HONEST OPINION: Weaknesses are Actually Strengths | Mark Bouris Interview

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    2:50 – Business is a game to me … can you love your process?
    4:15 – Do you think Entrepreneurship is a way out?
    6:15 – What is the fabric of life for you? I’m from the dirt.
    9:40 – I only dream at macro levels
    12:20 – Dreaming vs Execution
    15:30 – I don’t extract value out of my audience
    17:30 – What jab jab jab ended up being
    22 – Why I love sports
    26:30 – I created entitlement at VaynerMedia

  2. Gary….a true inspiration. One day at a time, one video at a time, one post at s time, you will transform this development space into people caring for people. As well as personal accountability. It's my hope and prayer. Thanks!!

  3. so so so appreciate your philosophies on parenting. Focusing on what they've done right instead of what they've possibly done wrong. I hope my children express the same compassion and hopefully empathy some day. XOXO

  4. Gary, wondering if you don't get the mental release from working out like many others b/c you are in such a good place in your heart and mind that you don't need that brief escape? A follow up to that is; when you do take your time away like on a family vacations, do you really shut it down or are you still running through everything in your head/working and just doing it remotely with your family?

  5. Being a first generation and building from the ground up is actually something i really value about my journey. Great content !

  6. Jesus, the interviewer is mumbling even worse than me, I really have to work on that, because this is just painful to watch/listen. 😀

  7. Updating , challenging, re-working and consistently evaluating "the process" in any business keeps you relevant. This enables you to take the process you have created and apply it to any business venture you choose to pursue. "Relying" on a process is old school and will lead you to complacency and render you irrelevant. "Process" is a life blood to any business and needs to be approached with careful consideration, nurtured and needs to remain in constant update and growth mode. Thanks for sharing!

  8. totally agree about the over protective way people approach life.. I think people have forgotten what living is- the purpose of living is to live., do, think, experience, etc. It really is all about the journey- there is no destination (actually there is really only one destination and I'm in no hurry to get there). Everyone is so risk averse that really bad decisions get made and people end up paranoid and small minded and suspicious of (and jealous of) others who are unique and unafraid to live by their own values. I agree about being sceptical and not relying solely on manager feedback – so many managers throw their staff under the bus because they can't or won't admit their mistakes. .

  9. Believe in what your're selling, and remember that selling is about your customers and actually serving them, and not about you.

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