Hot Women Are Bad For Your Health (Study)

and you study indicates that meeting beautiful
women and being a exposed to them for five minutes or longer is bad for your help uh… yeah time suffered severe consequences
because of the time to work with the repeated eyes well out how do you guys do it you guys must
be absolutely yes in a really great but i have a clear okay yeah if you’re going to be ok heavy so uh… what
what what’s the what’s the reason we edited okay so the study was done by the university
of alexia and uh… what they found is that when you are exposed to a woman that you feel
is way out of your leak it increases your levels of a hormone known as car uh… cortisol headquarters saw is a stress hormone okay and if you have too much of this hormone president
your body it can lead to uh… a lot of health issues including heart disease
diabetes hypertension and even impotency joe well that is that i rock p_c_r_ growing
covered buffet uh… the first of all this on an issue for
me of course this there is no one at a mildly uh… yeah
yeah i said it but cassini but forget you another reality the reality is
of especially those that are of course still to this paper that with photos agar the is studies so true by obama left in the room with betty carter not like my cordiales like kit are going out
of survivors are stresses others as as a vehicle i got all my god these issue i think what would you like to
have it in the senate has been delayed so if you have my cortisol would be raging and uh… i did knows they can they use up
my life say male-dominated though that’s good because
the stroke i feel so much more relaxed even if i’m in a room with a woman out of my way
too much so what island evaluate what bio-data cortisol states that they were in it what you’re doing that eleven thirty that it there’s a lot of pressure
offer really does the mega but i mean i love getting laid on the other
are divided one but i when i we’ve gotten out of sight who we are trying what but it was so much for transporting of myself
but everytime i read it over all that but it was a source that usually do this should
i do this like a matter of this one particular so that we should surprises outweighs any
surprise that i think that one means but support by then i think what she
had enough you’re going to be or and interested to see this study done on women
as well and he doesn’t have the same fact on one hand uh… right now in a study bhoomi put me in a room with them so therefore
id photo fear but i have to know that that uh… but but but but but but before one of the though would go to it or face the rubric color when that that uh… uh… rather fun right now you know
what happens when your concerts resistor and by the way with him in the room did leave
them in a room with a gun dealers yet orders they have been other parts of the above well not all sexual mails blender what if
they’re put in a room where you’d like a sizzling on happily but but but it is a farewell them

100 Replies to “Hot Women Are Bad For Your Health (Study)”

  1. I think this calls for a hot-woman quake! See if on that day there is a raise in heart attacks! And Btw of course, that causes the same thing for homosexuals and bi-sexuals, trust me! 😛

  2. Aww shit, Ana knows she's hot. That's not hot. I like it when hot chicks don't know they're hot, so their standards are lower and I have a better chance since I'm not hot.

  3. @DionLaurent1 What people find beautiful differ from person to person, society to society. Because you're close-minded you cannot see this.

  4. I am sure this study was secretly funded by some fat ugly women's group. Even if I know a woman is out of my league, I don't feel stressed. I feel a sense of euphoria just looking at something beautiful, whether I can have it or not.

  5. Cenk your the man i would do the same thing lol your funny dude keep it up people may think your corny but trust funny nigga

  6. The study and the video makes no sense.first every one knows for every hot and beautiful girl out there there is a dude sick and tire of hitting it and cheating on it.Second i been slaying hot girls since high school.Third white, black ,pueroirican or asian no matter how hot mom or daughter.They can pretend in the mall or at walmart but when we are in the club there all below my level.if your an ugly dude to bad for you i do not know what to say.

  7. @LordSlag had to thumb u up.But u slacking wasting money on woman.I waist all my money on good weed,my kids toys,gadgets,and good weed.I let my the woman pay the bills,clothes,food,movies,take out,car and so on.Thats what been a premed with a 4.0 and been out of my league gets her.Funny thing is i never ask she always offers.

  8. @DionLaurent1 I said nothing. You presumed this. What is important is that you realize not everyone has the same beliefs as you. Society can try to make a standard of what beauty will be but there will still be differences person to person even in that community considering how a person is raised.

