Healthy Eating is Tasty Eating (Children’s Story) USDA’s MyPlate (kids podcast)

Healthy Eating is Tasty Eating
By Dallas Funk Today, Mommy is teaching me how to make a healthy meal. We are going to use the new “My Plate” that the First Lady just introduced. It looks just like a plate, so it should be easy to use. First, we have to plan our meal. We look at the plate. Mommy points to the purple spot. She says that is our protein. She tells me that proteins are things like meats, eggs, beans, and nuts. We decide to have my favorite meat: turkey burgers. Now I point to the orange part of the picture and ask Mommy what that is for. She says that that is for grains. Those are things like bread and pasta. Mommy says that when we buy grains, we should get whole grains, so tonight we’ll have whole wheat buns for our hamburgers. Next comes the big green part of the plate: the vegetables. I already know what I want to have for the vegetables: sweet potato fries! Since frying isn’t healthy, we’ll bake them instead of frying them. We always do. But I still call them fries. Now there are only two parts left: the red part, which is for fruits, and the blue part, which is for dairy. Mommy tells me dairy products are milk and things made from milk, like cheese. Since I like to have cheese on my turkey burgers, we’ve already got dairy! The red part of the plate–the fruits–are my favorite part of dinner. We try to have a different fruit every night. Tonight we’re going to have kiwi. There aren’t any more parts left on the plate picture, so Mommy says we’re all done planning our meal. I hope I can help Mommy plan supper again. It was lots of fun. I can’t wait until it’s time to eat supper. It’s going to taste so good!

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