How AiR Healthcare is solving behavioral health challenges

>>It’s interesting when people ask how AiRCare works, as if it was magic pixie dust. We’d invented something that no one else had invented, and that’s not the case. The simple ideas is that if we hold people accountable to a care plan. Over time, recognizing the care plan is going to need change, and we manage that change that they will get better.>>AiR Health is an organization that is dedicated to providing better healthcare for more people. Behavioral health is a category that encompasses anything that is environmental, that involves emotion and behavior change.>>From depression to substance use disorder, to eating disorders, to pure mental health, behavioral health is something that affects any and all folks in the healthcare space, and it’s really about the ability to bend or drive behaviors to get a certain outcome.>>Behavioral health, although it’s a chronic disease, is treated using acute episodic care. We knew that in order to treat a chronic condition, and give a person the best opportunity at long-term remission or recovery, that we needed to use a chronic care model. Our model of behavioral healthcare uses telephone-based care management with a licensed clinician, to improve outcomes for behavioral health over a long period of time.>>So, our goal with AiRCare as a product was, can we design an overlay, a care management philosophy to lay on top of a patient’s care plan, to effectively drive that care, knowing that it’s going to change over time, that the care plan would be a living document?>>As a patient comes out of an episodic care, whether it’s an inpatient or outpatient episodic care, they’re generally given a continuing care plan. Basically, go see a doctor, go see a therapist, and in conjunction with the patient, we help them implement it.>>We needed a way to communicate effectively with lots of people, healthcare professionals inside and outside of our organization. And we knew a way to share data and quickly, so that we could provide the best care to patients all the time. That the only way we’re going to be able to do that was in the cloud. AiRCare is built on top of a Health 360 product, and that sits on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365.>>The software allows the case managers to capture all of our interactions with patients, to make that more effective and more efficient.>>An individual clinician used to be able to carry let’s say 40 or 60 cases. That single clinician is now able to carry a caseload of 400. Those 400 families aren’t getting inferior care, they’re getting better care. The clinician’s able to do the job they want to do which is be in front of clients and talk to them and provide solutions and all of the scut work of notes and finding this and finding that is effectively relegated to the background by the technology, which is I think how you want technology to work.>>On their own, behavioral health patients with chronic disease would recover at about a rate of 25%. With our program that goes up to 72%.>>Our ability to touch more people effectively and quickly, is uniquely provided to us by the technology we use. It allows the clinicians to touch far more people in a client’s life than they would have otherwise.>>Microsoft Cloud has been really effective for us especially as we’re moving more into this claims analytic piece of what we’re doing. So, the impact of what we do, and what we’re going to be doing, I think, has the potential to be huge. If our analytics works appropriately, we can predict who will need services today, but maybe more importantly, we can predict who will need services down the road.>>There is so much more innovation than just pharmaceuticals or a treatment advancement. Innovation means continuing to evolve as an organization, and pushing ourselves to do better and produce better outcomes.>>So, we’re very excited about our ability to promote remission at scale. Which means a better way to say that is we can help more people, and we can help them stay well. Which is all we ever really wanted to do. So, I wish I could tell you that there was magic. The magic on some levels are beliefs that people can get well to string together a care plan, and hold people accountable to it.

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