House GOP Agenda Endangers Women’s Health

We are here today to send a clear message to our Republican colleagues on the House side. Your agenda on women’s health is extreme, it breaks faith with decades long bipartisan compromise and according to medical experts your agenda risks the health and the lives of women. This measure is an unprecedented assault on women’s health. This extreme legislation would curtail support for reproductive health options that so many women across our country need. It is a attack on all women who want access to a full range of reproductive health care, it undermines the women’s ability to make her own decisions. The most important decisions in her life with her and her doctor. It creates reprehensible risks to the health of countless women across the country, it puts them Jeopardy of losing vital health services that imperial not only them but their families. Some of the legislation proposed here is to me beyond the pail. We’ve reached a compromise historically on this, and to say that women who have been victims of incest or rape or whose life is at risk cannot, in certain states have access to an abortion is just, is just not right. Make no mistake, if they had their way the reproductive rights of American women would be tossed away. I’m here with my colleagues to say not in our watch, not here in the Senate, we’re not going to stand by and watch while reproductive rights are threatened and women’s health is jeopardized again in this country, we are not going back in history. Now the American people want us to come together to create jobs and economic growth
and this measure would create conflict and chaos instead of bringing us together.
This is an egregious example of not only overstepping, but a misjudgment of what the American people want. If the Republican Party doesn’t believe that 51% of America deserves equal rights in this country. they will have a fight from at least the people standing behind me and many many more.

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