  9. @DionLaurent1 All societies are not the same. If someone was dating someone as you described it you would probably consider them to have low standards. But who is to say your ideal standard should be the same for everyone else?

  10. @DionLaurent1 I have traveled around the world and I have had relationships with many interesting and different people. According to some peoples standards they would kill for some of the woman I have been with, at the same time some of the woman they would consider ugly. There are many parts to beauty. There are people who will not date someone because of the color of their skin and the majority of cases regarding this is due to indoctrination, which ever way you look at it.

  11. I will defend Ana against these Haters with their oh so high standards that most girls cant even live up to.

    TO me shes an 8/10
    Dare I say 8.5

    She has great breasts, fleshed out body (not bones), beautiful hair, smile, I can tolerate her voice, and she usually sounds pretty liberal on the issue of sex, lol

  12. I'm pretty sure it is prolonged exposure to cortisol that causes tissue damage. Cortisol is produced during many brain-states including anger/flight-or-fight and stressful situations. Cortisol damage underlies modern theories of PTSD.

  13. @madrugao5am You assume too much, not one woman has gotten one cent of mine in the past 7 years, if you'd have googled MGTOW as I suggested, you'd probably have guessed that.

  14. @HANK0000 – I Hope Not.

    The farthest a male should go with a "Sneak Attack" is pulling a Seinfeld by "Pulling It Out"

    Very Crude in my book, however, I have had friends who've done it & it worked out for them.

  15. @addan76 He's not anti muslim you dumbfuck. Cenk supports the average muslim person everytime they get discriminated against in his videos even when he's not muslim himself! Even non muslims are supporting your cause and that's how you repay him, by insulting him? Pathetic. Maybe you're not worth defending after all.

  16. @addan76 Actually I just read your comment again. You're a fucking racist. Yeah, you really are trash and should die in a fire.

  17. that is true, this happened to me just this past week in school. some attractive lady came and sat next me. not sure why… by me. but i felt so much tension was not comfortable next to her.

  18. That's interesting. It's in no way questionable as it makes perfect sense. But the problem isn't beautiful women, the problem is stress. And the cause of that in this situation is low self confidence. All the guys who are saying "no woman is out of my league" have a healthy mindset. 🙂 Girls like that mindset too.

  19. For every study that comes out saying beautiful people are bad for your health, there will be a study that can prove otherwise. It's all rather selective and pointless if you ask me.

  20. Who's the hot woman they're talking about? I just see a brunette with a busted face beside Cenk. Seriously am I the only one that sees her huge Alf nose?!?

  21. @Cheespuffs45 That's basically it. The real deal is, however, that extended periods of elevated cortisol leads to the symptoms as described by Anna. For most people, the stresses of everyday life will have some effect on their health. However, a no stress situation is also bad for a person's health as well. Even if this correlation is true, it will not have any real significant impact on one's health. lol

  22. @whoiscarlito turks want to stick their peepee in everything that has a hole, i can speak from experience

  23. @jp3813 r u kidding me? theres no reason for hugh to be even remotely nervous around hot chicks, he practicably owns them

  24. @jp3813 its only for woman that u feel is way out of ure league…..Hefner doesnt think anybody is out of his league,hes confident as hell….so no stress for Hef…lol

  25. warning: These studies were done by men with no balls and you should not blame hot women for your fucked up heart instead of the bucket of K.F.C you eat every day

  26. @Ian7570 why do they tell u to drop dead , isnt that 'over-doing it' on their part? i get declined but they usually say their busy but in a nice way.

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    from K -TEL

  28. A new study indicates that if you're anyone but me, meeting beautiful women will cause you to be run over by a Mack truck within a day if you remain exposed to them for more than 6 minutes & 17 seconds

    Further research has proved that you must mail me $50.00 or you'll turn into a homosexual in a G-String with a big, pouting, hairy butt… yes, YOU!

  29. "Should i do this, should i do that, should i come at her this way, should i come at her that way, should i surprise attack, what should i do?"
    "Ha, surprise attack."
    "Ha, SURPRISE." Surprise attack, otherwise known as rape.

  30. Ana your not getting any younger so you better get you some before you get somebody like fat ass Cink.😂😂😂😂

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