mix together canned beans, corn, and tomatoes which are all affordable. Green onions, cilantro, lime juice, cumin, chili powder, and salt. (upbeat music) I’m also making a cold
broccoli lime salad. (upbeat music) I add broccoli florets to a
bowl with a few tablespoons of water and cover with a plate. Let it go for about two minutes. I want these to be more
like blanched vegetables than steamed so they’re
still tender and not soggy. Don’t overcook. Let these cool completely. Then I add olive oil, red wine vinegar, lime zest and juice, minced shallot, and salt and pep to a bowl and whisk. That’s the dressing. And then I can add my cooled
broccoli, tossing to coat. Boom. Broccoli lime
salad, delicious, cold, and straight out of the fridge. That’s really all the dinner prep. (upbeat music) To serve during the week, I
cut the potato and load it up. I can use some of that
extra quinoa if I want but I don’t have to as well as the beans. Top it with cheese and
reheat in the microwave. Top it off with sour
cream really Greek yogurt. Serve with a side of
cold broccoli lime salad. Oh man, this is like a
gourmet meal in the dorm. And it only took a few
minutes to throw together. Tip: most ceramic glass
dishes are microwave safe. But if you aren’t sure or it
doesn’t say, try this out. Place a cup of water in a
dish and cook in the microwave on high for one minute. If the water gets hot but
the dish is still cool, the dish is safe. If the dish gets hot, it may
not be safe for the microwave, containing lead or other
metallic substances. For snacks, I make sure I
keep on the go fruit options available as well as apple sauce packets. I also love frozen edamame
which can be heated up quickly or just thawed out in the
fridge and eaten cold. I shared this in a
previous meal prep video if you wanna see how I do it. It is linked in the description. And since we’re using the microwave today I also wanted to share a mug cake because sometimes that
sweet craving hits and fruit just doesn’t cut it. Today it’s all about funfetti. In a mug that’s been
sprayed with cooking spray, I add oat flour. And you can totally make
your own by blending oats to keep it cheap. As well as sweetener of choice. Anything granulated. Baking powder and a pinch of salt. Whisk to combine. Then I add coconut oil, or
you could use melted butter. An egg yolk, almond milk,
and vanilla extract. Mix, stir in sprinkles
if you want funfetti but you can skip them and have
a vanilla cake if you prefer. Totally fine. Into the microwave it
goes for about one minute. Remember, microwaves will vary. Mine is 1,000 watts and set
to 100% power but you may need to adjust the timing for yours. Essentially, you want it to be spongy and spring back when touched. Don’t overcook as it will dry out. It is so freaking tasty. It’s easy to keep those items on hand and throw this together
whenever but if you wanted, you could meal prep the dry ingredients. For me, it would be dangerous
to have them pre-prepped. A little too enticing but you do you. And that is our college
meal prep for today. Microwave friendly, no
oven or stove top required. I hope you found it useful. I do have a ton of other meal
prep videos on my playlist if you wanna check them out. And be sure to sign up to be notified about my Meal Prep Ignite
course next time we go live to at Also, I do have two free courses
available in the meantime. My conquer inflammation
course which teaches you all about what inflammation
is and how to address it through diet and lifestyle. And my healthy staples guide
course which shares information to help you learn to
make your own decisions about which milks, bread,
flour, pasta, oats, and oils are best for you. Those are linked in the
description box as well and completely free for you to access. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I will see you next week
for a brand new episode. And remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

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