How is AI empowering healthcare today?

For most people,
AI could sound pretty scary. Many people think about
robots from Science Fiction movies. I think AI is like
a very competent friend. It’s already helping
medical professionals find different clues
that will answer our most curious questions. In some ways, it will be like a shock. It will impact doctors and nurses
and everyone. It’s like when the internet came along. It can make
such a huge difference for mankind. We have developed a clinical decision
support system for stroke prevention that can give the physician a warning when you have a patient
at risk of having a stroke. Coala Life is a company
that has a digitalised device that can find cardiac diseases. We’re developing a system for keeping track of how people
are doing in nursing homes, or in homecare,
for example, in their individual homes. The best thing with AI is that you don’t even need to
develop a new medication. Just by using existing medication
the right way, you can also save lives. You can collect all this information and have computers process it
in the background. If we use AI for all the data
that we now are generating, we can make a huge difference. Even if all the medical professionals
in the world try to keep up with the best knowledge,
it’s impossible. We need to help each other and we need to let machines and data
help us as well. AI is not something
that is in the distant future, but it’s something
that is here right now. It’s really about preventive care, and thereby make people healthier. One can’t really understand how great
the impact will be until we’ve seen it. We cannot always
make the right decision, but with AI it’s easier, when you have
a friend by your shoulder.

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