Home Strength Training Exercises : Posterior Deltoid Pull Exercise

Hi, this is Rod Zervakos, ISSA Certified Personal
Trainer, on behalf of Expert Village. Today we will look at working our major muscle groups
in a home gym setting. We’ve done our chest, we’ve done our back, we’ve done our bi’s
and our tri’s. We are finishing up with the shoulders. We have already worked the
front, the anterior delt, we’ve worked the medial. Now we are going to look at working
the back part, the posterior delt. It is very important. A lot of people ignore this muscle
and it’s kind of funny. We want to build a nice well rounded arm or shoulder so what
we are going to do is we want to take our dumbbells again and this time we are actually
going to bend at the hips. Make sure your knees are bent. You’ve got to take some of
that weight off of your back. Bend your knees, start with the weights out wide and you are
just going to pull them straight up and down, straight up and down, straight up and down,
kind of an awkward motion but it is very important to get those back of the delts working as
well so you can build that rounded muscle and again this exercise is designed to work
the back of the shoulder. So what we’ve covered today, bench press exercises, working the
chest, some pull down exercises for the back. We’ve worked the curl exercises for the bicep,
for the tricep we’ve done some push downs and isolations there as well and with the
shoulders we’ve basically done the same movement in different directions to target the shoulder
muscle. The most important thing that I can stress to anybody watching this is this is
going to do very little if you don’t do your diet properly. So we’ve looked at different
ways to exercise your muscles but the main thing you have to do is work on yourself from
the inside out, proper diet, proper quantities and portions rather, at proper times of the
day. Make sure that as long as that is going well, you do this, you’ll also trim fat while
building muscle and make yourself a happier person and healthier.

39 Replies to “Home Strength Training Exercises : Posterior Deltoid Pull Exercise”

  1. Hey, thanks a lot. I am one of the many people who neglects their posterior deltoids. Thanks for showing the exercise.

  2. im having the same problems ever since ive been working otu my shoulders i slouch more… how can i strighten them up withwhat kinds of exercise?.. sorry thnx

  3. Well…ur supposed to start off with
    5lbs, 2.5 Kgs doing it..I know i did though,
    I now use 5 Kgs Weights while working,
    on my deltoid, its wayyyy beter doing it at home though, because ur More Focused,
    and Relaxed… Keep it up though man,
    it does`nt take that long..:)

  4. Ah your young, thats why xD well keep going, now's the time when your natural hormone/steroids i.e. testosterone is flowing more than ever, so take advantage of it. You will get "steroid gains" if you eat and sleep properly that is 😀 and ofc excersice regularly

  5. I always called training deltoits "slaying the three headed monster" lol. The rear delts are hit hard during compound back excercises like rows and pulls etc, But its always good to isolate the rear with those finishing touches. I personaly do this "ronnie coleman" style where im kinda raising my arms backwards as im bent over like my arms are paddles rowing a boat. rarley do i go over 25-30 pounds. Its not a power movement so form crucial. Happy slaying gentlemen lol

  6. You're not internally rotating, the elbows are more back than up, plus you're only bending 45 instead of getting totally prone, so wouldn't this be a medial deltoid movement more than posterior?

  7. That exercise won't fully contract posterior deltoid fibers. Though it does work the posterior deltoids someone relying on this exercise will notice more of a burn in the rhomboids or the area between the shoulder blades on both sides of the spine.
    Aside from this exercise should be a motion as if pulling the arm back along the leg toward the posterior without lateral movement while in the same position demonstrated in the video.

  8. @tyciol if you are totally prone it is difficult to avoid targeting your back muscles. @ 45degrees you may feel some medial deltoid engagement, though if that is all you feel and cannot get the pump in your rear delts it is possible you may be using too much weight or could be straining your joints.
    imo, he is holding the dumbbells in the up position for too long as well, you don't want to screw up your shoulder joint. heavy weight is not the goal with these

  9. @JReyes123 it is for me as well, especially since i broke my collar bone i cant work out my shoulders too much or i can cause extreme damage to it :*( my doctor said it would never be the same and i thought he was just bs'ing – 7 years later when i am 19 i sure notice every bit of pain in my shoulder

  10. @dhakagod dont waste ur time on bullshit vids like this. your an ectomorph ( a guy whos skinny and hard to gain weight ) watch twinmuscleworkout best workeout for hardgainer and tips

    and remamber your a hardgainer, you need compound 30 minuts workeouts. heave weight low reps low sets

  11. @egdqv13234 are you an expert ? just curious !! ( i am not saying this to mock u, but because I have zero knowledge of body building so I wouldnt be able to judge your comments at all 😛 )

  12. @dhakagod i wouldnt say im an expert 🙂 i dont know your body im just telling the true facts about bodybuilding, but hey if ur an ectomorph follow these advice or link i send u. takes a little time and youll be ready dude. iv been there done that couse im an ectomorph too. again im GUESSING that ur an ectomorph becouse u seem to say u cant gain any weight or ur skinny.

  13. @guitarshredder47 Just keep doing military press and pound the fuck out of your shoulders with heavy weight. Rear deltoids are really hard to develop, just keep training them, they can take a beating.

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