Honor Walk For Organ Donation at Sauk Prairie Healthcare

(somber piano music) – He’s a very loving father. Wonderful husband, best friend. We had 50 good years,
this year was our 50th. (somber piano music) He wanted to give to science. That’s just him, he’s a giving person. – He loved science, but
he also just loved nature, he loved animals, he loved living things. That’s what he loved, and that’s why I’m not surprised
that he made this choice to give a gift of life
at the end of his own. We were in the room with Dad before they’re gonna wheel him down. Jeff came to me, he goes, “Shelly, did you look down the hallway?” He said, “Look down the hallway.” And you look down the hallway, and the hallway seems like it never ends, and there’s people lined
up all the way down, almost like it’s a gate to Heaven. And that’s what it seemed like to me, and it was light, you know, and happy, and people were cheering, and I felt so happy for
him, that’s what I felt. And I felt proud of us, that as a family, that as difficult as it was, that we could be a part of helping him and just be there with him. – [Family] Good job,
Dad, good job, go Dad. (family cheering and applauding) – [Woman] We love you. – Then I have visions of
it getting to the hospital, and the family being
there, to get that call, “Hey, we found a match.” We got a phone call. Wasn’t what we wanted, but now the phone call going on, you know, is the call of life
that they’re receiving. I think about that. – Yes, there were tears. There will be tears. But, my heart is lighter because of this. – This is just the
perfect ending of his life because he’s still giving, and that’s what he did his whole life. – For a 74-year-old man to live on, we are so blessed. We are so happy for him. – [Family] Whoa, yeah! (family cheering and applauding) – He’s a giving man, and our children, our grandchildren, and I we are so very proud of him, and we, as a family, grew so much closer. Vern would be so pleased. (gentle pop music)

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