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Hi, this is Laura Cox from Shield HealthCare. I’m the Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist. Today I’m going to show you how I change my ostomy bag. Before I take my actual bag off, I like to do every step that I can so that I have the bag off for the least amount of time possible. So, I’ve already pre-cut my wafer and you can see that it’s just a little bit bigger than one inch. I use the second part of the two-part system, which is the opaque bag with the filter. You can use stoma paste, stoma strips, or stoma rings. I prefer the stoma strip. And what I do is, I just roll this to make it a little bit longer and a little bit thinner. It’ll look something like this. You’ll also need some adhesive remover. I like to use the spray adhesive remover, but you can also use the adhesive remover wipes. So next I have my stoma powder and my Nystatin Powder. The stoma powder just helps the skin heal and keep it clean, and the Nystatin powder, which you need prescribed, helps get rid of yeast infections. This is an optional supply but I really enjoy this, it is a lubricating gel deodorant which is really nice because it eliminates any odor coming from your ostomy bag. I also sometimes take my gauze and I wet it before I actually take the bag off, just so that I can clean it really quickly. The last thing I have, which comes with my actual bags, is just a brown bag to throw everything away in. Without further ado, let’s start to change. First, I take my medical adhesive remover spray and I just spray it on the waterproof barrier. Now usually I hold my skin and start pulling off the wafer so it hurts as little as possible. Now you’re going to clean your skin just to make sure there is no residual stool or paste around the area. You can take a wet piece of gauze or you can use a wet washcloth with warm water. So, you just clean around the area. Make sure to be careful around your stoma because the stoma doesn’t have any nerve endings, so you cannot feel anything. So, if you’re being a little harsh you wouldn’t know. Next, you want to dry that area off. You can either fan it or you can use a dry piece of gauze or a dry washcloth. As you can see I have a little bit of a yeast infection, so I take my Nystatin powder and I just put it right in the areas that are affected by the yeast. After that you don’t have to pat it off or rub it off, just take your stoma powder and you put that right around the stoma, and also anywhere that is covered by the wafer. After that usually I just pat my stomach to make sure all of the powder falls off. I also take a new dry piece of gauze and I just wipe off the residue. The powder will stick to where it needs to stick because areas that need the powder are generally a little bit weepy, wet, or raw. After that, you’re going to take your pre-rolled stoma paste strip and you’re going to place it right around your stoma. I also like to take a piece of gauze and just press it around the stoma again, just to make sure I don’t have any leaks. Sometimes when I press the skin around my stoma some stool comes out, so this is just to make sure I keep the area clean. Alright, last but not least you are going to take this barrier and you are just going to match it with the edges of your stoma as close as you can get it. The last step is to put your bag on. Now it is optional to put your lubricating gel deodorant in if you’d like. I like to just because it gets rid of any smell that may come from your ostomy bag when you empty it. I usually put 4-6 drops in at a time. 1… 2… 3… 4. Now all that’s left to do is close your bag, clean up, and you’re done.

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  1. I'm currently trying to do a series of videos on cooking food that's safe for ileostomies. They would probably be helpful for anyone having a flare up. I'm hoping that it will help some people like me, who struggled to have an interesting diet in the beginning. Please check it out UCMe Cook – Chicken Satay

  2. You would want to put a towel at the waistband of your pants to catch the excess powder or stoma leakage during the process so not to soil your pants as you do in your video. I keep a box of ziplocs in my "ostomy basket" to dispose of items I have used. Thank you, Laura, for the video!

  3. Laura,Try homeomopathic medicines for permanently cure this kind of Ostomy,look for a homeopathic doctor in your area,or search it on the regards

  4. Where do you get the liquid deodorant? My friend just got hers and is having a lot of trouble with leaks and matting — it won't go down into the bag. She doesn't feel like her doctors listen, so I told her I'd find.

  5. great video! ive had my ostomy for 9 months and its only temporary,  I wasn't as generous with my stoma powder as you and sometimes I find the skin around the stoma gets sore,  i also use tinactin, since that's what they originally prescribed in the beginning, thanks for sharing, I'm always looking for different tricks to try

  6. Brilliant Laura. I am a trainer for a healthcare company and this video is excellent. Many thanks. Best of luck with the health.

  7. Hi Laura, about how long can you wear one full change of your devices? And thanks for a great, informative and useful video on ostomy device change out. Good job, and hope you get a successful reversal!

  8. Hi +McGrumpus ! I can wear my pouching system for about 7 days before having to change it now. When you first start out they suggest only wearing a pouching system for 3-4 days, but as you get better you can extend it to up to 7 days (you don't want to surpass 7 though, because we want to monitor the stoma and skin weekly). 🙂

  9. Again great video.  I have to ask though.  I know you are young but how can you not have any scars?  When I had my first surgery I must have been your age but had a very visual scar from sternum to belly and I don't see that at all on you.  Did you do something to help it not be so visual?  You are very lucky you look wonderful!!!!

  10. I have one other quick question.  Is there a reason why you have a preference for the adhesive?  I use the rings because it just seems easier to just past the ring onto the barrier and flatten it a bit.  I am asking because if you have tried the others and prefer this I would love to know why.  It seems like your Stoma is about the same size as mine and I have a really hard time with leakage, so I thought you may know something that I don't.  Thanks for the video.  It takes a lot of guts, courage and confidence and you obviously have it.

  11. How did you know you have a yeast infection ? Also about the stoma strips, do you always apply it around the stoma? My cousins stoma is at skin level. A nurse told me to apply it around the bags on the outside to keep it from leaking.Love your video.

