Hip Airplane Exercise

– How’s it going guys? So we’ve got a little bit more of an advanced drill for you today, for the hips, specifically the piriformis, is the hip airplane muscle, er, exercise. So what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna grab a PVC pipe, or anything else that you
have around the house, like a broom handle or
something like that, or just standing closing to a wall, so you’ve got something to balance here. And what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna go ahead and stand on one leg, we’re gonna unlock the knee a little bit, and I’m gonna hinge forward, and one thing I’m not doing is I’m not hinging through that low back, I’m not just kind of going down like this, but I’m keeping that low
back nice and neutral, and I’m just hinging forward this way. So from that position
I’m hinging forward here, I’m just gonna go ahead and keep my arms out like an airplane, and I’m gonna rotate up, turning my hips towards the ceiling, and I’m not twisting through the back, so I’m not taking my back and I’m doing all the motion here. Right? I’m keeping my back nice and neutral, and I’m doing that motion with my hips, so this hip is really having to work, the one that’s planted there. If that’s easy, you can drop the dowel. Gotta get warmed up here, all right. Got a few reps in me hopefully, and we can do this without
any sort of balance, right? So I’m going to unlock the knee here, I’m gonna put my arms out, go this way, and we’re just gonna go up and down, back and forth, stabilizing on that one knee, er, one leg. So if that’s pretty easy, one thing I like to do to
make this even tougher, if we need to, is change the tempo a little bit, so we’ll make this a little
bit more explosive here. So we’re gonna get back
in that same position, no balance, and I’m just gonna really
kind of pop off on that hip, and I’m gonna make that hip really work, and I’m not gonna start compensating and really moving through that mid-back, I’m gonna stay focused on
moving through the hip, cause that’s really where we’re targeting. So give this one a shot, it’s pretty challenging. Let me know how you do and be sure to let me know
if you have any questions.

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