Healthy Food Tips : How to Make Low Fat Salad Dressing

Here is my aging backwards salad dressing
trick. Salad dressing can have a lot of fat and calories. But I’m going to show you how
to thin it out and make it go twice as far, with about half as many calories. This dressing
is one of those sesame ginger Asian salad dressings, and it’s delicious, but it has
a lot of fat and calories. Right here, this is about 80 calories for this little bit.
What we are going to do, take a lemon, and I’m just going to roll the lemon around on
my cutting board to get all the juice out of it that I want to get out of it. It’s a
trick for getting the most juice out of your lemon. Then we are going to cut it in half,
and I’m going to squeeze this lemon juice into the salad dressing. I just squeeze the
whole half of the lemon, stir it up and now I have twice as much salad dressing, and I
may only use half, so I have half the calories.

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