Housekeeping in Healthcare

The Environmental Services mission is to provide
extraordinary care to patients and families and all customers. We’re not just another maid service.
We are on the front line of infection control. Infection control is just making sure that we are
not carrying any disease over to patients. I protect my patients with correct chemicals. We know how to clean and we know how to make
everything safe because no one wants to get sick If we do not do our work correctly patients
will have higher chances of getting sicker.
(Nepalese Language) We must take our job very seriously. Because we understand that we’re dealing
with life and death situations here. No job we do in our department is a small task. I clean deep, yes. Housekeeping is not necessarily a glamorous job. There are some awesome smells that go along with housekeeping. We clean every accident that happened. If there is isolation room we need to check the board first. I need to be careful with that one. Yes, I feel safe because
I have everything for protection. A hospital can be a very intense place to work at. We deal with real people with real problems
and real conditions. We’re here to add not only a clean environment
to those patients’ rooms, but also
to provide support to those patients. Some of our patients seek after our housekeepers. There was a patient room that I was cleaning
and she was not satisfied with the way
her room had been cleaned, so I went and I deep cleaned for her. A few minutes later the nurse called me back. She told me that she had requested that her room
be cleaned again, and I said okay, of course. I went back in and I re-cleaned it again
and I started talking with the women and it turns out she was just really lonely and she
just wanted someone to come
and spend a little bit of time with her and I was able to stay and talk with her and
make sure that she felt that she
received the care she needed. I love my job. I love to help people. I like everybody here especially I like my supervisor. Our role as management is to encourage
our employees and educate our employees to let them know this is a career. Our job as a housekeeper is as important
as one of the nurses, one of the doctors. Housekeeping gives you so many opportunities
to move and progress and improve. I hope, I will stay here also for many, many years. An ideal candidate for me is someone
who can be flexible and dependable, who is outgoing and very personable, but also someone who is willing to work hard
and who isn’t afraid to get in there and clean up. We’re heavily regulated. We have a lot of rules. We have a lot of conditions that we need to follow by. I’m not sure if everyone always really considers those. You need to be willing to, not only to learn,
but also be able to help others. Housekeepers have the opportunity to relate
to their patients because they are on the front line, they’re that blue collar workforce that is so relatable. They are not in a rush, they say, what can I do for you? I have the time, so they like that.
Patients like that. I like to be a team worker. Everybody is nice
and I love to work in Intermountain. Ultimately I think what helps motivate people is
when they recognize the difference that they can have
in a patient’s life. That provides a huge level of job satisfaction. I know I’m making a difference.
I make a difference in people’s lives. I love my job. I like when my patient getting everyday better and better.

21 Replies to “Housekeeping in Healthcare”

  1. Sorry but Housekeeper doesnt touch the patient poop on the floor. They need to call the Care Aid to pick it up then the Housekeeper sanitinize it.

  2. Which company is this?
    Do you guys clean up blood in healthcare or someone else pre-clean the blood for you? Please I need to know….

  3. I’m a Nursing Station Technician a fancy way of saying nursing assistance I guess, I have to clean up blood before housekeeping come in, even if it’s a needle eye size they will not touch it…😱

  4. If these housekeeper clean up needle eye size blood they deserve a big bonus…. they look very happy on cameras if this is how you guys are on the job, I want to work with you…..😃. Your smile is contagious…

  5. Housekeeping in healthcare is soo much work and plus they need way much more Credit,Respect and they are dealing with alot of infections..they are preventing it from spreading it to the next patient especially isolation rooms!! one mistake itself over it’s a tuff job. i left because it was a toxic environment i am now a nurse!

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