  12. Laura ,
    My girlfriend has a lot of leakage problems under the adhesive patch . She uses the Hollister system . She has tried many things but the problem persists . Any suggestions ? Thank you in advance .
    New Jersey

  13. I have had my Colostomy since I was 24 I am now almost 49. My issue is I do not have solid stool output and I cannot get the pouch to stay on. And I have MaineCare and Medicare which allows me 2 boxes of pouches per month I never make it the full month and I am not able to purchase more.So I have to wear a cut diaper place it over the stoma and then wear a depends as an underwear to protect the cover stoma. Then I have to take some thing to stop me from going to the bathroom.I sometimes am 2 weeks short of running out of pouches.

  14. I just stumbled across this while searching the web, I had no idea that this condition existed until 5 minutes ago. I just wanted to say that the woman in the video is very courageous and confident!

  15. One bag per day? What would have happened to you if you didn't get the surgery?
    Have you had problem with odors and bag farts?

  16. Hi Laura,

    I recently just had an ileostomy. I just wanted to share how informative your video has been and how inspired I am to be able to take care of my ostomy with such ease as you do. Also, what is the exact product name of the wafer and bag being used?
    Thanks Cait.

  17. check out these awesome ostomy bag covers that are very inexpensive and made in the u.s.a. visit

  18. Hey, it's looking more and more likely that I'm going to end up having this, and genuinely terrified. Thank you for the video, if thee is anything you can say to make living with this not such a scary thought would be hugely appreciated

  19. Could you give me the ID # of the bag you're using in the video I've been using the roll and lock, but not very fond of it, I like the set up on the coloplast sensura mio, but I dislike the wafer doesn't stick well and I've used the strips around it, but tears up my skin. So is the one used in the video a roll and lock or a different design, cuz it doesn't look like a roll and lock?

  20. hey laura video was a real help! im a ostomate From the bahamas would like to chat sometime 🙂 can i email you ?

  21. Hi ok, now in those three days when she has a bowl movement dies she rinse it out or just waits for three days? my mom has one now and she rinses it out Everytime she goes I feel there has to be an easier way fir her it's too expensive to throw away a bag twice a day sometimes more?

  22. Hi ok, now in those three days when she has a bowl movement dies she rinse it out or just waits for three days? my mom has one now and she rinses it out Everytime she goes I feel there has to be an easier way fir her it's too expensive to throw away a bag twice a day sometimes more?

  23. Hi,
    Can you kindly put the details of the creams and powders that you have been using to cleanse the place? Specifically the composition of those, because I may not get the exact product. I also wanted to know what the pudding-like substance is that she used to seal around the opening before putting the bag on.

  24. Hi Laura, may I as why you changed over to a 2 piece system as I know you used to use the Hollister 1 piece with convex?

  25. Very good video. I needed a visual to prepare for work. We had a good informative inservice. I wanted to see the real stoma. thanks.

  26. You should be crusting with skin prep after applying any kind of powder. You are probably getting skin breakdown because the wafer is not going stick well to skin with powder on it. This video should be removed so ostomates don't get the idea that this is the right way.

  27. Can we just commend her on her bravery and courage for showing us that personal, life changing appliance. I don't know anyone that would be willing to share what she did.

  28. Hey, I left a comment here 1 year ago (apparently) and now the time is here, I couldn't avoid the ileostomy and I'm off to the hospital in … 1.5 hours time! To say I'm bricking it is a bit of an understatement, but I appreciate the videos and the replies to my comment.

    What is helping is how terrible I've felt leading up to this surgery. Surely adjusting my lifestyle to living with and caring for the bag has to be better than living in the bathroom and feeling like death every day, right?

    So thank you and see you once I've joined the club!!

  29. No details given about the MAKE of the bag and baseplate being used here? I’d like to know please, as you can leave this on for 7 days!!

  30. Do you know where I can get videos on living with a Pelvic Pouch for Diet etc. I had my total colon removed many years ago and have a Pelvic Pouch. I have Pouchitis and always looking for suggestions on eating etc. Thx!

  31. You're a brave girl Laura. Every person that is willing to "expose" them self to make it easier for people living fear because of the uncertainty. You are teaching a grown man of 39 years old a couple of tricks that had his stoma for 28 years. Keep up the good work!

  32. Laura, thank you so much for the first video you did where you weren't "expert" because when my loved one watched it he seemed to have compassion for you and he was a lot more accepting of his upcoming surgery. He passed away April 14. 2016 but I know he'd want you to know you were a huge help for him. Thank you again and may GoD bless you immensely for your courage in sharing your journey.💝

  33. Hi I wanted to thanks for u video I was looking how to use the ease strips from convex and I end up watching your video because I have an ileostomy and it’s always hard to change the bag every time because is more watery and always running when I have ostomy it was more hard stool and easy to change but anyway I’m going to keep looking thanks…

  34. Hey! How is it your stomach is so clean? I have a big poo right there and have to use a bunch of baby wipes to clean it. And then more is always coming out while I'm putting my ring on.

  35. Laura, ur so "awesome & healthy looking". Am hoping 2 look healthier as time goes on. New ostomer. When CHANGING my appliance am sitting down & have to stretch my skin b4 hand in order 2 fit stoma correctly. I don't know what happens but @ times it feels as if my clean appliance rubbing/irritating around stoma. What am I doing wrong? By, the way, it's hit & miss when sizing appliance 2 stoma. Very frustrating! Any feedback will b honored.

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